Library book finally gets returned 45 years late

275x250.jpgStaff at a UK library were shocked when a book was returned to them -- 45 years after it should have been.

The book - a Penguin first edition copy of Quatermass and the Pit by Nigel Kneale - was recently posted back to Dinnington Library in Rotherham.

Library staff say they knew it wasn't a normal return as soon as they saw the colour of the pages, then they saw the aged paperwork which was tucked inside.

It had originally been taken out on loan on September 24 1965, and was due back shortly after, but went missing.

Staff now say their records do not go back far enough to know who had borrowed the book… and their calculator probably isn't big enough to display the late fine.
Library Assistant Alison Lawrie, who originally opened the package said: "I thought at first it was just a normal return, until I saw the colour of the pages, they were very brown around the edges," commented Alison.

"Then I noticed it was an early Penguin book. It was a real surprise, even more so when I looked inside to see the date of return.

"It's true that some people like to take their time with a good book, but 45 years is an incredible amount of time!"

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