Tate Trumps: Battle it out with artworks (Video)

275x250.jpgThe Tate Modern have released a bizarre iPhone game which turns their works of art into a version of the classic card-based battle game Top Trumps.

In their 'Tate Trumps' game, users are each assigned a number of artworks which are given scores for things like, exhilarance, absurdity, strenght, size and agility.

Players then 'battle the artworks' via wi-fi by comparing the scores and winning each others 'cards'.

The game is ideal for less high-brow visitors who can't visit a gallery without asking themselves "But who would win in a fight  Salvador Dali or Leonardo Da Vinci?"  

A spokesperson for  Tate Modern said: "Tate Trumps is a digital card game you play with the art on display at Tate Modern.

"Imagine if all the artworks in the gallery came to life and had a fight. Could you pick which one would win? Take a look at your favourite painting and try to gauge its mood.

"Roam Tate Modern, choose seven high-scoring artworks, and then play a fast-paced and strategic game of Trumps with the art collection that you’ve created. You can play on your own or with your friends or family."

Tate Trumps    
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