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275x250.jpgA bizarre fruit which looks like a reversed strawberry but tastes like a pineapple has gone on sale in the UK.

Pineberries are smaller than a common strawberry and have a white skin with in tiny red pips - they have a fresh, juicy, sweet and acid flavour with a highly aromatic smell.

Originally from South America the odd fruit faced extinction until it was picked up commercially by Dutch farmers seven years ago.

Now the pineberry is set to be sold in UK supermarkets for the first time, at 45 Waitrose stores.

Store bosses insist the fruit will be available for the next five weeks… and not just tomorrow.

275x250.jpg Felix Baumgartner, the daredevil who plans to do a free-fall skydive from the edge of space, has revealed the suit he will wear during his space jump.

As part of the Red Bull Stratos mission he will use a helium balloon to float to the edge of space before plummeting back to Earth.

The high-tech suit will need to protect him at temperatures of -56C and speeds of 690mph and in an environment with too little oxygen to sustain human life.

Tests jumps have already started to perfect the suit and they will want to get it right. If it fails his eyeballs could pop and his blood could boil.

275x250.jpgScientists say common toads are able to predict when an earthquake is about to strike and get out of the way in advance.

Biologists in the Journal of Zoology say large numbers of toads fled from breeding areas five days before an Italian earthquake in 2009.

This - combined with fact they started returning to the area after the last aftershock - is used as evidence the toad were reacting to seismic activity.

While many other animals like fish and snakes are said to react to earthquakes before they happen, this is normally by a matter of minutes and not days.

But before you start chasing toads whenever you see them move, remember that not every jump means there's going to be an earthquake.

275x250.jpgElephants' legs work in a way very different to most animals and are more like the four-wheel drive function in a car, it has been found.

Researchers discovered elephants' front and rear legs do not have the same separation of functions as other four-legged animals.

For most creatures, forelegs are used more for braking and the hindlegs for acceleration, but elephants use all our legs both to brake and accelerate.

Scientists made the discovery after using 3D motion capture imaging normally reserved for analysing top athletes.

It's said this means elephants use about 50 per cent more energy when running and why they are so slow… well this and the fact they are lazy.

275x250.jpgA briefcase containing nearly $80,000 in US banknotes has been found in New York -- and put on Craigslist to find the rightful owner.

The person who found the case says he was tempted to keep the cash, but felt giving the person who lost it the chance to reclaim it was "the right thing to do."

As such, if someone can detail the colour of the case and the other items it contained besides the cash, it will be returned. If not he's spending the $78,383.

Writing on Craigslist he said: "If you can describe the other items inside I will return. If not I am taking to the Police and after no one claims it I think I can legally own this."

Let's see how long he puts up with receiving hundreds of guesses each day, under New York State law it's 3 years before the money is his.

275x250.jpgMonte Carlo has been named as the world's most expensive city destination for UK travellers to stay in a hotel.

Research found that the average hotel prices there topped £172 per night - putting it just ahead of Moscow (£169) and Abu Dhabi (£159).

The annual 'Hotel Price Index' study by looked at prices for 94,000 hotel rooms in more than 16,000 locations and compared how they have changed over time.

While Moscow was still the second most expensive place to stay it ws discovered that there had been a 27 percent drop in average room price.

The cheapest place to stay was found to be Riga in Latvia where the average room costs just £55 per night… with good reason, you're in Riga.

275x250.jpg A bizarre likeness of Pac-Man has appeared in thermal images taken by Nasa of Mimas, one of the moons of Saturn.

The 80s computer game icon is clearly visible in the shots taken by the Cassini spaceship orbiting the planet - and even appears to be eating a dot.

In the image of the 246 mile diameter moon, the outline of Pac-Man is created by the varying surface temperatures which range from 92 Kelvin (Pac-Man) to 77 Kelvin.

While we are always pleased to see computer game characters appearing like this, we only wish it could have been Space Invaders.

275x250.jpgA copy of the first comic to ever feature Superman - which initially went on sale for 10c - has been auctioned online for $1.5m.

The same issue sold for $1m in February, setting the record paid for a comic book -- but this was subsequently beaten by a 1939 comic book featuring Batman's debut.

However, another copy of Action Comics No. 1, considered to be the Holy Grail of comic books, was recently put up for sale and reached the record amount.

Only about 100 copies of the comic book remain in existence and few have been kept in very good quality.

This particular copy was preserved because it had been buried in a pile of old magazines until it was discovered in the 80s. Excuse us while we go and double check the magazine rack.

An ice hockey coach who flipped out during a match - and subsequently became a YouTube star - has been fined for his actions.

During the outburst, Jim Playfair angrily ripped off his jacket and smashed hockey sticks over the boards before throwing them onto the ice.

The Abbotsford Heat coach had been left fuming when the ref gave one of his players a five-minute charging penalty, which he clearly disagreed with.

After screaming obscenities at the referee he jumped up onto the boards to launch his physical protest, which has been watched more than 250,000 times online.

Given ice hockey is a sport where the actual match feels like it's just filling time between punch-ups, we think it's impressive that any outburst of anger manages to get this sort of attention.

275x250.jpgBig Ben has been named as Britain's best-loved landmark - despite their being confusion around what the name actually refers to.

The famous clock topped a recent survey, but most of those who voted for it didn't realise the nickname belonging to the bell within the 16-storey tower, not the building itself.

Second place in the best-loved landmark poll went to the renowned World Heritage Site Stonehenge, the prehistoric monument was built between 3000BC and 2000BC.
The White Cliffs of Dover came third, followed by Edinburgh Castle and then the London Eye.

Other landmarks in the Top 10 included St Paul's Cathedral, Tower Bridge and the Roman Baths… how Spaghetti Junction in Birmingham didn't make the list we don'f know.

275x250.jpgA brewery now has the legal right to release a beer called 'F**king' after winning a battle with the European Patent Office.

Stefan Fellenberg had initially been told by the European Patent Office that his brewery could not use the name for a beer as it was offensive.

But after three years of legal wrangling he appears to have somehow managed to convince them his proposed 'F**king Hell' brew is actually named after a village in Austria and not the rude word.

Because F**king is a real place name, officials were helpless to prevent him from releasing the beer. Equally the 'Hell' in the title obviously comes form the German word for larger Helles.

If the beer is a hit Stefan might want to take a look at our Top 10 list of rude place names. Imagine saying you are going down to the pub for a...

A presenter on a TV shopping channel smashed a plasma television with his fist -- while trying to show how they don't break.

He had just finished telling a story about someone accidentally hurling a Wii remote at a new LCD TV, when he decided to show why plasma screens are better.

After explaining how the screen of the sets they were selling were 'toughened' he said "I'm going to do something now which makes people shy away."

The QVC man then punched the screen three times. Causing it to break.

Red-faced he than added "Oh, I've broken it. Look at that" -- and the internet did.

275x250.jpgMotherhood, a movie staring Uma Thurman about a stressed-out mum, took £88 in its opening weekend.
Not £88m… £88.

Just 11 cinema-goers turned up to watch the film, making it one of the lowest grossing movies in the UK, ever.

It had been hoped launching the movie in only one London cinema could cause a buzz and that word of mouth would result in big box office bookings.

But that didn't happen and one screening at the Apollo West End in London's Piccadilly Circus, just one £9 ticket was taken.

It is now hoped the movie will do better on DVD… though it couldn't do much worse.

275x250.jpgA milk jug has been revealed which could mean you never again spit your cup of tea across the kitchen in disgust because the milk is off.

The tech filled milk jug - developed by designer Oliver Newberry - contains a PH sensor built into the base which measures the acidity of the milk.

This is then linked to an LCD screen on the side of the jug which reads 'Fresh' or 'Sour'. There is also an alarm system which alerts you when the milk has soured.

Bosses from milk firm Cravendale say Brits throw away 330,000 tonnes of milk each year - mostly because we are uncertain if it's okay to use - and that their new jug could combat this.

However, you can bet that even when the jug says "Sour" most people will still sniff the milk to make sure -- and then regret it.

A man who created a scooter which fires 15ft flames from the rear, has been arrested because his vehicle now constitutes a firearm.

