Ninjas thwart gang of Australian muggers 

275x250.jpgA team of ninjas scared off three would-be muggers in Australia when they were spotted attacking a man near to the dojo where they train.

The muggers had grabbed a mobile phone and iPod from a German exchange student, who was visiting Sydney, before pushing his to the ground and repeatedly kicking him.

But luckily for the 27-year-old medical student, the assault had been seen by a member of a nearby dojo who ran inside and told his sensei what was happening.

With that the class at Ninja Senshi Ryu was abruptly halted and the five martial arts experts - all wearing full black ninja garb - ran outside to help the attack victim.

When the attackers looked up and saw the shadowy figures running at them, they dropped what they were doing and quickly scarpered -- presumably after wondering what the fudge had just happened.
Kaylan Soto, a sensei with 30 years' Ninjutsu training, said: "You should have seen their faces when they saw us in ninja gear coming towards them."

Unfortunately, despite giving chase the ninjas were unable to catch the men who were later arrested by more regular law enforcement.

Ninja Senshi Ryu 
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