Robbie Maddison jumps over 278ft ravine

275x250.jpg Motocross madman Robbie Maddison has completed a jump over a 278ft wide ravine - during which he was 330ft above the water.

28-year-old Maddison made his jump across the Corinth Canal in Greece yesterday, by driving up a ramp at a speed of 77mph.

This launched his Honda 500 into the air and 85m over the massive drop, he then successfully landed at the other side.

Personally we can't understand why he didn't just use the bridge which can be clearly seen in the photo.

Speaking after the jump the Aussie said: "This jump involved the highest consequences I have faced so far, so the first obstacle I had to overcome was my fear."

"I am thrilled I managed to pull it off. As you know, there is only one opportunity to get it right."

Maddison has previously done a backflip while jumping over Tower Bridge and broke the Guinness World Record with a jump of 322 feet.

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