Watch made from fossilised dinosaur faeces

275x250.jpgA luxury watchmaker has revealed that their latest timepiece will be made from fossilised dinosaur faeces. Yes you read that correctly.

Makers Artya say the coprolite (fossilised dung) used to make the watch dial comes from a plant-eating dinosaur which died about 100 million years ago.

The £7,500 watch is the creation of Yvan Arpa who frequently uses controversial materials in his designs - this one also has a strap made from the blackened skin of American cane toads.

Arpa insists the dino poo makes a great watch thanks to its "warm and matchless tints" and promises it won't smell.

He also says it also raises a paleontological curiosity to the status of a work of art -- looks like he is talking s**t as well as working with it.
275x250.jpg A spokesperson for Artya added: "In its mineral aspect, it forcefully underscores the pristine strength emanating from the very dawn of life.

"As a true memento, it is encircled in a round case sculpted in stainless steel grade 316 or, as an affirmation to its prehistoric lineage, in bronze with its characteristic blazing hues."


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