Colin Furze, is said to have been arrested by Lincolnshire Police after he revealed his flame-thrower scooter to the world last week.

The anti-tailgating flame thrower is operated by the flick of a switch and shoots a 15ft flame out of the rear of his 60mph scooter.

But after it appeared on YouTube Furze is reported to have been quizzed by police on suspicion of possessing an object converted into a firearm.

We only wish the reason police quizzed him had been because they wanted the 'weapon' fitting to patrol cars.

275x250.jpg More than 4,000 cities have seen buildings and landmarks plunged into darkness as part of Earth Hour, a WWF event to highlight environmental concerns.

Organized by the World Wildlife Fund, Earth Hour campaigned to get people reduce energy consumption for an hour from at 8.30pm on Saturday 27th March.

Starting with Chatham Islands, off the coast of New Zealand, buildings had their lights turned off in over 120 countries as the time moved around the globe.

Landmarks including Big Ben, the Empire State Building and Sydney Opera House in 126 countries all participated in the lights out Mexican wave.

275x250.jpg Details of drunkards whose loutish behaviour saw them barred from pubs and clubs at the turn of the last century have been published online.

The Birmingham Pub Blacklist included the photos and details of drunks who from the city’s pubs and clubs because of things like drink-driving a steam engine.

Each entry included photographs, their name, alias, residence, employment, physical description, distinguishing marks, nature of conviction and the sentence received for booze-related crimes.

Information was compiled by the Watch Committee of the City of Birmingham, which was set up by the police to enforce the Licensing Act of 1902… and included gems like James Doyle (above).

275x250.jpgHoliday-makers are least likely to feel safe in an airplane if their pilot speaks with a Birmingham accent, it has been revealed.

While 81 percent of people said that hearing their pilot speak with an Oxford accent would put them at ease, it seems a Brummie twang has the opposite effect.

The Birmingham was the accent least likely to put travellers at ease followed by those from Liverpool and then Bristol.

Two-out-of-five people said their pilot’s accent was a key factor in putting them at ease during a flight and 83 percent said they would be more likely to trust a male pilot, rather than a womam.

Other accents people did like to hear included those from Edinburgh and Newcastle -- though presumably not if he said "Wae'aye man, some proper turbulence comin up now like."

275x250.jpgA pair of 18th Century sex toys have been sold at an auction in Essex for £3,6000.

The wooden toys  were described as being "extraordinary and exceptionally rare" before the sale at Brentwood Antiques Auction.

It is though the phalluses are probably French and date back to the 1700s - they came complete in a leather covered case.
Listing them as 'Erotica' the auctioneers description of the lot read:

"A pair of wooden phallus contained within a fitted kid leather covered Treen case.

"One phallus 10 inches and with testicles and the other 11 inches and without testicles."  … unsurprisingly the winning bidder chose to remain anonymous.

275x250.jpgTeachers are being given designer end-of-term gifts from parents desperate to impress, it has been revealed.

A survey of 1,000 teachers found that rather keen pupils baring apples, parents are now sending their little-ones to school with designer handbags, jewellery and gift vouchers.

Bosses from the Association of Teachers and Lecturers (ALT) claim the tradition of sending an end-of-term gif for the teacher has become competitive.

They argue parents use the gifts as a way of trying to ensure their child gets preferential treatment at school and as such will debate a motion calling for a ban on the practice.

This will no doubt come as a blow to the teachers who also said they received champagne, theatre tickets and £1,000 worth of gift vouchers -- the parents must know that child is a nightmare to be around.

275x250.jpgCrocheting Adventures with Hyperbolic Planes has scooped the Diagram Prize for the oddest book title of the year.

The book by Dr Daina Taimina, beat off competition from the likes of 'Collectible Spoons of the Third Reich' and 'Afterthoughts of a Worm Hunter' to win the annual prize.

Each year the Diagram Prize - organised by The Bookseller magazine - rewards niche and bizarre books with odd and strange titles.

Crocheting Adventures took 42 percent of the public vote with 'What Kind of Bean is this Chihuahua?' coming second with 30 percent.

Third place went to 'Collectible Spoons of the Third Reich' -- which also helped to produce some rather odd suggestions pages on Amazon. 

275x250.jpgA futuristic car which 'talks' to other vehicles to avoid accidents has been revealed in Shanghai.

The EN-V ('Electric Networked-Vehicle) by General Motors is a fraction of size of most cars, only has two seats and is propelled by electric motors in each of its two driving-mode wheels.

While it is unlikely to excite Jeremy Clarkson, makers say the 1.5 metre by 1.5 metre car is designed to be the ultimate fuel-efficient vehicle for future cities.

EN-V is lightweight and emission-free, it can also be driven manually or navigate itself via an elaborate GPS system -- but it does only have a maximum speed of 24mph

But GM have got plenty of time to work on that, they say the car isn't likely to be on roads until 2030.

275x250.jpg The National Trust have revealed a series of images which reveal the impact climate change could have on the traditional British garden.

It's claimed that a 2C increase in temperature would see foxgloves and rose bushes replaced by palms and orange trees - while a 4C rise would give us gardens like those in  southern Portugal.

Experts warn that many traditional British plants could perish in hotter summers and wetter winters, including delphiniums, hyacinths and chestnuts.

And that's not to mention all the plants which would be removed as more people installed barbecues where the shrubbery used to be.

275x250.jpgLinguists have named Homer Simpson's catchphrase "D'oh!" as the The Simpsons greatest contribution to the English language.

Over 300 language experts from around the world were quizzed about the impact of various catchphrases from the show such as "craptacular," "eat my shorts," "don't have a cow" and "D'oh."

"D'oh" - which has also entered the Oxford English Dictionary - was decided to be the yellow families most valuable addition to the English language with 27 percent of votes.

Other phrases which appeared in the top 10 included "Learning juice," "Knowitallism" and "Cheese-eating surrender monkeys" as a way of describing the French.

It was also said that "Homer Simpson must be the most influential wordsmith since Shakespeare." -- To which Homer would have replied "Meh!"

275x250.jpgA quarter of Brits have admitted they've taken a photograph of something because they like the way it smells.

But the odd admission might not be 'quite' as strange as it first sounds, because almost half of us also say looking at a photograph can evoke smell memories.

A recent survey found that 47 percent of people say they can regularly remember the scent associated with the location of a photograph.

Dr Rachel Herz, a Professor at Brown University, said that women were both the most likely to link a smell to a photo and take a picture of something because of the way it smells.

Freshly cut grass, sunscreen and baby talc the most common smells people associate with images… but that's just because we don't all take pictures of sewers.

275x250.jpg A motorist who took a Pagani Zonda S supercar on a test-drive in Scotland crashed it causing £300,000 damage, it has been revealed.

The accident, which happened in September 2009, resulted in an insurance claim which is one of the biggest ever recorded in the UK.

It's said the £500,000 two-seater was being taken on a test drive when the driver lost control and collided side-on with a telegraph pole before careering through a fence.

Luckily the unnamed driver was insured, and as a result the car was shipped to Modena, Italy, home of Pagani, to be repaired… slowly and expensively.

275x250.jpgCountdown co-host Rachel Riley cringed as she pulled out the letters U,D,F,C,K,E for contestants to make a word from.

The look on her face clearly showed she had spotted the six letter obscenity hidden in the letters which also included an A,G and O.

After the clock had ticked down, host Jeff Stelling gave a wry smile as he asked the entrants on the Channel 4 show they had got.

But the pair saved the blushes of TV producers by both sticking to the safe five-letter words of "caged" and "faced".

Stelling then added: "Hmm, nothing more than those fives, were there?" … as every smutty minded schoolboy shouted at the TV to prove he could have done better.

275x250.jpgA bizarre job has appeared among the wanted ads for carpet fitters and sales assistants on the Job Centre Plus website -- Wall of DEATH rider.

Would-be workers will need to be willing to ride a motorcycle at death-defying speeds around the inside of a 30ft diameter wooden cylinder… vertically.

Employers say candidates should have a clean driving licence, not be afraid to take risks and certainly not suffer motion sickness.

Wall of death performers start by circling the bottom of a wooden cylinder, slowly increasing speed until they build up enough centrifugal force to drive up the 20ft walls of the cylinder.

