Rachel Stevens launches World Cup perfume

275x250.jpgRachel Stevens has been revealed as the face (and scantily-clad body) of a new World Cup perfume.

'Eau De Stade' has been released ahead of the tournament in South Africa and is said to embody all the smells of a football match.

Makers claim the unisex fragrance combines the aromas of fresh grass, the leathery scent of a football and the musky odour of dressing room sweat and tears.

Promotional material features sexy images of Rachel Stevens draped in an England flag and using a union flag bowler hat to cover her breasts.

However, the sexy image becomes slightly less appealing if you imagine Stevens smelling like Wayne Rooney's boots after 90 minutes.
275x250.jpg The fragrance was created by The Perfumers Guild Limited & Fragrance Foundation for Sky+HD and will go on sale for a limited time priced at £19.66.

Fragrance expert John Bailey said: "The fragrance not only hits the back of the net with the classic scents of football from around the world, but also the aromas of the host nation.

"Salty notes have been used to encapsulate the smell of the fresh sea breeze in Cape Town, known as the Cape Doctor, alongside woody smokey hints to represent the nation’s passion for barbeques, and also Tagette, an essential oil sourced directly from South Africa."

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