Crisps top list of dangerous driving foods

275x250.jpgThe humble packet of crisps has been revealed as the most dangerous food to eat while driving.

A study found that millions of UK motorists have crashed while holding the steering wheel in one hand and a crisp packet in the other.

Unwrapping chocolate bars and trying to open fizzy drinks bottles - which both require two hands - were also high up on the list of accident prompting foods.

10 percent of drivers admitted they have had a crash, or been close to one, while trying to unwrap food or open a drinks bottle in their car.

We dread to think what would happen if someone tried to drive while having a picnic of the top 10 most dangerous driving foods. No, that wasn't a challenge.

1.    Crisps

2.    Chocolate bar

3.    A bottled drink

4.    A canned drink

5.    Tea/coffee

6.    Sandwich or wrap

7.    Fruit

8.    Chips

9.    Sweets

10.    Burger

A spokesman for i-kube, which commissioned the study of 3,000 drivers, said: "Despite the danger, millions of drivers are still happy to eat or drink when they are driving.

"It may seem easy to munch on a snack while you're driving, but no matter how hard you try, it takes some of your concentration away from the road.

"Even though you may be looking at the road ahead, you are thinking about how to unwrap something, or where to put down a drink once you have finished."

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