Magazine has smelly pages - no text or images

275x250.jpgA magazine has been released which contains no text or images -- instead it has a variety of different smells on each page.

Mono.kultu is a German arts magazine based in Berlin which each issue dedicates itself to the work of one artist, from fine arts to film.

But when they decided to base an issue on the Norwegian 'scent scientist and artist' Sissel Tolaas they needed to come up with a way to convey her work in the magazine.

Using a process called microencapsulation they produced a copy of the magazine which contains smells created by the artist. To give it more impact there are no accompanying words or images.

'Readers' then rub the page to release the smell. One fan of the magazine saying: "If your favourite part of magazines are the perfume inserts, this is your lucky day."

275x250.jpg Speaking about the magazine on of the publishers said: "#23 contains no visual imagery but clears the page for our most primary sense:the magazine will be impregnated with 12 scents curated by Sissel Tolaas.

"And we’re not talking about perfumes either, but what Tolaas would coin ‘difficult smells’"

"With a special technique called microencapsulation, the scents are literally printed into the magazine – you rub the paper to release them."

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