Brewer wins right to name beer 'F**king Hell'

275x250.jpgA brewery now has the legal right to release a beer called 'F**king' after winning a battle with the European Patent Office.

Stefan Fellenberg had initially been told by the European Patent Office that his brewery could not use the name for a beer as it was offensive.

But after three years of legal wrangling he appears to have somehow managed to convince them his proposed 'F**king Hell' brew is actually named after a village in Austria and not the rude word.

Because F**king is a real place name, officials were helpless to prevent him from releasing the beer. Equally the 'Hell' in the title obviously comes form the German word for larger Helles.

If the beer is a hit Stefan might want to take a look at our Top 10 list of rude place names. Imagine saying you are going down to the pub for a...
The Austrian village of F**king was first founded around 1070 and is said to be named after a man from the 6th century called Focko.

In 2004 villagers took a vote was held whether they should change the name - the vote was prompted because of the cost of replacing stolen street signs - but the residents voted against doing so.

OHIM - Trademarks Registration Office of the EU
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