The advert says the salary is negotiable… but they couldn't pay me enough.

275x250.jpgResearchers say a species of dung beetle (Onthophagus taurus) is the strongest insect in the world and can pull a load 1,141 times its own body weight.

A team from the University of London spent months setting insects gruelling tests and trials looking at how strong various species are and what affects their power level.

The Onthophagus taurus dung beetle was found to be the strongest with the ability to lift the equivalent of a 70kg person lifting 80 tonnes.

But they say this can vary dramatically depending on diet, and as for what why the male dung beetle has evolved to be so strong, fighting over females.

Personally we think the academics have missed a trick here -- Insect Olympics anyone?

275x250.jpg A man has been sentenced to 16 months imprisonment after he was caught trying to smuggle parrot eggs into Australia -- in a specially made T-shirt.

Kevin Gledhill, from Western Australia, had 37 parrot eggs concealed in his pocketed shirt when he arrived at Perth airport from Bali, late last year.

During a routine baggage examination, officers became suspicious that the man was concealing something under his clothing.

When they asked him to remove his coat they soon realised what it was… and that he had only been one bad stint of turbulence away from wearing a parrot omelette.

A scooter rider who became fed up with other motorists cutting him up, has created a scooter which fires 15ft flames from the rear.

Colin Furze can now simply press a button on the handlebar of his 60mph bike to activate the flame-thrower.

After months of tinkering with the device in the back garden of his Lincolnshire home, he has revealed the James Bond-esque 'weapon' which can be angled upwards or straight behind him.

But while Colin came up with the idea as a way of deterring people from driving too closely, he has been warned it could be illegal to use it on public roads.

He said he's been told he would be in "a bit of trouble" if he used it on the road -- but not nearly as much as the car behind him.

275x250.jpgObesity experts say the size of portions in images of the Last Supper have been super-sized over time.

Boffins from Cornell University anaylsed 52 paintings of the biblical scene created from 1000-to-1900 and indexed the size of the foods in each.

It was found that in newer images the size of main meals had grown by a massive 69 percent and that bread rolls were 23 percent bigger.

Professor Brian Wansink argues that this shows increased portion size have happened gradually - though he admits it picked up pace from 1500 and up to 1900.

Hmm, who would have though that stories about Jesus became inflated over time?

275x250.jpgArtist Alison Jackson, famed for her faux celebrity photographs, is holding a series of auditions to find a Gordon Brown lookalike.

While finding people who resembled David Beckham and Simon Cowell, to pose in her photos proved no problem, Jackson has struggled to find political lookalikes.

She says that she is now desperate to find herself a Prime Minister before the general election and that they would receive financial benefits which are more than attractive.

Jackson is resorting to holding auditions for people to star in an upcoming TV project.

But it's not just Gordon Brown, she also wants a Peter Mandelson and Alistair Darling… and that has to be the first time anyone has said that.

A quick-fingered man has set a new world record for the fastest text message typed onto a touchscreen phone.

Franklin Page knocked out the official text message phrase of the Guinness World Records in just 35.54 seconds - setting a new best.

His efforts were recorded as part of a new TV advert for the phone he was using, a Samsung Omnia II which features a new text input technology called Swype.

The message he had to type was: "The razor-toothed piranhas of the genera Serrasalmus and Pygocentrus are the most ferocious freshwater fish in the world. In reality they seldom attack a human."

Makers of the phone say the average person can use it to text at a speed of 40 words per minute - which means Vernon Kay can now get himself in trouble twice as fast.

275x250.jpgA Russian genius has turned down a $1 million (£660,000) prize for solving one of the world's most complex maths problems.

Grigory Perelman, 44, was dubbed the world's cleverest man after solving the Poincare Conjecture - which had baffled mathematicians for more than a century.

By solving the problem - a theorem about the characterisation of the 3D sphere among 3D manifolds - he stood to receive £660,000 from the US-based Clay Mathematics Institute.

But Perelman says he does not need the money and he has previously refuse to accept the Fields medal (the Nobel prize of mathematics) for his work.

Perelman is said to live in a bare, cockroach-infested flat in St Petersburg… and before you ask, yes, he knows exactly how much one million is.

275x250.jpg A spaceship which will soon take tourists into space has completed its maiden test flight over the California Mojave Desert.

Virgin Galactic's SpaceshipTwo flew for three hours and reached an altitude of 45,000 feet - all while attached to the wing of its mothership.

For the "captive carry" flight, the rocket plane remained firmly attached to the WhiteKnightTwo carrier airplane - which will eventually take it to 50,000 ft where it will separate and blast off.

From there it will climb to 60 miles above the Earth's surface, enabling suborbital space tourists to experience weightlessness… the same sensation experienced by their wallets after paying £120,000 for the flight.

275x250.jpgTeachers at a school which allows pupils to have a lie-in and start the day an hour later claim it has had a positive impact on students.

Since October last year Monkseaton High School, in North Tyneside has delayed the start of lessons from 9am to 10am.

It was part of a test to see if teenagers are actually "more awake" in the afternoon, as suggested by Oxford University neuroscientist Professor Russell Foster.

Headteacher Paul Kelley says  preliminary results show that since getting a lie-in there has been a 27 percent decrease in long-term absence.

He added that there had also been a "significant" increase in GCSE results… and that the teachers looked more refreshed too.

275x250.jpg A man will spend a week suspended in a small perspex box above Coventry with only a blanket, portable toilet and a bucket to lower for food and drink.

But Stuart Kettell is not a David Blaine wannabe, he's doing the stunt to raise money for a cancer charity rather than trying to develop a mystic persona.

The 45-year-old was yesterday lifted 25ft (7.62m) off the ground in his 6ft by 4ft perspex box and will stay there until Sunday 28th March.

Stuart will use his bucket to collect donations and meals -- though he says he has already received a few "odd" items mixed in with the cash and snacks, including a camera which squirts water.

275x250.jpgA man who quit his job as corporate lawyer to produce artwork with Lego has become a success, with some of his pieces valued at over £10,000.

Nathan Sawaya, 35, has spent the last 10 years creating his Lego art which includes stunning life-size sculptures, models and 'flat' portraits.

His works have been shown in a number of prestigious galleries and can use up to 150,000 tiny bricks in each one - he recently toured an exhibition 'The Art of the Brick' around the world.

Nathan says he has over 1.5 million spare Lego bricks in his New York studio and he spends around ten hours each day building with the toy.

You can bet that after hearing how much the Lego are can be worth, parents around the world will suddenly have more interest in what their children are doing next time they get the Lego out.

275x250.jpgA boat constructed from over 12,000 bottles has set sail on a 11,000 mile journey from San Francisco to Sydney.

The Plastiki catamaran was the brainchild of David de Rothschild who hopes the voyage will make people awarene of pollution in the world's oceans.

Along with his four crew, De Rothschild will sail from San Francisco to Sydney highlighting the sea waste - particularly plastic debris - they encounter.

On route the eco-friendly boat, which is powered by solar, wind and sea turbines, will go past the Great Pacific Garbage Patch - a pile of floating waste about five times the size of the UK.

The journey is expected to take around 100 days and the crew will even power their laptops with an exercise bike… so don't expect too many blog updates.

275x250.jpgThey say simply having money doesn't make you happy, but scientists have discovered it can -- if you've got more than your friends and neighbours.

A study by researchers at the University of Warwick and Cardiff University has found money does make people happier, if it improves their social rank.

They looked at data on earnings and life satisfaction in the UK over the past seven years and how income impacted peoples happiness.

It was found that to be happy people must perceive themselves as being more highly paid than their friends, work colleagues and neighbours.

After discovering this, we can't help but wonder if it could explain why our friends always seem so happy.

275x250.jpgSpace boffins have discovered a massive galaxy which they say had a "teenage growth spurt" and ended up as the "galactic equivalent of Peter Crouch".

Researchers from Durham University found that the early galaxy created stars like our sun up to 100 times faster than the modern-day Milky Way.

The catchily titled SMM J2135-0102 galaxy was observed as it would have appeared 10 billion years ago – just three billion years after the Big Bang.

