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275x250.jpg Shoppers at a Dubai mall were left fleeing from sharks yesterday, when a massive aquarium sprang a leak.

Water started pouring into the Dubai Mall shopping centre when one of the walls of the giant 2.6 million gallon "indoor ocean" tank cracked.

Amateur video footage shows the shopping centre being evacuated as staff rushed to secure the tank which is home to 33,000 fish and hundreds of sharks.

Bosses insist the fish were not in any danger… except from the near-by sushi chef who was hoping the 75cm-thick viewing panel was going to break.

Derby road to be named Lara Croft Way

275x250.jpgA road in Derby is set to be named after the Tomb Raider videogame star Lara Croft.

Bosses at Derby City Council decided to let the public name their new £36.2m inner ring road and asked for suggestions.

These were then whittled down to a shortlist of eight which included Lara Croft Way - inspired by the Derby-designed games character.

Upon hearing this, games fans from around the world predictably hijacked the vote, all wanting to see Lara Croft get her own street.

Almost 30,000 votes were placed, 89% opting for Lara Croft Way… and all because they want to make jokes about going up her alley.

Memory loss man found on Brighton beach

275x250.jpg Police are trying to establish the identity of a man who was found lying on Brighton beach two weeks ago suffering from memory loss.

The man cannot remember his name, where he comes from or how he got there -- he was found wearing smart trousers, a pin-stripe jacket and a black shirt.

Officers have now release an image of the sharply-dressed mystery man in the hope it will be seen by someone who knows him.

He is described as being in his late twenties to early thirties, 6' tall, of slim build with dark straight hair… he also clearly enjoys having his photo taken.

A physics professor made his feelings about students using laptops in class perfectly clear - by dropping one in -200c liquid nitrogen.

Prof Kieran Mullen of Oklahoma University then threw the laptop - picked up from a student's desk - onto the floor, smashing it into hundreds of pieces.

He did it because he says he's fed up with students focusing on their screens rather than what he is teaching, and wanted to make that point.

However, no student laptops were harmed during his class, Mullen used a defunct computer which he had positioned before the class started.

But his stunt may have backfired… pupils are now watching this video rather than paying attention.

275x250.jpgA tiny hotel which measures just 29ft by 7ft is set to open in London next month, moving between famous landmarks each morning.

The hotel - an Airstream caravan converted by Radisson Hotels - is being launched by Visit London to attract more tourists to the city.

Despite the diminutive 203 sq ft size, the small hotel features a dedicated concierge, check in desk, room service, a flat screen TV, dining room area, double bed and en-suite facilities.

For one week in March it will be at ZSL London Zoo, Alexandra Palace, The London Eye, Covent Garden and the Old Royal Naval College, Greenwich.

Each morning guests will be treated to a complimentary newspaper and served breakfast… probably from the McDonald's you are parked outside.

275x250.jpg A farmer was so inspired by the bizarre outfit Lady Gaga wore to the Brit Awards, he decided to honour it in his own special way.

Nigel Britten, from Surrey, says as soon as he saw Lady Gaga's scary outfit and bizarre make-up, he thought how good it would look on one if his scarecrows.

Helped by his wife, he set about creating the 7ft tall Worzel Gaga - which comes complete with a crazy towering wig and flowing white gown.

Over recent years he says bird have become more audacious and less scared by the tradition scarecrow, but this one seems to be doing the trick. We think the only thing more scary would be if he actually got Lady Gaga to stand they herself… or maybe played her music into the field.

275x250.jpgAfter years of waiting, the moment is finally here, a New Zealand company has announced it is starting production of personal jet packs.

Bosses at Martin Aircraft Company say they have secured an £8million deal and will now produce at least 500 of their jet packs each year.

The dual-propeller device can travel at 60mph for up to 30miles and they have been reached heights of 7,800ft in tests.

Best of all the 250lb weight means that users will not have to gain pilot's licence before zipping above traffic jams on the way to work.

However it may be a while before you are flying to the office each morning, the Marin Jet Pack will initially sell for £50,000 each. Bother, I shouldn't have just ripped up my bus pass.

275x250.jpgA UK theme park is searching for Britain's smelliest urine - which they will recreate as part of a new "attraction".

Bosses at Thorpe Park are asking visitors to urinate into plastic pots at special 'deposit booths' dotted around their theme-park.

Staff will then have the unenviable task of sniffing them all to find the most disgusting - the producer of which will get a £500 prize.

The pungent pee will then be used as the basis for a smell at the new SAW Alive attraction which aims to recreate the fear and horror of watching the movies.

Other unpleasant odours being recreated include burning hair and rotting meat… and if your urine can compete with those, please seek medical attention.

£50k salary is womens top want in a man

275x250.jpgThousands of British women want to date a man earning £50,000, it has been revealed.

A study of 83,000 ladies looking for love shows that despite the recession, women still have high expectations for a potential partner.

Asked what they would like in a man, a £50k salary came top, followed by an established career and being a driver with an Audi TT.

The women also said their ideal man would be educated to degree standard and enjoy cultural pursuits such as going to the theatre and cinema.

Maybe this list of criteria could explain why these women are still looking for love… while sat at home… while eating ice-cream… while moaning about men.

275x250.jpg A bizarre new travel agency has been launched in Prague -- which only caters for teddy bear travellers.

Toy Traveling offers the chance for soft-toys from around the world to visit Prague, even if their owners want to stay at home.

Owners post their cuddly toy to staff, who then (for a fee of £80 to £130) take it on a sightseeing tour of the city - taking photos to prove it.

