Flame throwing scooter invented by angry rider

A scooter rider who became fed up with other motorists cutting him up, has created a scooter which fires 15ft flames from the rear.

Colin Furze can now simply press a button on the handlebar of his 60mph bike to activate the flame-thrower.

After months of tinkering with the device in the back garden of his Lincolnshire home, he has revealed the James Bond-esque 'weapon' which can be angled upwards or straight behind him.

But while Colin came up with the idea as a way of deterring people from driving too closely, he has been warned it could be illegal to use it on public roads.

He said he's been told he would be in "a bit of trouble" if he used it on the road -- but not nearly as much as the car behind him.
And the 30-year-old plumber knows just how dangerous it can be - he says that he set fire to himself on several occasions while developing the contraption which sits above the rear numberplate.

He added that it can still get "rather hot" if you blast the flames while the wind is blowing in the wrong direction.

Colin Furze     
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