Countdown pair miss rude word in U,D,F,C,K,E

275x250.jpgCountdown co-host Rachel Riley cringed as she pulled out the letters U,D,F,C,K,E for contestants to make a word from.

The look on her face clearly showed she had spotted the six letter obscenity hidden in the letters which also included an A,G and O.

After the clock had ticked down, host Jeff Stelling gave a wry smile as he asked the entrants on the Channel 4 show they had got.

But the pair saved the blushes of TV producers by both sticking to the safe five-letter words of "caged" and "faced".

Stelling then added: "Hmm, nothing more than those fives, were there?" … as every smutty minded schoolboy shouted at the TV to prove he could have done better.
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