Hundreds strip naked in tribute to LS Lowry

275x250.jpg Hundreds of volunteers have stripped off and posed naked for a Spencer Tunick photo-shoot -- to pay homage to the work of LS Lowry.

As part of an up-coming exhibition at The Lowry gallery, Tunick is photographing mass groups of nude models in eight different locations across Manchester and Salford.

The first photos were taken over the weekend at a park in Salford with around 500 people of all shapes and sizes stripping off for the pictures, more than 4,000 applied to take part.

Tunick says the 'Everyday People' photos will capture the movement of everyday people and reflect the work of artist LS Lowry… but naked.
275x250.jpg Michael Simpson, from The Lowry, said: "I think Lowry would really like it because his whole mission for him was to paint ordinary, everyday people going around their daily lives.

"The people who feature in this project are doing something extraordinary, with no clothes on, but they are just ordinary people, all different colours and shapes and sizes.

"He would like the fact that it is not high-brow or pretentious, just ordinary people. He would be amused, even a bit bemused probably."

The Lowry        
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