Pet high chair sits dogs at the dining table

275x250.jpgSome pet products are barking mad -- like this high chair for dogs which allows them to join their owners at the dinner table.

'Pet High Chair' offers a doggie dining experience like never before, rather than clamouring for scraps dogs sit alongside the family.

The device clamps to a table with the dog sitting in a nylon fabric seat and gently restrained by two tethers allowing it to eat from the table.

Makers say the seat promotes a "refined" dining behaviour from dogs and is "more 'conducive to eating and conversation".

However, all we want to see is someone use these to recreate the classic Coolidge, Dogs Playing Poker paintings.
Fred Berns, of Hammacher Schlemmer's, who are selling the chair online, said: "The Pet High Chair is ideal for people who truly consider their pet to be part of the family.

"Dogs and cats will no longer require banishment to another room during a meal, as chair is designed to promote proper pet etiquette."

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