Dr Mark Swinbank thinks the findings suggest that star formation was more rapid and vigorous in the early Universe as galaxies went through periods of huge growth.

The scientists estimate that the observed galaxy is producing stars at a rate equivalent to 250 per year -- putting it on a par with Simon Cowell.

275x250.jpgStaff at a UK library were shocked when a book was returned to them -- 45 years after it should have been.

The book - a Penguin first edition copy of Quatermass and the Pit by Nigel Kneale - was recently posted back to Dinnington Library in Rotherham.

Library staff say they knew it wasn't a normal return as soon as they saw the colour of the pages, then they saw the aged paperwork which was tucked inside.

It had originally been taken out on loan on September 24 1965, and was due back shortly after, but went missing.

Staff now say their records do not go back far enough to know who had borrowed the book… and their calculator probably isn't big enough to display the late fine.

275x250.jpgThey are the equivalent of 24 hen's eggs, take 90 minutes to hard-boil and cost £19 each -- but Ostrich eggs have become a surprise hit for a UK supermarket.

Bosses at upmarket chain Waitrose say they have seen a huge jump in demand for the nearly 2kg eggs, which they started selling in 2008.

Since then, they say there has been a 573 percent jump in sales of the eggs which are laid by South African Black Ostriches.

The huge eggs have a distinctive light taste and are said to be the must-have foodie show-stopper for Come Dine With Me inspired dinner parties.

However, you might need to get out your tool kit before tucking in, you will struggle to crack the egg with a spoon and it's suggested you might be better with a power-drill.

275x250.jpg A bizarre coat has been launched which doubles as an odd looking single man sleeping bag and tent.

By day the JetPak is a normal-looking waterproof coat, but at night it can be folded out to make a waterproof sleeping bag with a tent over the head.

This means anyone wearing the £165 jacket - which goes on sale later this year - can easily set-up camp whenever they are when they get tired, as long as they don't mind looking a bit odd.

The JakPak is being marketed at extreme campers as well as an emergency precaution… but it could also come in handy if you are constantly getting lost on nights out.

It's not just humans who like watching high definition televisions, scientists say octopuses have a preference for them too.

Researchers claim octopuses get excited when watching other sea animals on high-definition televisions - but not when viewing in standard definition.

They tested this by placing a HD TV at the end of a tank containing an octopus and showed it footage of other animals.

The octopus hid from predators and tried to attack prey, but when lower resolution images were used it didn't respond at all.

Boffins claim this preference for HDTV proves that the cephalopods are more sophisticated than previously thought -- now try using that same argument to explain why you need a new TV to watch the Premiership.

275x250.jpgBritish families will shell out £1.8 BILLION this year - to repair damage caused by their kids.

Accidents such as drinks spilled on carpets, ripped wallpaper or food stains on furniture leave a £105 dent in the family finances every year, it has been found.
Other common mishaps include children shoving foreign objects into a DVD or CD player, plastering the walls with stickers and breaking beds by using them as trampolines.
A study of 3,000 parents found other damage commonly caused by kids includes smashed cups, plates and crockery, and painting or drawing on walls.

Ironically we bet unsupervised children even did some of these things while their parents were busy answering these survey questions.

275x250.jpgA new species of dinosaur which lived 75 million years ago and was a relative of the famous Velociraptor has been discovered.

A pair of PhD students stumbled on an exceptionally well preserved dinosaur, named Linheraptor exquisitus, during a field trip to Inner Mongolia.

The 2.5m long creature would have been a fast, agile predator that preyed on small horned dinosaurs and experts say it had a large ‘killing claw’ on the foot.

Brit student Michael Pittman and pal Jonah Choiniere from the US say they found the dinosaur fossil sticking out of a cliff.

You can tell they are students -- because any experienced paleontologist would have made it sound like harder work. 

275x250.jpgA luxury watchmaker has revealed that their latest timepiece will be made from fossilised dinosaur faeces. Yes you read that correctly.

Makers Artya say the coprolite (fossilised dung) used to make the watch dial comes from a plant-eating dinosaur which died about 100 million years ago.

The £7,500 watch is the creation of Yvan Arpa who frequently uses controversial materials in his designs - this one also has a strap made from the blackened skin of American cane toads.

Arpa insists the dino poo makes a great watch thanks to its "warm and matchless tints" and promises it won't smell.

He also says it also raises a paleontological curiosity to the status of a work of art -- looks like he is talking s**t as well as working with it.

275x250.jpgMore British holiday-makers fall ill while in Spain than anywhere else in the world, it has been revealed.

Seven out of ten Brits have been struck by sickness on their hols, with one in five of those staying at a Spanish resort, according to a study of 3,000 people.
And queasy British tourists spend on average three days of their two-week summer break suffering from some sort of illness.
Four out of ten holidaymakers suffer from diarrhoea, while one in five will go down with food poisoning and one in ten will be hit by heat stroke.
Hmm, it's funny how people claim they suffer from food poisoning and heat stroke but don't factor in their excessive holiday drinking, isn't it?

275x250.jpg A Scottish company has launched which offers to turn your children's drawings into stuffed dolls.

Stuff Your Doodles takes a child's rough sketches of monsters, aliens or animals and uses them to create a professional looking soft doll.

Each toy is hand-made in Scotland by artist Lucy Moose who will stick as closely as possible to the kid's drawings when making the dolls from recycled fabrics.

They are then posted back to the artist. However you might want to think about what image you send. Monsters are fine... but do you really want a doll of yourself as drawn by your four-year-old?

275x250.jpgTV bosses have been forced to apologise to viewers after preview clips for the Playboy channel were played on two children's channels.

Time Warner Cable say a "technical glitch" caused the porn to be shown on two channels in North Carolina.

The blunder meant that for two hours - from 0615 to 0815 on Tuesday morning - young viewers of the Kids On Demand saw ads for Playboy TV.

The clips, showing nude women engaged in explicit conversations, appeared in the top right hand corner of screens, where previews of kids shows should have been.

Bosses at Time Warner say the gaffe was fixed as soon as they were made aware of the error… in odd news the warning did not come from stay at home dad.

A Romanian trucker who became an internet star after a video of him dancing while driving was uploaded to YouTube, has lost his licence for drink driving.

Last year Iulian Breazu became a web sensation thanks to a clip of him dancing to gypsy music and steering his lorry with his feet.

While the video horrified thousands of other motorists, it appeared that nothing would be done about his dangerous driving antics.

But the 24-year-old has now reportedly had his driving licence taken away for 90 days after being caught behind the wheel at double the drink drive limit.

Breazu will also have to complete a safety test before being allowed back on the road… No, the answer is not C) Film it and upload it to Youtube.

275x250.jpg The Jeremy Kyle show often feels like a soap opera - and it will tomorrow when the Platt family from Coronation Street appear on it.

To celebrate the 1,000 episode of the ITV1 daytime talk show the actors will appear in character to shout it out like regular guests.

Kyle will chat to David Platt, played by Jack Shepherd as well as his ex-girlfriend and step-sister Tina McIntyre (Michelle Keegan) and his older brother Nick (Ben Price).

David is also said to demand a lie detector to see if Tina and Nick have been sleeping together… and the outbursts will probably appear more realistic than the average Jeremy Kyle show.

275x250.jpgAn Irish company is looking to employ a 'honeymoon tester' -- meaning it could be your job to lie on beaches, swim in infinity pools and sip champagne.

And if that wasn't good enough, the successful candidate will also get £18,000 for spending six months of the year in luxurious surroundings... and get to take their partner.

The job's offered by 'Runaway Bride and Groom' and you will have to report back with your impressions of the breaks each of which will last three to four weeks.

Organisers say the free holidays will be to places like the Maldives or Zanzibar and include such 'gruelling' tasks as testing cocktails and jacuzzis.

Candidates for the "Ultimate Job" must apply online by the end of March 2010 -- and if you win will promise you take me?

275x250.jpgA design graduate has created a thin and folding alternative to the traditional UK standard 3 pin plug.

The fold-flat design won 30-year-old Min-Kyu Choi the prestigious Brit Insurance Design Award 2010 and could now net him a fortune.

Choi says his reinterpreted plug - which folds flat when not in use - was inspired by his MacBook Air computer which, despite its slender frame, shipped with a bulky plug.

