Weather man attacked by Pelican on live TV

An Australian weatherman was attacked by a pelican as he broadcast live from Sydney's Taronga Zoo.

Steve Jacobs was doing the morning weather bulletin on Nine Network at about 7am when the attack took place.

Jacobs had been watching Marnie, a large male pelican, being fed by a zookeeper shortly before the cameras cut to him.

But when they did the the marine bird also suddenly became more interested in him than the fish he was eating, and lunged towards the presenter.

He then proceeded to peck repeatedly at Steve's backside as the weather man cowered in a corner protecting his warm front screaming "Let me go".
The bird was eventually dragged away by a laughing keeper as the studio host of the show Karl Stefanovic quipped: "It's not the first time you've been pinched in the butt by a bird."

Nine News  
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