In the more expensive packages the teddy bears are even treated to a massage and aromatherapy session… no, honestly, they really do.

Naomi Campbell etched into leather hide

275x250.jpgA Welsh artist has created an exhibition of famous portraits -- by etching them into leather canvases.

Mark Evans carves the stunning images into leather hides which he says lend themselves perfectly to the portrayal of potent personalities.

His latest 'Skin Deep' works include a huge image of super-diva Naomi Campbell which was sold at a charity auction in London.

Mark says the portrait pays homage to Campbell’s legendary beauty, whilst at the same time depicting the primal, often masculine way in which beauty is viewed and desired.

Other portraits in the series include Muhammad Ali, Sir Winston Churchill, Vladimir Putin and The Hulk. I thought we had already mentioned Naomi Campbell.

Movie bosses are offering a £7,000 prize to a hardy film fan if they can watch their latest horror flick without being scared.

Makers of Phoonk 2 say they are so confident of their fear-inducing film - about an evil spirit that traumatises a family - they decided to offer the reward.

To be eligible for the money viewers must be willing to watch the movie from start to closing credits in a cinema on their own.

They will be wired up to a heart monitor machine - checking for a dramatic speeding up of pulse - and cameras will be used to ensure they are not closing their eyes.

If there are no signs of being scared they will win 500,000 rupees. Personally ee think they should have done this with Sex and the City… there's no man alive who isn't terrified by that movie.

Facebook bid to save DIY station makeover

275x250.jpg A Facebook campaign has been launched to save a DIY-style makeover to Carlisle train station.

The station received the makeover as part of a new TV advert for DIY store Homebase - which has turned the waiting room into a lounge and created a garden on one platform.

But now commuters are so impressed with the new look - which features plush seating, garden furniture and hundreds of lamps - they want to keep it.

Over 7,000 people have already signed up to a Facebook campaign 'Keep Carlisle train station like this!" But people still adding their names are a bit late... it's already been changed back.

Coca-Cola is Britain's most littered brand

275x250.jpgMore Coca-Cola bottles and cans are dropped as litter in the UK than any other brand, is has been revealed.

A recent study analysed the rubbish dropped around Britain to see what was the most common litter and whether certain brands were dropped more.

Volunteers collected 7,796 items of litter from streets in England, Scotland and Wales before calculating the UKs most littering brands.

After riffling through the rubbish it was found that 34 percent of all litter was from drinks cans and bottles with Coca-Cola the most common

But before you feel sorry for the volunteers, one of them did find a £5 note.

275x250.jpgBooks about Nazi spoons, murderous cyborgs and the musings of an invertebrate hunter are all in the running for the annual oddest book title award.

Organisers of the 2010 Diagram Prize for the oddest book title have revealed the six finalists including "Afterthoughts of a Worm Hunter" and "Collectible Spoons of the Third Reich."

Others on the shortlist are: "Governing Lethal Behaviour in Autonomous Robots"; "The Changing World of Inflammatory Bowel Disease"; and "What Kind of Bean is This Chihuahua?".

The Diagram Prize - organised by The Bookseller magazine - has been running since 1978 and each year celebrates fascinatingly niche and down-right weird book titles.

Last year the classic "The 2009-2014 World Outlook for 60-Milligram Containers of Fromage Frais" took the title -- though we have to admit we haven't quite finished it yet.

A stunning military cemetery filled with £22.6 billion worth of decommissioned military aircraft has been revealed on Google Earth.

Dubbed The Boneyard, the US airbase in Arizona is said to be home to over 4,200 retired aircraft including ones which flew in World War II.

They are laid out in intricate patterns covering the 2,600 acre site, which can now, for the first time, be seen in high resolution images from Google.

However, you may already have seen The Boneyard... it has featured in several Hollywood movies including Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.

Glow in the dark loo roll developed

275x250.jpgA company has launched a glow in the dark toilet roll - for those who don't like to turn the lights on when they go to the loo at night.

During the day, the loo roll looks like any other, but at night it gives off a florescent glow, which makers say can guide you to the toilet.

It works because the paper has been treated with phosphors, which have a sustained glow after exposure to the energised particles in daylight.

But the high-tech loo rolls don't come cheap, they cost £4.99 each, about ten times the price of a normal roll of toilet paper.

Personally we can't help butt think it is a bum idea, but maybe there is a crack in the market and the inventor will soon be flush with success. What do you think?

275x250.jpgA copy of the first comic to feature Superman has been sold in an online auction for $1m.

The Action Comics No 1 is said to be the "Holy Grail of comic books" and this particular copy has been kept in great condition.

Originally sold for 10c in 1938 it features the first story of the cape-wearing superhero - who is seen lifting a car above his head on the cover.

Only about 100 copies of this comic book remain in existence and few have been kept in such good quality and only two have received a grading of 8.0 (Very Fine) or higher.

Both the seller and the buyer have chosen to remain anonymous… we wonder where they got that idea from, they probably also have a penchant for wearing their underwear over their trousers.

275x250.jpg A Great Dane which measures 7ft 3in (2.2m) from nose to tail has been named the world's tallest dog.

Giant George from Tucson, Arizona, scooped the Guinness World Records title after adjudicators measured him at 43 inches (109cm) from paw to shoulder.

The new 'top dog' - who took the crown by just 0.75 inches - is owned by David Nasser who provides him with a massive 110lbs of food each week.

The huge hound weighs 245 pounds and even sleeps in his own queen-size bed -- but if your dog was that size, you would probably let it sleep where it wanted too.

