Artworks are hidden in Cardiff street bollards

275x250.jpgAn artist has created a secret art exhibition hidden in the metal road bollards dotted around Cardiff city centre.

Jane Edden has constructed a series of miniature worlds within the bollards, each viewable through a discreet peep hole at the top.

The artworks consists of intricate laser-cut figurines in various situations but will go unnoticed by most visitors to the Hayes and St David's shopping centre where they are located.

So remember, if you see someone with their head pressed against a road bollard in Cardiff on a Saturday night they are obviously an art aficionado and definitely not drunk.
275x250.jpg The Post Secrets works were commissioned by the Safle consultancy and St David's partnership as part of a £1.5m public art project to create artworks that would fit in with the surroundings.

Jane Edden: "Within the bollards are miniature constructions, created in a stylised monochrome form.

"Some of these environments seem to transcend the space that can be perceived to be within the bollards, this interplay with the interior and exterior space is designed to create the feeling of looking into another place or world."

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