Ephemicropolis: Artist creates city from staples

275x250.jpg An artist has used office stationery to create an impressive city skyline -- made from piles of staples.

Peter Root spent 40 hours meticulously stacking over 100,000 staples to build Ephemicropolis - his staple city which spreads over 20ft by 10ft.

He broke them into stacks of various sizes before positioning them to create the skyline which could rival New York or Hong Kong (if it wasn't made from staples).

We just think it's a good job the NewsLite stationery cupboard was locked today, otherwise we wouldn't have got any work done.
275x250.jpg Speaking of his art Peter said: "The work I create regularly involves highly labor-intensive, mantra-like procedures of construction and assemblage.

"As well as being simple, playful experiments the work often touches upon themes of impermanence, repetition, structure, pattern, scale and architecture.

"My work often takes the form of extremely fragile, temporary arrangements."

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