Have-a-go-hero hits armed robber with chair

An armed robber picked on the wrong guy during a raid at a Leeds bookmakers, as this CCTV shows.

When the robber pointed a gun at the head of Martin Richardson - an 18-stone rugby player - his have-a-go-hero gene must have kicked in.

Martin was blocking the exit to the store when the man waving the gun (which turned out to be a replica) told him to open the door and get out of the way.

But rather than do what he was told the judo expert picked up a nearby chair and hurled it at the confused robber.

He then proceeded to wrestle the raider to the floor and sit on him until police arrived to arrest him. Martin says he'd not been in a good mood that day anyway.
The robber recently appeared at Leeds Crown Court and was sentenced to a young offenders’ institution for six years.

A spokesperson for William Hill, said Mr Richardson had done ‘fantastically well’ but pointed out to other would-be heroes ‘not everyone is built like Martin’.

William Hill         
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