Yurtel: The tent which thinks it's a luxury hotel

275x250.jpgA tent which has more similarities with a hotel than the average camping trip has proved a hit with celebrities visiting festivals.

Stars including Billie Piper, Charlotte Church and Mathew Horne have stayed in the Yurtel tents when visiting events from Glastonbury to the Hay Literary Festival.

While most campers make do with a cramped tent and uncomfortable roll mattress, those staying in a 14ft Yurtel get a proper king-sized bed.

Making it even less like normal camping, each tent also has Egyptian white cotton bedding, lighting, an electricity socket and a lockable front door.

So, if you were trying to impress colleagues with stories of your camping, you might want to leave out certain details… you know, like the fresh cut flowers and chocolates on the pillow which greeted you.
275x250.jpgYurtel boss Lisa Knights, from Herefordshire, said: "While at the festivals, we realised that although there were companies offering 'comfortable accommodation' a gap in the market remained.

"There was nothing particularly luxurious, and we felt yurts could offer that!

"You could call it camping, you could call it a hotel stay, the jury is out!"

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