275x250.jpgSeventy-four-year-olds are the happiest and most contented people in the population, it has been found.

Scientists from Germany and America analysed the results of a long-term British survey in which the happiness of 21,000 people was calculated.

People of all ages were also asked to rate how happy and contented they felt on a scale of one to seven, with seven being complete contentment.

It was found that teenagers rated their happiness at 5.5, but that this level gradually declined to five at the age of 40, before rising again.

However it was at the age of 74 where the happiness level peaked at 5.9 -- after that the worry of how long you have got left must impact how happy you feel.

Cow gets its head stuck in washing machine

275x250.jpg The RSPCA have noticed a growing problem of animals getting stuck in fly-tipped rubbish which is dumped in public… and they have released the photos to prove it.

For example, this cow somehow managed to get its head stuck in the drum of a washing machine which had been dumped in a field in Cornwall.

RSPCA say the heifer was probably curious and looking for food when it got stuck - luckily officers were able to free the cow without injury.

There was no comment on whether the cow came away with a cleaner face... but whoever dumped the washer was clearly a stupid moo.

275x250.jpgBritain's coldest bus stop has been found… and promptly given a massive woolly hat to help keep commuters warm.

Shivering travellers waiting for a bus from Grampian Road, Aviemore in the Cairngorms, Scotland, have sometimes had to put up with temperatures of minus 19.4 degrees this winter.

That makes it the UK's coldest bus stop, ahead of ones in Manchester (-17), the Brecon Beacons in Wales (-14.7) and Co. Tyrone in Northern Ireland (-11.1).

As a result the Grampian Road bus stop has now been fitted with a giant red knited hat, in the hope it will help keep people waiting there warm.

The hat was made with a lengthy 11.5km of wool and weights 15 kilos… obviously someones granny has got too much time on her hands.

275x250.jpgCrumbs! The humble Custard Cream has been voted Britain's favourite biscuit thanks to being "fun" to eat and a good dunker.

The two wedges of biscuit stuck together with a vanilla creamy centre beat delicious dunkers like Hobnobs, Rich Teas and Digestives to claim the top spot.

Second in the poll was McVitie's Chocolate Digestive, which was invented in 1839 by two Scottish doctors to aid digestion but became an instant best-seller when chocolate was added in 1925.

The Chocolate HobNob was voted into third place and crumbly shortbread - made from one part white sugar, two parts butter, and three parts oatmeal flour, was fourth.

The survey of over 6,000 Brits also found that 55 percent of people like to dunk biscuits in their tea… and that it is easier to get Brits talking about their favourite biscuit than anything else.

An Apple-mad couple have been married in a bizarre ceremony at a New York Apple store surrounded by iPhones and Macbooks.

It's understood the couple, Joshua and Ya Ting Li , said "iDo" to each other at the event on Valentine’s Day in Apple's store on Fifth Avenue in New York.

The geeky ceremony was attended by around 30 friends and family -- as well as several bemused Apple shoppers.

Staff also watched on in shock as the couple exchanged rings (attached to 1st generation iPods) and the wedding was conducted by a priest dressed as Steve Jobs.

NewsLite would like to wish the sad happy couple all the best, and lets just hope neither of them ever finds out the other is cheating on them… and using Windows 7.

275x250.jpgPicking the wrong username on a dating website can be more detrimental to finding a partner than using a dodgy photo, it has been claimed.
A survey of online daters found that a bad username is the greatest turn-off when it come to picking a potential partner.

It was found that people with adjectives in their username were significantly less likely to be chosen for a date, as were people who used overly descriptive language.

Examples of the bad dating usernames quoted in the study included; Sad&Lonely1, Big’n’bubbly, Sweet&Shy, XXXratedguy and Cuddle Monster.

In other odd news (which might be particularly useful to Ashley Cole), using words like 'millionaire' or 'PremFootballer' in your username didn't tend to hinder people from getting selected.

275x250.jpgA rocket-mad inventor has created a set of rockets which look like a box of colourful Crayola crayons.

For years John Coker enjoyed making rockets which looked, well like rockets. But then a friend commented to him how similar their shape was to crayons.

John then decided to produce a selection of colourful rockets which would be shot skywards from a 'box' shaped to look like a Crayola crayon packet.

He adapted the design of his 3.5ft mid-sized rockets using specially shaped wooden noses and bright paints… something he says was child's play.

275x250.jpgA bridge which was renamed by a politically correct council has regained its original Victorian name of Tickle Cock Bridge.

When the bridge was part of a recent regeneration scheme, council bosses tried to change the potentially smutty name from Tickle Cock to Tittle Cott.

They even erected a plaque baring the new name - but locals were not going to take it lying down and mounted a campaign to restore the glory of Tickle Cock.

Residents said the risque name was part of their local history and dated back to the late 19th century... and many of them had good memories.

Wakefield district council have now agreed to revert to using the original name and provided a replacement plaque. Which will no doubt get stolen and placed in a teenage boy's bedroom.

275x250.jpgAs EastEnders prepares for a special live episode, bookies are not only taking bets on who killed Archie… but also who will fluff their lines.

Thousands of people have placed bets on who they think will be revealed as the killer, with Sean Slater (4-7) and Ryan Malloy (11-2) favourites.

But others are gambling on which actors are most likely to make a mistake on the 25th anniversary live episode, by fluffing their lines first.

According to bookmakers Robert Kazinsky (Sean Slater) also tops the list of which actor is most likely to make a gaffe at 3-1, followed by Simone James (Becca Swanson) at 5-1.

