Flamboyant dinosaurs with mohawks revealed

275x250.jpgScientists studying the fossil of a 150 million year old dinosaur say it had multi-coloured feathers and a mohawk.

The team from Yale University say the Anchiornis huxleyi - dubbed dino-chicken - had a grey body with bold black and white feathers, a reddish-brown head crest and freckles.

This is said to add significant weight to the idea that dinosaurs first evolved feathers not for flight but for other purposes such as attracting a mate.

The discovery was made by analysing fossilised pigments and is said to be the first time researchers have uncovered the colours of a complete dinosaur

However you will remember that just last week another team came close -- proving that paleontological discoveries are like buses…
"This was no crow or sparrow, but a creature with a very notable plumage,": said Professor Richard O. Prum.

"This would be a very striking animal if it was alive today."

The color patterns of the limbs, which strongly resemble those sported by modern day Spangled Hamburg chickens, probably functioned in communication and may have helped the dinosaur to attract mates, he added.

Yale University   
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