Pedal Porsche is the sports-car made from foil

275x250.jpg An artist has spent over six months and £10,000 creating a life-size but lightweight pedal-powered Porsche -- using plastic pipes, duct tape and kitchen foil.

Hannes Langeder says he wanted to recreate the super-car using everyday objects as a "socio-environmental statement" about sustainability and practicality.

There's a bicycle at the heart of the 'car' and the frame was built from plastic pipes and rolls of duct tape before being covered in foil to give a metallic finish. In total it weights just 99.6 kilograms.

The Ferdinand GT3 RS is legally seen as a bicycle, meaning it can be taken on Austrian roads… though other motorists might expect him to pull away from junctions a little faster.
275x250.jpg The project is currently on show in the Lentos Museum of Art in Linz, Austria but has also been taken on a tour of Austria.

Langeder, 45, says people are always impressed by the bike Porsche and frequently get their cameras out to start taking pictures.

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