He said it caused problems when carrying it around to charge his computer so came up with the 0.4" thick version, compared to the 4.6" standard model.

Judges of the competition, which saw 90 entries in seven categories, said the design was "practical but elegant"... and then asked where they could get one.

275x250.jpgAn iPhone app has been launched which calculates how many calories couples burn during each sex session.

Using Bedometer people place their loved one (the iPhone) on the bed while having it away - motion sensors then analyse the time and intensity of their romp.

The 59p app then works out exactly how many calories you have burnt and even gives you the option of sharing this information - along with the number of thrusts - on Facebook.

Makers claim a vigorous 15 minute sex session burns almost 200 calories each - adding that Bedometer is "the ultimate bedroom athletics measuring tool".

Before you ask, the answer is yes, the app has single and multiplayer options.

A distracted driver failed to notice the road he was travelling down had been covered by a rockslide and proceeded to drive into it.

To make it even better, a TV news crew were filming stock footage of the Tennessee rockslide when it happened and caught the crash on camera.

The motorist says he didn't see the rockfall in front of him on Highway 129M and ploughed straight into the debris.

In the footage he can be heard telling a police officers that he didn't see the rocks until people started yelling at him to stop.

Luckily the man was not injured in the accident… though his pride might be as dented as the front of his car.

275x250.jpgA Romanian town which installed warning signs alerting motorists to drunks crossing the road have taken them down.

Officials in Pecica had introduced the triangular sign featuring a man crawling on the floor holding a bottle as the result of a series of accidents.

But now, after the sign received what council bosses describe as "excessive media coverage" they have decided to change them.

New sign will be put up warning drivers of "other dangers" - and not showing the humorous graphic

Mayor of Pecica, Petru Antal had hoped the sign would act as a warning to motorists who may not know the area… not mock the locals.

275x250.jpgThe world's shortest man, He Pingping, has died of heart complications at the age of 21, after being taken to hospital with chest problems.

Pingping from China measured just 29 inches (74.61cm) tall and was born with a form of primordial dwarfism.

He had been in Rome, Italy, to take part in ‘Lo Show Dei Record’, a locally produced records show, where he was taken ill with a chest complaint.

TV producers insisted he be examined at a nearby hospital, and although he received treatment, a few days later he passed away at the hospital

Pingping had been recognised as the world's shortest man in 2008.

275x250.jpg They say some people could look good in a bin bag -- well for Kate Moss make that mosquito nets.

The supermodel and fashion icon has shown her support for Sport Relief by wearing a one-off dress woven from recycled mosquito nets.

The sculptured and corseted dress was created by designer William Tempest to highlight the Sport Relief commitment to tackling malaria in Africa.

It is hoped the dress - which will be auctioned off later this year - will help net a bit of extra cash for the charity

275x250.jpgLondoners are the most unwelcoming people in Britain, it has been found.

Visitors to the city have found the average modern Londoner's demeanour is a million miles from the legendary chirpy Cockney image the city was once famous for.

Natives of the capital were also slammed for their inability to make friendly conversation and a lack of basic manners and politeness in a poll of 4,000 Brits.

Glasgow was seen as the second most unwelcoming city in the country with Glaswegians accused of being reluctant to help elderly people and forgetting to say please.

Bradford was voted into third spot, with its residents more likely to queue-jump if given the chance… and probably stab you if not.

275x250.jpgExperts have discovered that your body can benefit as much from quick bursts of exercise as spending hours training.

They say several short, but high intensity training sessions can be better for you than spending hours in the gym.

The team from McMaster University looked at the impact of micro training sessions, such as spending 60 seconds on an exercise bike, 12 times.

It was found that if the exerciser spent the short time working out to their maximum heart rate their muscles improved as much as if they had been involved in endurance training.

However, 12 minutes of punishing exercise still sounds a bit too much like hard work to use… even if it does mean boffins are going to have ripped six-packs now.

275x250.jpgTourism bosses in Slovenia are offering English tourists a free holiday -- if they win the World Cup and not us.

The promotion will see anyone booking a break to Slovenia over get money back if their football team do well in South Africa.

If Slovenia reach the semi-finals you get 50 percent of your money back for any holiday booked between March 10th and June 10th.

There's also a slightly more realistic 25 percent return if they get to the quarter finals.

But with Slovenia in the same group as England, Algeria and the USA, how well do you want them to do… and why do you want to got to Slovenia anyway?

275x250.jpgThe mobile phone has been voted the single most important gadget in the lives of British people.

62 percent of people say their mobile is the most important gadget in their lives, putting it ahead of laptops, iPods and digital cameras.

Two-in-three people even claimed they felt at a loss when leaving their phone at home while just 16 per cent who said they can quite easily get by without one.

On average it was found that we spend three hours per day fiddling with our phones, with texting the most common use, followed by phone calls then social networking apps like Facebook and Twitter.

All of which comes as quite a shock… we'd almost forgot you could still use mobile phones to make phone calls.

275x250.jpgThe swimsuit round of the Miss England contest is set to be cut after 50 years.

It's thought the move was made after last years winner 'Combat Barbie' Katrina Hodge said it should be given its marching orders.

Miss England organisers say the round will be replaced by one involving a sports challenge which will be overseen by Hodge.

While she posed for underwear firm La Senza, Hodge has said the swimsuit round was nerve-racking for contestants who were already going through enough.

Bare in mind this is some who has served with the Royal Anglians on the front-line and was commended for bravery in Iraq… but is scared by wearing a bikini in public.

275x250.jpg A man who started losing his hair in his early twenties has started having his bald scalp painted rather than simply shave his head or wear a wig.

Philip Levine came up with the idea when he first noticed his hair was receding. He says he wanted to try something different because he didn't want to look like all other blokes with a shaved head.

And the 28-year-old doesn't, he thinks of designs and gets a professional body painter to realise them on his head -  they regularly take over two hours to complete.

He says he's had things ranging from a smily face to giant wave on his noggin --  though he's not had a short back and sides painted on yet.

275x250.jpgStressed city workers are being offered jars containing 'fresh air' from rural and seaside spots -- to help them relax.

Each jar is said to contain 0.42 grams of fresh air and have the ability to relieve stress for up to 10 minutes.

It's all part of a plan by the National Trust to get more people visiting the countryside during their free weekend on 20-21 March.

Bosses say hundreds of the jars were left open in spots from gardens and forests to seaside resorts, before being sealed and labeled.

They will now be sent to people who are feeling stress and apply online. Is it just us, or does this sound like a load of hot air to you too? 

An irate TV reporter threw a tantrum (and his notepad) on live TV when he botched a line during a report.

It's not know if Gordon Boyd forgot he was live on WVLT TV-- but the watching studio host sure looks surprised by the outburst.

Boyd had been reporting on the trial of a child killer in Tennessee when he stumbled over one of his lines and missed a word.

When that happened, he screwed his face up and in an act of frustration hurled his notepad at the floor.

Cameras quickly cut to the studio where a bemused anchor blamed it on "technical difficulties" -- we guess 'technically' he messed up and got angry.

275x250.jpg A car which is powered by coffee beans has completed a 210 mile journey from London to Manchester, just.

Dubbed "car-puccino" the vehicle used the equivalent of more than 10,000 espressos to make the trip - interrupted by filter cleaning and coffee refuelling stops every 70 miles.

The 1988 VW Scirocco was converted by BBC Bang Goes The Theory host Jem Stansfield, to turn coffee grounds into flammable gasses that can be used in the engine instead of petrol.

As the car arrived in Manchester cab driver tooted their horn and people waved and shouted at the car… they were probably trying to order a cappuccino.

275x250.jpgSome pet products are barking mad -- like this high chair for dogs which allows them to join their owners at the dinner table.

'Pet High Chair' offers a doggie dining experience like never before, rather than clamouring for scraps dogs sit alongside the family.

The device clamps to a table with the dog sitting in a nylon fabric seat and gently restrained by two tethers allowing it to eat from the table.

Makers say the seat promotes a "refined" dining behaviour from dogs and is "more 'conducive to eating and conversation".