It's predicted that a record number of viewers could tune in to the show tonight… meaning a record number of husbands will be moping around the house.

275x250.jpgA German olympian, who did the obligatory photo pose of biting his silver medal, accidentally snapped one of his front teeth.

David Moeller was celebrating his second place in the men' luge when sports photographers asked him to pose biting it.

But the 28-year-old accidentally bit down too hard and snapped off the corner of one of his front teeth.

This left him making an embarrassing trip to the dentist to get it fixed before having any more smiling celebration photographs taken.

Meanwhile, Felix Loch - who had taken first place - showed why he was number one… he managed to pose for the picture without being injured. The true mark of a champion.

A pair of skiers who were inspired by the 2010 Winter Olympics are in trouble with police -- after slaloming down a busy high street.

Daredevil skiers Martin and Richard Plested decided the recent snow would give them the ideal chance to brush up on their slalom skills, using the improvised ski-run of a high street in Kent.

The pair launched themselves from the top of Old High Street in Folkestone and sped past stunned shoppers. This being 2010, the moment was captured on video and then uploaded to YouTube.

But cops in South Kent are not impressed and have labelled the stunt "moronic" they are now threatening to throw the book at student Richard, 17 and part time instructor Martin, 23.

Is it just us or does this sound to you like they are bitter because they are not allowed to go sledging on their riot shields any more?

275x250.jpgA website has been set up which could help robbers identify empty houses by using people's Twitter updates to see when they are out.

PleaseRobMe.com uses Tweets which include information about someones location to tell crooks when users have left their homes.

The messages used are part of FourSquare.com which broadcasts your location, whether leaving home or arriving at work or a restaurant.

But PleaseRobMe takes this information about people leaving their home and means robbers are only one click away from seeing a map detailing the location of a recently vacated house.

On the bright side, at least your fancy iPhone won't get stolen though -- you needed to take that out to send the message.

275x250.jpgThousands of UFO sightings reported to the MoD have been released by the National Archives - some odder than others.

More than 6,000 pages of reports have been released. including witness reports, drawings, letters and Parliamentary questions.

It's part of the three-year project with the Ministry of Defence and this time details event between 1994 and 2000.

Examples include sighting of unidentified flying objects over Chelsea Football Club and former home secretary Michael Howard's Kent home.

But is not all 'traditional' flying saucers, one man from Ananndale in Scotland said he had seen a Toblerone-shaped UFO. Mmmm… a hovering Toblerone.

275x250.jpgMotorists who pass their driving test second time round are the safest on the roads, a study has revealed.

Researchers have found those who pass on their second attempt have fewer points on their licence, are less likely to suffer road rage or be stopped by police.
They are also less prone to being cautioned for using their mobile phone behind the wheel, have had the fewest accidents in the last five years, and are unlikely to scare passengers with their driving.
However, the research found that those who took more than two attempts to pass have more bad driving habits.
Drivers who need a dismal four, five or six efforts before making the grade have the worst record behind the wheel -- who would have guessed.

275x250.jpgThe iconic Abbey Road studios, where the Beatles recorded, could be saved by the National Trust.

The organisation has announced it will look at the possibility of buying the studios from cash-strapped EMI which is looking to offload the London landmark.

It's thought the famous studios - which gave the name to a Beatles 1969 album - could sell for between £10-30 million and even be turned into flats.

But now the National Trust say they could look at making an offer on the historic building, because of the level of public support they have seen.

The campaign to save the studios has received the backing of former Beatle Paul McCartney... who could probably have paid for it with the interest his has earned in the time it took you to read this.

275x250.jpgIf you're reading this as you wait for a plumber to arrive, you are not alone. Brits spend more than two weeks of their life - waiting for tradesmen, it has been found.

Over the course of a year, the average Brit has to wait in for three different tradesmen for a total of six hours and three minutes.

That's a total of 366 hours - equivalent to 15 days - waiting for workmen to arrive over the average adult lifetime.

The survey of 3,000 people also found  82 percent said a contractor turned up late, while more than a third said they arrived on a completely different day to what was agreed.

Plumbers were named as the worst tradesmen for keeping people waiting followed by heating engineers and then electricians -- and they all wanted a cup of tea before they started work.

275x250.jpgA gadget filled device which looks like a cross between a ironing board and an iPhone has been revealed as the kitchen of the future.

Designers claim the science-fiction device - which can be shaped by your hand and display recipes - could be in out kitchens by 2050. The high-tech cooker could even suggest recipes based on whatever ingredients you put onto its surface.

Electrolux say they came up with the idea after hearing that by 2050 74 percent of the world population will live in cities and wanting to rethink how space is used.

Seriously though, if 2050 comes around and this thing is real but I still haven't got a jet-pack to get to work, there is going to be trouble.

275x250.jpgMany British holiday makers are shunning Spain because it's "not foreign enough" and there are too many English tourists.

A survey of travellers found 59% of Brits didn’t find Spain appealing as a holiday destination -- because of the high density of English tourists.

English and Irish themed bars were also seen as a major turn off when it came to booking a summer holiday.

As a result Spain and its Canary Islands both featured is a list of the five destinations that had seen the least growth in bookings.

Locations booming in popularity include Egypt, Greece and Turkey… until too may of us are going there anyway.

Canadian students have set a new record the world's largest dodgeball game.

More than 1,200 students and staff from the University of Alberta gathered for the game last week.

The players were randomly separated into two teams - yellow and green shirts - before hurling the squishy red balls at each other.

