Plumber arrested over flame-thrower scooter

A man who created a scooter which fires 15ft flames from the rear, has been arrested because his vehicle now constitutes a firearm.

Colin Furze, is said to have been arrested by Lincolnshire Police after he revealed his flame-thrower scooter to the world last week.

The anti-tailgating flame thrower is operated by the flick of a switch and shoots a 15ft flame out of the rear of his 60mph scooter.

But after it appeared on YouTube Furze is reported to have been quizzed by police on suspicion of possessing an object converted into a firearm.

We only wish the reason police quizzed him had been because they wanted the 'weapon' fitting to patrol cars.
Furze, from Lincolnshire, was released on unconditional police bail without charge until May 6.

Colin Furze     
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