London pirate wants to become an MP (Video)

275x250.jpgA pirate going by the name of Mad Cap'n Tom is running as an independent candidate for Cities of London and Westminster in the upcoming General Election.

His policies include that all rum should be made tax free and instead a 50 per cent levy on all Cheryl Coles downloads, also all British school children should be taught gunnery and swordsmanship.

Mad Cap'n Tom - other wise known as Tom Scott, a freelance web and video designer - says he embarked on the road to parliament after losing a bet.

And while he knows there is only a (very) slim chance of winning the strong Tory seat, he hopes to his £500 deposit back and give voters something to smile about.

Mad Cap'n Tom say he will run under one of the more interesting campaign slogans, "He has polices, he has experience, he has a duck on his head"… a line peg-leg Clegg rejected.

Speaking of the bet which led him to running Cap'n Tom said: "A few months ago in Leeds, it were me and my friend arguin over the Superbowl; the NFL& and we both be avin ideas [running for parliament as a pirate] that our lower brains really want to do, and our smarter brains thought that be a stupid idea.

"Whoever lost be doing it and then the Saints won the Super bowl and here I be with duck on me head.

"If I can be bringin  a smile to people as I be walking down the street, if I can be leavin  em with a laugh &  Believe it or not I convinced some kids to register to vote on the last couple days before it be closing. 

"Frankly I'm not here to make political points I'm here to make folks laugh." 

(By Cat Hughes)

Mad Cap'n Tom     
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