This shattered the previous record of a 450-person game and video of the event have been submitted to Guinness for verification.

It's is not known why an adjudicator didn't attend the event in person -- though it is thought they have an illogical fear of red balls.

275x250.jpgOne in four parents won't discipline their children - for fear of upsetting them, it has been claimed.

Researchers found the nation's mums and dads shy away from telling off their kids because they don't want to be seen as unfair or too strict.

A third of parents admitted avoiding keeping their child in check in public because they didn't want others to think they were being too harsh.

And more than half (55 percent) of those polled said they dished out less discipline than their own parents did.

Three in ten parents even admitted they were a pushover -- something their parents would give them a right telling off about.

Theme park offers chocolate coated insects

275x250.jpgA UK theme park is to start offering bizarre snacks like cheese and bacon flavoured crickets or chocolate coated larvae to visitors.

Kids will soon be able to pick up the stomach-churning treats between rides at Chessington World of Adventures in Surrey.

Bosses say they are currently trialling the odd pick-and-mix in the new Asian-themed area of the park and are confident a treat.

Lets just hope visitors don't see the chocolate coated insects twice, once when they are eating them, and again after riding a roller coaster.

275x250.jpgA rare 18 litre bottle of 2006 Chateau Cheval Blanc is set to sell at auction for an estimated fee of around £5,000.

The massive melchior bottle measures 75cm tall and has a circumference of 70cm, it weighs a hefty 25kg and could pour 144 glasses of wine.

Experts say it is "phenomenally rare" for a quality wine to be bottled at this size - particularly for a Bordeaux.

Chateau Cheval Blanc has been one of the world's most highly respected wines for the past 100 years and in 1995 receives the highest rank of Premier Grand Cru Classé (A) status.

The bottle is due to go under the hammer at Sotheby's tomorrow -- which doesn't give you long to reinforce the wine rack. 

275x250.jpgGlobe-trotters think the US is the country with the world's most attractive people, it has been revealed.

A survey quizzed over 5,000 travellers about the attractiveness of people around the world with America - home to the likes of George Clooney and Jessica Simpson - coming top.

It was followed by Brazil and Spain, which boasts Hollywood actress Penelope Cruz as one of its natives. Australia and Italy came in fourth and fifth.

Sexy Swedes, such as model Victoria Silvstedt, helped it into sixth spot, but England only made it into seventh place in the attractive population poll.
Even so that is considerably better than France in 9th, Wales in 13th, Scotland in 19th and Germany in 20th… and they only figured 'that' high thanks to Heidi Klum.

275x250.jpgIt may not have features to compete with the iPhone, but Vodafone have launched the world's lowest-cost mobile phone.

Their new £9.60 handset is aimed at the developing world and will be launched in India, Turkey and eight African countries.

The Vodafone 150 - unveiled at Barcelona’s Mobile World Congress - is a basic handset with an monochrome screen, voice, text and mobile payment capability.

But despite the humble spec sheet Vodafone say the 150 could have a major impact in the developing world.

For many there mobile phones are their only access to banking and healthcare… makes you feel bad for playing with that iFart app doesn't it.

An ice hockey fan was left red-faced when his girlfriend saw his big screen proposal - and promptly shook her head and walked out.

The man arranged for his marriage proposal to be shown on big screens at Madison Square Gardens stadium during a New York Rangers match.

But when he pointed to the screen - which read: 'Melissa, will you be my Blueshirt Bride?' - he didn't get the reaction he would have liked.

After a couple of seconds looking shocked the woman shakes her head and then stands up and walks towards the exit.

As she left the match with the Tampa Bay Lightning, thousands of Rangers fans booed her… now she knows what it would be like to be a player.

275x250.jpgMost men think brunettes are the most trustworthy, reliable and make the best wives - but they would rather go to bed with a blonde.

A survey of over 1,500 men found many think dark-haired beauties are sexier, better kissers and more affectionate than blondes.

61 percent would prefer to marry a brunette over women with any other hair colour and 60 percent also think brunettes are the most trustworthy and loyal, compared to just 14 per cent of blondes.

Brunettes were also named the most popular choice to have a deep and meaningful conversation with (63%), followed by those with black hair (18%).

But in the bedroom the fair-haired women came out on top (so to speak) with blokes labelling them more adventurous and sensual between the sheets.

275x250.jpgA giant Japanese spider crab with limbs more than 5ft (1.5m) long has gone on show in Britian.

Nicknamed Crabzilla he is thought to be the biggest crab ever to be seen in Britain and you certainly wouldn't want to get pinched by his massive claws.

But experts at the Sea Life Centre in Birmingham say he is still growing and his legs could grow to 15ft (4.5m)

Crabzilla was caught by fishermen in the Pacific Ocean before being taken to the Birmingham aquarium where he will be on show in their ray tank till the end of March.

He will then travel to Belgium where he will be served with mussels and chips make Sea Life centre in Blankenberge his permanent home.

275x250.jpgBarbie must have the world's longest CV - because her 125th and 126th careers have been revealed.

This year will see Barbie become a TV news host and computer engineer, not bad for someone who was a fashion model in 1959.

Makers Mattel held a public poll to pick the 2010 jobs, with over 500,000 people from around the world casting a vote.

As ever the accessories are key to the jobs. Computer Engineer Barbie comes with glasses, a pink laptop and bluetooth headset, while News Anchor Barbie has a microphone and video camera.

Previous Barbie careers have included racing car driver and firefighter -- but given how quickly she quits each job, you have to doubt her commitment.

