Cow rescued from swimming pool by firefighters

275x250.jpg Firefighters were forced to rescue a cow from a family's swimming pool after it broke through a fence to their garden and jumped into the water.

Unfortunately after taking the dip in Motcombe, Dorset, the bovine was unable to get back out and had to be rescued by firefighters.

A total of 18 firefighters were needed to attach a harness to the half-tonne animal - which had been sedated by a vet - and lift it out from the chilly water with a hydraulic crane.

After a quick check from a vet the cow was able to trot back to the field, but given the traumatic day it had, we think it will probably be producing milkshake for a while.
275x250.jpg A spokesperson for Dorset Fire and Rescue Service said: "We believe the cow escaped from its field and enter the grounds of a cottage next to the farm.

"The cow then found itself in a small pool in the grounds of the cottage.

"Once fire crews arrived they made the area safe and attached a harness to the cow. The vet sedated the cow and crews used a hydraulic vehicle borrowed from the farmer to lift the cow out of the pool."

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