DJ Tim Shaw to spend 30 days in a steel box

275x250.jpg TV host and DJ Tim Shaw will spend up to 30 days locked in a tiny steel container - as part of a nationwide treasure hunt.

The box will be hidden somewhere in the UK with members of the public - who can watch Shaw 24/7 online - trying to work out where he might be for a £30,000 prize.

But even Shaw has not been told where the box will be, other than knowing it's a spot which has played a "significant" part in his life.

As such he will talk about his life in the hope it give someone a clue about where he is. And as he will have no human contact he will just be hoping 'someone' is watching.
The container is three feet high, 4.5 feet wide and eight feet long, so small that Shaw will be forced to lie down for the duration of the treasure hunt.

He will have 12 hours of light each day from six bulbs in the box and his daily highlight will be the delivery of basic food and water through a tiny double-skinned hatch.

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