Overheard in a bookshop - Are readers stupid?

275x250.jpgPeople who read lots of books are generally thought to be smarter than their less well read counterparts -- but that idea could soon be challenged.

Bookstore owners across the UK are compiling a list of the most stupid and amusing they have heard from shoppers.

Examples so far include the customer who asked if Anne Frank wrote any more books after her diary - and the man who when asked to specify what sort of map he wanted said "mappy maps."

Another of the gems compiled to celebrate Independent Booksellers Week is the lady who asked "Did Charles Dickens write any shorter versions of his books?"

But our personal favourite is the teenager who wanted to return a copy of Douglas Adams'
Hitch-hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy -- because it didn't even contain anything about Italy where she was going Euro-railing.
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