Social sphere speech bubbles combat pub noise

275x250.jpg Designers have revealed a bizarre item which is said to make it easy to have conversations in busy bars -- but also makes you look like an extra from a bad 1970s sci-fi movie.

The 'social sphere' is the brainchild of Elaine McLuskey who came up with them to allow to hear each other in situations with loud background noise.

Made of perspex the lightweight speech bubbles are worn on a users head and connect to allow people to talk directly into each others ear.

They work by filtering out ambient noise of music and chatter, allowing you to hear exactly what is being said… which will normally be "have you noticed that everyone is pointing and laughing at us?"
275x250.jpg There is also a stationary version which McLuskey says could be installed on tables in busy bars or pubs, and works by two people inserting their heads when they want to chat.

The social spheres will now go on show at Edinburgh Napier University's School of Arts and Creative Industries Degree Show.

Edinburgh Napier University
Degree Show
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