Pac-Man appears in Nasa Saturn moon pictures

275x250.jpg A bizarre likeness of Pac-Man has appeared in thermal images taken by Nasa of Mimas, one of the moons of Saturn.

The 80s computer game icon is clearly visible in the shots taken by the Cassini spaceship orbiting the planet - and even appears to be eating a dot.

In the image of the 246 mile diameter moon, the outline of Pac-Man is created by the varying surface temperatures which range from 92 Kelvin (Pac-Man) to 77 Kelvin.

While we are always pleased to see computer game characters appearing like this, we only wish it could have been Space Invaders.
"We suspect the temperatures are revealing differences in texture on the surface," said John Spencer, a Cassini composite infrared spectrometer team member.

"It's maybe something like the difference between old, dense snow and freshly fallen powder."

Scientists working with the composite infrared spectrometer, which mapped Mimas' temperatures, expected smoothly varying temperatures peaking in the early afternoon near the equator.

Linda Spilker, Cassini project scientist at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory added: "Other moons usually grab the spotlight, but it turns out Mimas is more bizarre than we thought it was. It has certainly given us some new puzzles."

NASA Cassini Mission    
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