However, all we want to see is someone use these to recreate the classic Coolidge, Dogs Playing Poker paintings.

275x250.jpg Using 4051 decks of playing cards a US architect has built the world's largest house of cards.

Bryan Berg took 44 days to complete the structure which is a replica of the Venetian Macau casino in China and uses over 218,000 cards

Unbelievably the structure - which is over 10 metres long and three metres tall - is completely freestanding and does not use glue or tape to hold together.

Which means that towards the end of his 44 day build Bryan must have been really hoping he didn't need to sneeze.

275x250.jpgIt's official - women are best at handling the family purse strings, according to new research.

The female of the species are better at budgeting and keeping track of their spending and are also less likely to build up debt on a credit card or through a loan, it emerged.

Fewer women than men also turn a blind eye to their finances and ignore mounting debts, pay bills late or forget to pay them altogether.

And they also make more of an attempt to chip away at debts while men prefer to make minimum payments.

Maybe these superior budgeting skills somehow explain how they can usually afford a new pair of shoes.

Mad Men Barbie dolls produced by Mattel

275x250.jpgToy firm Mattel has announced it will release a range of Barbie dolls based on the TV show Mad Men.

The doll are said to come complete with the iconic 1960s style and aesthetic of the show which chronicles the lives of the men and women a NY advertising agency.

Leading man Don Draper; his wife Betty Draper; Sterling Cooper partner Roger Sterling; and bombshell office manager Joan Holloway have all be recreated by Barbie designer Robert Best.

Don Draper is said to wear his classic, polished red-lined suit and comes accessorised with a hat, overcoat and brief case.

However, the $75 (£40) dolls are not expected to ship with miniature cigarettes and glasses of whiskey… Barbie simply wouldn't allow them in her dollhouse.

275x250.jpgThere's a good chance this vista looks strangely familiar to you, but you can't quite place it.

That's because it's the real-life landscape used as the default wallpaper for Windows XP, making it one of the most viewed images ever.

While many people think the Windows image is a digital creation, it was actually snapped in California’s Sonoma Valley.

Photographer Chuck O’Rear took it as he drove along Highway 121. And he must be glad he did, he received one of the largest amounts ever paid to a living, working photographer.

It is predicted the image has been seen by and enjoyed by billions of people -- even some Mac users.

275x250.jpgA Romanian town has installed warning signs alerting motorists to the number of drunks crossing the road.

The triangular sign features a man crawling on the floor holding a bottle and has been introduced as the result of a series of accidents.

Mayor of Pecica, Petru Antal said he hopes the sign will act as a warning to motorists who may not know the area - where locals apparently enjoy the town's many bars.

He added that the problem came about because Pecica is a border town which many people drive through quickly on their way somewhere else.

Under the odd graphic it reads 'Attention - Drunks' … the signs are expected to be hanging on the bedroom walls of students by the time anyone sobers up enough to notice.

275x250.jpgMillions of Brits are gambling with their future, one-in-ten are relying on a lottery win to fund their retirement, it has been found.

Instead of putting money into a pension or savings account, more than a third are waiting for inheritance money and one in ten are hoping for a big lottery win.

Six per cent even sat they plan to marry someone rich instead of saving for the days when they no longer work.

Slightly more sensible ways people are planning to pay for their lifestyle once they hit retirement age include downsizing to smaller property or simply continuing to go to work.

Hmmm, suddenly we are doubting whether our plan of retiring on all of the money we can find down the back of the sofa is actually realistic.

A demanding bride-to-be told the owner of a bridal shop that her fiance would kill him if he didn't make alterations to her dress.

A mass brawl then broke out in the Detroit store where staff were assaulted by family of the bride.

CCTV cameras show how the confrontation quickly got out of hand when the owner told the irate woman to leave the store.

A group of men - believed to be relatives of the bride - then walked in and started punching staff.

Fashion mannequins were even used as weapons in the fracas… at least the best man now has something to mention in his speech.

275x250.jpg A range of sweets have gone on sale that come in wrappers which grow into flowers if dropped on the floor.

The packaging for the chocolates by Marks & Spencer has been impregnated with seeds which grow into Candytuft plants if left on the ground.

Known as Iberis umbellata Rose Cardinal, to the more green-fingered reader, the flowers are popular for their ability to attract British butterflies.

Unfortunately, while the seeds will develop into the pink, white, red or purple flowers within weeks... they will not reproduce the chocolates.

275x250.jpgResearchers say they have found a "treasure trove" of previously undiscovered species in the forests of Ecuador.

A recent expedition uncovered dozens of new animals including tiny geckos, a slug-sucking snake and 30 species of rain frog.

Other creatures found in Cerro Pata de Pájaro - a small mountain sitting right atop the Equator - were a glass frog with a transparent chest and lungless salamanders.

Experts say the cloud forest on the site is only a couple miles wide, yet houses at least 14 of the 30 new species known nowhere else on Earth.

However, researchers warn the area is under threat from ecological disturbances and the creatures could become extinct before we ever find them - which after looking at these, would be a shame.

A bull escaped from a rodeo in the US and proceeded to charge around the car park sending visitors fleeing for cover.

The bull, named Hard Ball, had ripped through gates near the Reliant Stadium in Houston before escaping into a nearby car park.

Visitors, who were there to watch the Jonas Brothers perform, scrambled to get away as police used their tasers in a bid to stop it.

But the tasers had little impact - other than to make the bull even more angry - and cowboys who were due to perform, were duly called in.

They soon managed to use their ropes to capture the rampaging beast… and drumm up a few extra audience members with their performance.

275x250.jpgStudents would perform better in exams if they spent time looking at the letter A, it has been claimed.

And bizarrely, psychologists say exposure to the letter F can even make a student more likely to fail a test.

A study at the University of Missouri looked at the impact of looking at the letters on 130 students. Each of them were sat in front of a test labelled A or F before completing it.

The average score for those who had looked at the A was 11/12 while those who had looked at the F only scored 9/12.

It's thought the inherent implications of an 'A' or 'F' are enough to influence motivational state and performance… say the experts who now write a big A at the top of everything they do.

275x250.jpg The Shambles, a famous cobbled lane in York has been named as the most picturesque street in Britain.

Lined with 15th Century buildings The Shambles took the title in the Google Street View Awards for being uniquely British and visually charming.

A panel of experts had created a shortlist which were then voted on by 11,000 people which were viewable on Google Street View.

Stockbridge High Street in Hampshire was voted the best foodie street and Milson Street in Bath won the award of best fashion street in the poll.

275x250.jpgOne in ten women fake an orgasm almost every single time they have sex, a new study has found.

Researchers found that a whopping 48 per cent of British women have faked it in bed, with nine per cent admitting they do it most of the time, or even every time they have sex.

Seven per cent have even dumped their other half because they didn't satisfy them in bed, but just one in ten of those told them the real reason for the break-up.

Exeter was found to be the city where women are most likely to have faked an orgasm (57 percent) followed by Brighton (56 percent) and Belfast (57 percent).

Women in Oxford fake their orgasms least with only 35 percent owning up to having done it. In other odd news a surprisingly high number of women from Exeter are planing weekend breaks in Oxford.

275x250.jpgA pair of "captured sprits" which were put up for sale online after being exorcised from a New Zealand house, have been sold for £1,300.

The seller - who advertised them on the TradeMe auction website - said her house had been haunted for several years until an exorcism was recently performed.

She claims this trapped the spirits in two glass vials where they were kept thanks to stoppers dipped in holy water.

The auction attracted more than 214,000 page views and dozens of bids which reached £1,300.

It's not known what the winning bidder plans to do with the bottled spirits but suggestions have ranged from, releasing them or returning them to their families, to drinking them. 

A gang of armed raiders stole £250,000 from a German poker tournament -- as it was being broadcast on live TV.

The raid happened at the £4m European Poker Tour, which was being held at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Berlin, and broadcast live around the world.

As several games were taking place, the men - armed with machine guns, grenades and machetes - stormed into the hotel yelling "Don't move, we have bombs."

Footage shows players and hotel guests diving for cover as TV producers can be heard telling staff to cut away from the dramatic action.

Which is a shame… because this could have been the first time poker on TV was actually interesting.

