Rapper plagues police with 'singing' 999 calls

A rapper is tying up police emergency lines in Manchester -- by repeatedly calling 999 and singing at operators.

Police say he's called THOUSANDS of times in the past 18 months, but because of regulations they're not allowed to hang up on him.

His calls - where he sings, raps, preaches and plays loud music - are said to have cost over £1,000 per month to deal with, and officers have blocked over 60 mobile phone numbers.

But whenever they do, the man, who speaks with a Jamaican accent, just gets a new SIM card and carries on - possibly blocking real emergency calls.

Recordings of his calls have now been released in the hope someone might recognise his singing… maybe you have seen him on the X Factor.
Superintendent Karan Lee, who is Greater Manchester Police's head of call handling, said: "I would hope he does not do this out of malice because he is putting lives at risk. At busy times, the line can be blocked by his calls which mean people with a genuine emergency cannot get through.

Call Handling manager Jason Unsworth added: "You can never guess when this man is going to call up, and that's part of the problem. With the World Cup on at the moment, it's an added pressure when he does call, because it can be literally any time of the day, and he can be on the phone for several minutes.

"He is causing us a big problem because of the sheer volume of calls he makes and the time wasted dealing with him. We have to treat each call as if it was a real emergency, so it's frustrating and worrying when we get time wasters preventing people with real emergencies coming through."

Police have worked with a number of different mobile phone operators to establish that most of the calls are made from either Moss Side or Old Trafford.

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