Huge waves are normally a good thing at a surf contest -- but not when they crash over a sea wall and injure spectators.

Dozens of surf fans were left injured, some needing hospital treatment, when two giant waves hit a recent Californian wave-riding contest.

Hundreds of spectators had gathered at Half Moon Bay to watch top surfer battle it out for a $150,000 (£95,000) prize.
But at high tide a series of huge waves came in crashing over the sea wall and knocking many fans off their feet, causing a number of broken bones.

While no-one was swept out to sea a lot o people lost mobile phones and cameras -- meaning not many people got footage like this.

275x250.jpgTheme park bosses say they have been forced to ban a daredevil squirrel which enjoys riding roller-coasters, because of health and safety risks.

Staff at Alton Towers say the squirrel caused them constant headaches during the makeover of one of their rides, the Sonic Spinball roller coaster.

Each morning during testings the grey haired squirrel could be seen perched on the cars of the ride as it went round and he even got in the way of painting builders.

Bosses say they eventually had to ban him from the ride because if he stood on the tracks he was a danger to health and safety of riders… and himself.

275x250.jpgSickly Brits suffer from an average of an astonishing 6,284 common ailments during their lifetime, it has been found.

A recent study showed the average person will put up with at least 80 ailments including headaches, cramp, back pain and common colds every single year.

This leads to most people spending 21 days a year on pain relief medication, or 1,649 pill-popping days over an average life span of 78.5 years.

Most people will also be forced to seek medical attention for their ailments at least three times a year.

But why bother, we're going to start keeping count of our illnesses and there's no point worrying until we reach 6,280, right?

275x250.jpgWho says romantic gestures have to be big for Valentine's Day - the World's Smallest Postal Service has a tiny alternative.

Based in San Francisco, staff will transcribe your words of undying love in tiny letters, onto a sheet of paper no bigger than a stamp or an equally tiny card.

It is then carefully folded and placed into an even smaller envelope and addressed to your loved one with an almost microscopic stamp.

But don't worry about them disappearing in your postman's sack, it's then put in a less Borroweresque package… along with a x10 magnifying glass.

Do fast moving elephants run or walk?

275x250.jpgYou have probably never questioned it, but scientists have spent years working out if elephants run, or just walk fast.

Using high speed cameras and a touch sensitive track, researchers have observed elephants moving at speeds of up to 11mph.

What they found was that speeding elephant do both - they run with their front legs but walk quickly with their back legs.

Running movements continually recycle potential energy stored in tendons and muscles into bouncing kinetic energy, while walking converts potential energy at the start of a stride into kinetic energy as they step forward.

And we thought running with the front legs and walking with the rear would just mean the elephant stretched like in a cartoon.

DNA reveals the face of ancient human man

275x250.jpg Boffins have used the DNA from a human hair which was preserved in Greenland's permafrost to reveal what he looked like.

After sequencing his genome the researcher say are able to know exactly what the man named Inuk looked like 4,000 years ago.

Professor Eske Willerslev of the University of Copenhagen says Inuk had brown eyes and thick dark hair, but would have been prone to baldness.

He was also found to suffer from dry earwax, have shovel-shaped front teeth and the blood type A+ … and bare an uncanny resemblance to Steven Segal.

275x250.jpg"Amour", the French word for love, has been voted the 'most romantic word in the world', in a survey of language experts across the world.
It narrowly beat "amore", the Italian word for love, in the survey of hundreds of cunning linguists.

Italian was also named the world’s most romantic language narrowly beating French. Spanish and English came in joint third.

Words such as "Belissima," most beautiful, "tesoro," my treasure and "dolcezza" sweetness also appeared in the top five most romantic words.

However, Japanese was voted the least romantic way to say "I love you" … even finishing below Welsh and Klingon.

275x250.jpg TV host and DJ Tim Shaw will spend up to 30 days locked in a tiny steel container - as part of a nationwide treasure hunt.

The box will be hidden somewhere in the UK with members of the public - who can watch Shaw 24/7 online - trying to work out where he might be for a £30,000 prize.

But even Shaw has not been told where the box will be, other than knowing it's a spot which has played a "significant" part in his life.

As such he will talk about his life in the hope it give someone a clue about where he is. And as he will have no human contact he will just be hoping 'someone' is watching.

275x250.jpgAn aspiring actress and Lord of the Rings fan has spent £25,000 self-funding her own prequel to the Peter Jackson movies.

Kate Madison enjoyed the blockbuster trilogy so much that she wrote a prequel based on material from the original JRR Tolkien books.

She out her £8,000 life saving into the 'Born Of Hope' project and started raising money by appealing to other Lord of the Rings fans.

After uploading a trailer for the movie to YouTube the 31-year-old from Cambridge raised £17,000 in donations and set about making 'Born Of Hope' into a 60 minute movie.

After getting 400 cast and crew to donate their time the movie started shooting at locations around England… the budget didn't stretch to flying everyone to New Zealand.

275x250.jpgThe average new mum pushes a baby buggy around 750 miles a year - the equivalent of trekking from Land's End to John o' Groats, it has been found.

Researchers found the typical mum takes her new tot out and about in the pushchair six times a week, and walks at least two miles a time.

That means each week they are clocking up just over 14 miles - or pushing prams over 741 miles in the first year of their baby's life.

The local park is the most popular place to go, followed by the shops and visits to friends.

Dads only join in on one in five pushchair journeys… but say it would be more if they could mount a DVD player on the handle.

A prank caller claiming to be an 'emergency management official' was put live on CNN -- and promptly called the host a "Dumbass".