275x250.jpgSci-fi movie District 9 has the dubious honour of being named the Oscar nominee which has been illegally-downloaded most.

The Neill Blomkamp flick was torrented more than 12.6 million times according to filesharing blog TorrentFreak which looked at all Oscar nominees.

Avatar came second with 11.3 million illegal downloads followed by The Hurt Locker, 7.9 million and UP which was shared 5.4 million times.

A spokesperson for TorrentFreak has pointed out that some of the moved have been available for download for longer than others which could skew the result.

However we don't think that will come as much consolation for James Cameron who sees that his movies will downloaded 11 million times and he didn't even win.

275x250.jpgA man has scooped a 'prestigious' shell blowing title, by playing a tune on a conch shell.

More than 40 people entered the 48th annual Key West Conch Shell Blowing Contest, where they were judged on novelty, duration and loudness.

But it was Clinton Curry who took the title with his rendition of Aram Khachaturian's "Sabre Dance" on a pink-lined conch shell.

The conch shell has been blown in the Florida Keys for over 200 years and was originally used as a signalling device by seafaring settlers.

Judges said they were shell-shocked by the calibre of the competitors this year… but they do say that every year.

275x250.jpgYorkshire puddings could soon be given the same status and EU protection as Champagne and Parma ham.

Makers, backed by the Regional Food Group for Yorkshire, are in talks about submitting a bid to the European Union.

If successful it would mean that only batter puddings made within Yorkshire could be be labelled as the real thing.

Yorkshire puddings - a Sunday roast favourite - were first given the name in the 18th Century when food writer Hannah Glasse adapted a traditional recipe.

As to what makes Yorkshire puddings unique… makers say they are just batter.

A pair of Cambridge University students are showing off more than their academic ability -- by fliming three-minute naked news video.

The cheeky couple have posted their video - where they cover local, university and celebrity news - to YouTube.

Produced for Cambridge University TV, the video features the pair - 'John' and 'Jane' - looking around the city's landmarks before reading the news from behind a desk.

Their modesty is retained by small CU:TV logos and makers say the show is designed to poke fun at students who 'take themselves too seriously'.

And the hosts (especially John) will be glad to hear it has not been a flop, more than 100,000 viewers have already watch the show.

275x250.jpgBristol is home to the unhealthiest people in the UK, it has been revealed.

A study showed one in five residents of the west country hub never do any exercise while four in ten eat two or more takeaways every week.

In addition, people in the South West city smoke an average of five cigarettes every day and a third drink more than ten alcoholic drinks in the typical week.

Finally a poll of 3,000 people also found that the couch potatoes there spend up to three hours of every day watching television.

This all begs the question, how did they drag the good folk of Bristol away for long enough to get the answers to the survey?

275x250.jpgThe big winners at the Academy Awards 2010 will not just be those who walk away with the famous gold Oscar statue.

That's because the losers will each get an Oscars goodie bag packed full of $85,000 (£65,000) worth of condolence presents.

The 'Everybody Wins at the Oscars' gift basket will be offered to  Oscar nominees who don't win the major Academy Awards categories.

Organisers Distinctive Assets say it is the best bag they have ever put together and should ease the pain of losing.

But what's in the Oscars goodie bag? Check out what Sandra Bullock, James Cameron and Matt Damon don't want want to be walking away with after the link.

275x250.jpgA 69-year-old British granny has become the darling of the Paris party scene thanks to her impressive DJ skills.

Ruth Flowers, says she first caught the DJ bug at a birthday disco for her grandson. From that moment she knew she wanted to spend her evenings behind the decks.

The trained singer from Bristol then set about learning how to DJ and even started performing sets where she mixes techno with the likes of Queen and the Rolling Stones.

And amazingly she has become a hit in France where - appearing under the name Mamy Rock - she has performed at nightclubs from Cannes to Paris.

Speaking of her new found career Ruth said: "I's rather sign a contract with a record company than to sign up for the nursing home."

A university lecturer was clearly not impressed when his class was interrupted by someone in a chicken suit.

The six-foot chicken had walked in during Dr. Owen Priest's chemistry lecture and proceeded to do the chicken dance.

It was a stunt to promote the annual 'Dance Marathon' - a charity event where couples dance for 30 hours - but that didn't appear to make it acceptable in Dr Priest's eyes.

As the chicken encouraged students to clap along the increasingly angry looking lecturer repeatedly told him to stop.

When that doesn't work, he empties his pockets before leaping over the desk and chasing the chicken out of the hall. He's quicker than you would expect for a chemistry professor.

275x250.jpgAn Australian firm has launched a range of underwear which is made from bananas.

After some monkeying around in their design department AussieBum decided to use the odd material in their latest range.

Their eco-friendly pants use 27 percent banana fibre, 64 percent cotton and 9 percent lycra - but they say they have not gone bananas.

Banana fibre is said to be one of the most eco-friendly fibres in the world and has many good characteristics for use in clothing.

Makers insist the undies do not feel or smell like bananas… but to be on the safe side we still wouldn't wear them to the zoo.

275x250.jpg A bizarre coiled serpent has mysteriously appeared in the the hands of Queen Elizabeth I in a 16th century painting held by the National Portrait Gallery.

As the paint used in the image of the Tudor queen has deteriorated, the bunch of roses she was holding have slowly become a coiled snake.

The unknown artist behind the 1580s work had originally painted Queen Elizabeth holding the snake but covered it up with the flowers.

It's not know why the snake was removed, but experts think it could have been due to the ambiguity of the emblem which could have represented anything from wisdom to sin. And the 16th century was not a time to upset a monarch.

275x250.jpgA farmyard hen which thinks it is a dog has adopted a litter of puppies and started nesting on top of them in their dog basket.

Owners Edward and Ros Tate say the batty bird took a shine to the pups at the Shrewsbury farm when their mother left them alone.

Mabel, who is kept as a family pet, hopped on top of the dogs in their basket and put her wings over them to keep them warm.

Since then she has treated them as though they are her own chicks and even become protective of them if anyone approaches.

The pups natural mother Nettle would be forgiven for being in a fowl mood when this happened but doesn't appear to mind being hen-pecked.

275x250.jpgA man who believes trees contain evil woodland spirits has been arrested after attacking 100 trees near the Eiffel tower.

Police say the 38-year-old was spotted by gardeners at 4.30am hammering nails into the branches and painting the trunks of the trees.

Once they convinced him to climb down from a large chestnut tree on the Champs de Mars, he explained his action to them.

He said the nail and paint attack was the only way to rid the trees of the "demon forces" contained within.

Officers took the man into custody… the chances are he will not have to worry about too many trees where he is going.

275x250.jpg A council has found a novel way to deal with the problem of a recession hit high street -- fake shops.

Bosses in North Tyneside were so fed up with empty units they started installing fake stores which give the impression the units are occupied.

The 'stores' are given a smart frontage and computer generated images of new businesses - such as a delicatessen - are put up inside, passers-by say they are so realistic some had not even noticed the stores were not genuine.

It is hoped the move could attract new businesses into the area… unless companies are put off by the competition of the faux shops.

275x250.jpgThe Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle has been named as the best children's bedtime story of all time.

The picture book, which sees a caterpillar feast on a variety of things before turning into a beautiful butterfly, topped a poll of 4,000 parents.

First published in 1969, the book is now available in 47 languages and still sells one copy every minute somewhere around the world.

C S Lewis' The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe came second in the poll of parents with 2-11-year-old childen. BFG by Roald Dahl came third.

The research also discovered 7-in-10 parents regularly read to their kids… many even carry on reading after their little one is asleep because they want to find out how it ends.

An air traffic controller has been suspended after audio tapes of him letting his young son 'control' jets at New York's JFK airport were revealed.

In the recordings, the young lad - who sounds no older than 10 - can be heard passing instructions to pilots preparing for take-off at the busy airport.

During the clips, which were recorded in February while many New York pupils were on a week-long break, the boy says things like "Jet Blue 171 clear for take off."

His father, a certified air traffic controller, can also be heard jokingly telling pilots "That's what you get, guys, when the kids are out of school."

Hmmm. We're not so convinced that line would have worked in a court case had the stunt caused an accident.

