Passengers worried by a pilots Brummie accent

275x250.jpgHoliday-makers are least likely to feel safe in an airplane if their pilot speaks with a Birmingham accent, it has been revealed.

While 81 percent of people said that hearing their pilot speak with an Oxford accent would put them at ease, it seems a Brummie twang has the opposite effect.

The Birmingham was the accent least likely to put travellers at ease followed by those from Liverpool and then Bristol.

Two-out-of-five people said their pilot’s accent was a key factor in putting them at ease during a flight and 83 percent said they would be more likely to trust a male pilot, rather than a womam.

Other accents people did like to hear included those from Edinburgh and Newcastle -- though presumably not if he said "Wae'aye man, some proper turbulence comin up now like."
The accents of pilots that were the most likely to put passengers at ease, as voted by the respondents, were;

1. RP accent (Oxford) – 81%

2. Edinburgh – 72%

3. Newcastle – 65%

4. Yorkshire – 51%

5. Swansea – 48%

The accents of pilots that passengers said were least likely to put them at ease were;

1. Birmingham – 76%

2. Liverpool – 73%

3. Bristol – 64%

4. Cockney – 41%

5. Manchester – 39%

A spokesperson for, who polled over 2,000 people, said: "We weren’t surprised to find that the classic RP accent was the most likely to make passengers feel safe, as it’s a given that the 'BBC accent' is the most widely accepted.

"I think the passengers obviously prefer it when they can’t really detect an accent in their pilot’s voice, but it was good to see that some were happy to hear a voice with a bit of character such as a Welsh or Scottish twang."

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