The caller had got through production staff by telling them he was part of New Jersey Emergency Management and wanted to get a message out about an airpot closure.

After being introduced by host Ali Velshi the caller, going by the name of Gene Lasker, he gave an authoritative analysis of the impact heavy snow was causing.

But then he added "Today's the day to just sit in your home and contemplate Howard Stern on American Idol."

Despite this Velshi carried on and asked another snow related question 'Lasker' then added: "You're a dumbass, don't you know this is a prank call?" -- if they didn't before, they did now.

Men have stopped making romantic gestures

275x250.jpgUK men have dumped traditional romantic gestures, with just one in five buying flowers for their better half in the past 12 months.

A study of 2,000 Brits also found that only one in 20 have sent a love letter and only one in six have been out for a candlelit dinner.

54 percent of those in a relationship even admitted to having not held hands in public in the last year.

Asked how they show their affection for their partner 46 percent said they would send her a text message... and 32 percent said the would do the washing up.

If you are one of the men who plans to do the washing up on Valentines Day and tell your better half 'that' is how much you lover her, we'd be interested in hearing how that works out. 

275x250.jpgAn airline has decorated one of its planes as an idiot's guide to aviation -- labelling things like the engines and where the pilot sits.

Kulula Air have covered the surface of their bright green 737 with details about the interior, such as where the black box and radar are located.

But just in case that was too academic for passengers, the 'Flying 101' livery also includes witty remarks along with the labels.

On the nose cone it reads 'radar, antenna, and a really big dish inside' and the directions pointing to the toiler say 'mile-high initiation chamber'.

Pyjamas look like jeans to beat Tesco ban

275x250.jpgIt's only a fortnight since Tesco banned shoppers from wearing pyjamas in their stores, but already people have ways of flouting the rules.

Meet the PajamaJeans - they may look like your average pair of denins but they are in-fact snug pyjama bottoms.

Makers say the soft cotton trousers have been specially styled to look like jeans so you can wear them out -- and that Tesco staff will be none the wiser.

The £25 trousers, which are available online, come complete with pockets, stitching and decorative rivets but were designed to be comfortable sleepwear.

So now the big question is what are you going to do with the 20 seconds you just save not having to put a proper pair of jeans on before you go out?

Men spend longer getting ready than women

275x250.jpgIt's official, men now spend longer getting ready to go out than women do.

A study of over 3,000 blokes showed the average man dedicates 83 minutes of the day to their personal grooming.

This includes showering, cleansing, toning and moisturising, shaving, styling hair and choosing clothes.

In contrast, women have their beauty regime down to a fine art and manage to get hair, clothes and make up done in just 79 minutes.

Men also take longer than women when picking an outfit, 13 minutes compared to 10... even though they always put on the same shirt and jeans.

275x250.jpg Boffins have created the world's smallest solar-powered sensor which can harvest energy from its surroundings to operate nearly perpetually.

Inside the tiny 25.mmX3.5mmX1mm device are solar cells, a battery and a processor. This makes it 1,000 times smaller than comparable commercial counterparts.

Makers at the University of Michigan say the device could enable new biomedical implants because its average power consumption is less than 1 nanowatt.

All we know is that given its size you would have to be careful where you put it… no, not the most insightful scientific analysis was it?

275x250.jpgKetchup bosses have revealed their replacement for the humble vacuum-sealed sachet.

Heinz say their new 'Dip & Squeeze' packaging is a revolution for fast-food lovers because they can now dip on the go.

Users choose whether to rip the end off the plastic pack and squeeze it out like a traditional sachet, or peel back the lid for dipping.

And in good news for those of you who used to grab a handful of ketchup sachets, the new design also holds three times as much.

Heinz are said to have been working on the new packaging for years… and dipped countless chips in the process. 

275x250.jpgThe average Brit over the age of 50 is now 100 per cent computer savvy - and spends 26 hours a week online.

Emailing, internet banking and shopping means the over 50s spend around 1,369 hours - or 57 days - a year logged on to the worldwide web.
A recent study found more than half of silver surfers say the internet had made their lives easier with two thirds saying that doing daily chores online give them more time to relax.

Most also said the internet helped them stay in touch with children and grandchildren via emails, IM, social networks and Skype.
But how would you feel about letting your Grandmother friend you on Facebook?

275x250.jpgHospital gowns which bare patients' rears could be a thing of the past, after new designs for "modesty" gowns were revealed.

The new-look gowns are currently being used in NHS hospitals in Bristol where they are said to be a hit with patients.

A spokesperson for North Bristol NHS Trust said the old bum-baring robes could be embarrassing and undignified, as well as a bit chilly.

That is why they are now phasing them out in favour of the new "dignity gowns" which ties up at the sides and wraps around the body.

One patient said he hoped the new gown would mean that he wasn't the butt of any more jokes about his arse.

275x250.jpgThe observation deck at the top of the tallest building in the world, has been closed after just one month.

Visitors to the 160 floor tall Burj Khalifa in Dubai have been paying $100 (£60) each to go to the sky-high observation deck.

But this week the deck was closed with Emaar Properties, the owner of the building, saying there had been problems with the power supply for the elevators.

It is not known when the deck - 36 storeys below the highest offices - will be re-opened.

Something tells us the 'At the Top' visitor attraction just won't have the same level of appeal if tourists have to take the stairs.

275x250.jpgTrials of an amphibious bus to ferry people across the River Clyde have hit technical problems… after just 60 minutes.

Travel firm Stagecoach are currently testing a £700,000 floating bus which they hope will be able to replace an existing ferry service between Renfrew and Yoker.