275x250.jpg An under performing bull with a low sex drive has been saved from the slaughterhouse after farmers fed it herbal Viagra.

Boris was days away from a trip to abattoir - because he had failed to sire a calf for a year - when farmers came up with the novel idea.

They started feeding the four-year-old French Limousin with a herbal equivalent of Viagra in the hope of once again making him horny.

And it worked. Owner Dave Joyce from Solihull says Boris is now rampant… oddly he didn't mention why he had the pills lying around.

275x250.jpgA poll of French people found that even they think Parisians are "rude" "snobbish" and "self-regarding".

Over 1,000 non Parisian French people were quizzed about their thoughts on people who live in the capital - and their views are the same as most foreign tourists.

More than 70 percent of people said Parisians were snobbish, with 65 percent labelling them aggressive and arrogant.

However they also said people in Paris had the 'right' to be unpleasant to each other, because they work long hours and put up with more stress.

Even more (and proving they were French) 68 percent of the people surveyed said this left them with a "good opinion" of their fellow countrymen.

275x250.jpgA pair of "ghosts" which were exorcised from a New Zealand house and captured in bottles have gone on sale.

The two captured sprits have been posted onto the TradeMe auction website where bids have already reached £275.

The seller says his house had been haunted for several years until an exorcist from a spiritual church visited and performed an exorcism.

Since then he says there has been no paranormal activity and that the blue "holly water" put them to sleep and trapped them in the glass vials.

It sounds to us like someone has been drinking a few too many little bottles of spirits.

275x250.jpgBoob jobs, a flock of sheep and a new pair of KNEES are among Lottery winners' most unusual purchases, a new book has revealed.

Newly-made millionaires have also splashed out on a whiskey factory, a Robin Reliant and even a 'Lady' title to secure the best table in restaurants.

A sizeable chunk of land with 300 trees, a hair salon, a racehorse and a bid to get into the pop charts are also among winners' odd purchases revealed in the book 'We Won the Lottery'.

Cosmetic surgery is popular choice for winners with nearly one in four having splashed out for either themselves, a friend or a relative.

It's not known if the size of breast implants increases depending on the size of the jackpot… or what op someone has if they get the bonus ball.

275x250.jpg Dozens of surfers flocked to ride the biggest Severn Bore tidal wave for several years, travelling over eight miles inland.

Peaking at just over two metres the natural tidal phenomenon - which travels up the Severn Estuary in Gloucestershire - attracted many surfers, canoeists and spectators.

The bore travels up the river around 12 times a year during the spring and autumn equinoxes, when a wave is formed every morning for two or three days

The record for riding it stands at 7 miles - which is longer than any wave int he sea. However, we would still rather be in Hawaii than a muddy river in Gloucestershire.

275x250.jpg25 percent of Brits would be willing to take a pay cut if it meant they could move to the countryside, it has been found.

A recent survey discovered that 46 percent of us are tired with the rat race of living in a city and would like to escape to the country.

One-in-four said they would be happy to take a pay cut to achieve this and 15 percent fancy becoming a farmer… though 36 percent want to drive a tractor.

Other odd stats revealed include the fact that only ten percent of people have ever visited a farm, while a third say would like to learn more about where their food comes from.

Personally know exactly where our food comes from… the supermarket.

275x250.jpgScientists have discovered the fossil of a prehistoric snake which they say used to eat baby dinosaurs.

Experts say the 3.5-metre-long snake named Sanajeh - which slithered around over 67 million years ago -  snacked on newly hatched dinosaurs.

The insight comes from the anaylsis of an almost complete snake fossil skeleton was uncovered coiled inside a dinosaur nest in India, it had been preserved by mud.

Even the world's best palaeontologists say it's not know what the baby dinosaurs would have tasted like to the snake... but our guess is chicken.

A US motorcycle daredevil has set a new world record for the longest jump on a Harley-Davidson… twice in one morning.

Seth Enslow started the day by taking his Harley-Davidson XR1200 on a death-defying 175ft (53.34m) leap - beating the current world record set by Bubba Blackwell in 1999.

But minutes later - and because some journalist had missed his leap - he gave it another go, adding a further 8.7 feet (2.6m) to his distance, taking the record to 183.7ft (56m).

While the overall record for a motorbike jump stands at 346ft (107m) by Robbie Maddison, that was on a much lighter bike than a hefty Harley-Davidson.

Speaking after the event Seth said: "This is awesome, I’m stoked" … Yes, the jump certainly was better than his speech.

275x250.jpg Breakdown organisations are known for their automotive know-how, but Britain's biggest has announced they will now fix problems in your house too.

The AA have launched a domestic duties service where staff will hang pictures, fix broken pipes or even help erect garden fences.

Just like the roadside service customers of the AA Home Assist will call out staff who will arrive in distinctive yellow vans.

Unlike the roadside service, customers will not have to pee behind a motorway embankment while waiting -- unless it's their loo which need fixing.

275x250.jpgMarried couples are at their happiest two years, 11 months and eight days after walking down the aisle, it has been claimed.

Researchers asked 4,000 husbands and wives to pinpoint their happiness in eleven different aspects of married life and calculated the typical stage when everything falls into place.
Just under three years emerged as the point when couples feel completely comfortable with each other's bad habits and have a plan for their future.
At this stage they will also enjoy a full and active sex life, will have carried out enough DIY for their house to feel homely and will still find time for romantic meals together.

The study also found that couples claim to have their best sex after two years and four months… we assume they mean with each other. 

275x250.jpgThe Ministry of Defence has started destroying all new UFO reports they receive - so they don't have to make them public.

The MoD recently announced that it has closed Britain's official UFO investigation unit including a public hotline.

Until recently all reported UFO sightings were investigated and made public - but now defence officials have introduced a policy of destroying reports within 30 days.

This means they don't have to publish the information in response to freedom of information (FoI) requests.

While the MoD insist the move was brought in because there is "no defence benefit" in logging UFO reports, it has unsurprisingly prompted various conspiracy theories. 

275x250.jpg A Cold War nuclear bunker in the Peak District has gone on sale on eBay for £19,500.

The bunker was built in 1959 and used by the Royal Observer Corps in case of a nuclear fall out. It remained operational until 1991.

But it's now being sold on eBay as a "rare opportunity to acquire a piece of Cold War History. It features two rooms at a depth of 15ft, one for the chemical toilet and a large monitoring room 15ft x 7ft 6ins.

The seller says the bunker is set in a stunning location with glorious views… that's obviously only until you step inside.

275x250.jpgGrange Hill has been named as the kids' television show Brits would most like to see back on our screens.

The long-running series, which was created by Phil Redmond, was last on our screens in 2008, after 20 years of entertaining children.

It often hit the headlines with controversial story lines about heroin addiction, attempted suicide and homosexuality.

But now, 5,000 adults have named it the TV show they would like to see return to our living rooms.

Second place in the poll went to Thunderbirds… with the sound of 1,000 34-year-olds shouting "Sword of omens give me sight beyond sight".

275x250.jpgAn airline passenger who had a winning €10,000 scratch card proceeded to eat it after being told he could not have the cash immediately.

The man had been flying from Krakow to East Midlands Airport when he scratched off the foil to reveal that his Ryanair card was worth €10,000.

This was confirmed by staff who congratulated him and told him how to collect the jackpot -- but he wasn't having any of it.

He wanted the cash immediately and in an odd act of frustration he stuffed the card in his mouth and began to chew it. By destroying the card he instantly lost any chance of claiming the prize money.

Ryanair say the cash will now be donated to charity… possibly an anger management or eating disorder one.

275x250.jpgA rare giant diamond which was discovered in a South African mine last year has sold for a record £23.1m.

At 507-carat, the uncut gem is one of the largest diamonds ever discovered and is said to be of an incredible quality.

It was found in the famous Cullinan mine along with a 168 carat one and two smaller 58 carat and 53 carat ones by Petra Diamonds.

But last week the huge diamond went under the hammer (not literally) selling to a Hong Kong-based jewellery company for $35.3m (£23.1m).

It's not known what the buyer - Chow Tai Fook Jewellery Company - plans to do with the diamond… but we guess they won't be using it as a paperweight.

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