But on its second run, the bus - which can do 60mph on roads and 8 knots in the water  - suffered an issue with suspension causing it to be dry-docked.

Bosses say it was only a minor glitch and that the 'amfibus' will be back on the road (and river) tomorrow - if successful it will become Britain's first timetabled amphibious bus service.

A Brazilian football commentator fainted on live TV while talking about an upcoming game.

Zé Batista was chatting to a colleague about a match between Gremio and Sao Luiz when the 37°C heat in the studio got to him.

After a few seconds of looking a bit queasy his eyes drift upwards and he collapses onto the floor - much to the shock of his co-commentator.

The camera quickly cuts away to an empty pitch before returning to two other RBS TV presenters back in the studio.

Rather depressingly, it looks like even the build-up to that game was more interesting the Aston Villa game this weekend.

275x250.jpgAn Australian sword swallower has set a new world record after swallowing 18 blades at the same time.

Chayne Hultgren, 31, who performs under the name Space Cowboy, beat his own record of 17 swords in the event at Byron Bay in New South Wales.

After warming up, he swallowed all 18 of the 72cm swords at the same time, while watched by an adjudicator from Guinness World Records.

He then slowly pulled them back out, to cheers from the assembled crowd who were just glad not to have seen something gory.

We know he's okay because he took a drink of water after the event and it didn't spray out from his chest cartoon-style.

275x250.jpgAn artist has created a secret art exhibition hidden in the metal road bollards dotted around Cardiff city centre.

Jane Edden has constructed a series of miniature worlds within the bollards, each viewable through a discreet peep hole at the top.

The artworks consists of intricate laser-cut figurines in various situations but will go unnoticed by most visitors to the Hayes and St David's shopping centre where they are located.

So remember, if you see someone with their head pressed against a road bollard in Cardiff on a Saturday night they are obviously an art aficionado and definitely not drunk.

275x250.jpgA British pensioner has been named a "10th Dan" judo black belt -  the sport's highest rank.

72-year-old George Kerr is just one of seven living people to achieve the rank, meaning he can still flip and throw with the best of them.

Additionally Kerr - who won the gold medal in the 1957 European Championships - is just one of five non Japanese people ever to get it.

The award recognises his illustrious judo career which has seen him reach the highest level as a coach, player and referee.

It also means George - who counts Mick Jagger among his students - now gets to wear a red belt tie around his judo suit… and any other outfit he likes, well we are not going to argue with him.

275x250.jpgMillions of men are clueless what size clothes their partner wears... or even what her natural hair colour is, it has been found.

Researchers revealed while six out of ten guys reckon they know their partner inside out, the truth is they are in the dark about almost everything.
A study of over 2,000 men found eight percent don't know their wife or girlfriend's natural hair colour and 12 per cent don't know her eye colour.
One in three have absolutely no idea what their partner's favourite perfume is and one in ten don't know her date of birth.

So how well do you know your partner? Let us know in the comments… but be careful, do you know if she reads NewsLite?

275x250.jpg Five crates of whisky and brandy which were buried under Antarctic ice by a polar explorer have been recovered after 100 years.

The sprits had been buried under the hut of Brit Sir Ernest Shackleton in 1908 - presumably to hide them from fellow explorers.

There they lay until the stash was discovered by restoration workers conducting work on his hut in 2006 - but at the time they were too far under the ice to be recovered.

So a team from New Zealand Antarctic Heritage Trust were recently dispatched to liberate the drinks -- no, they didn't need to worry about taking ice.

275x250.jpgPeople with cats as pets are generally smarter and better educated than dog owners, it has been revealed.

Researchers from the University of Bristol looked at the 20.8 million dog and cat owners in the UK to identify their various characteristics.

Dog owners tended to to live in bigger households and have young children while those with cats tended to be female an live in semi-urban/rural locations.

But interestingly cat owners were also 1.36 times more likely to have a university degree than dog lovers - meaning that they, and their pets, are smarter.

The experts think this is because cats better fit into the lifestyle of educated young professionals… but we all know it's really the cats being discerning about their owners.

275x250.jpgScientists studying the fossil of a 150 million year old dinosaur say it had multi-coloured feathers and a mohawk.

The team from Yale University say the Anchiornis huxleyi - dubbed dino-chicken - had a grey body with bold black and white feathers, a reddish-brown head crest and freckles.

This is said to add significant weight to the idea that dinosaurs first evolved feathers not for flight but for other purposes such as attracting a mate.

The discovery was made by analysing fossilised pigments and is said to be the first time researchers have uncovered the colours of a complete dinosaur

However you will remember that just last week another team came close -- proving that paleontological discoveries are like buses…

275x250.jpgA legal battle has been launched between restaurants in the US, over the rights to serving food with a heart attack theme.

Bosses from Heart Attack Grill say they have been forced to call in the lawyers after a rash of other restaurants copied their ideas.

The Arizona restaurant specialises in selling giant death-defying burgers - ranging from a single to a 'Quadruple Bypass' - in a medically themed setting.  

Diners are referred to as 'patients' and given 'prescriptions' rather than meals... though looking at those burgers it probably wouldn't hurt to have a real doctor on hand too.

275x250.jpgClassic board game Monopoly is set to get a makeover - including a round board and electronic banking.

Monopoly Revolution - which will be released later this year - is being released to mark the 75th anniversary of the famous Charles Darrow game.

And it's not just the shape of the board which has changed, property prices have also been updated - for example it now costs £4m to snap up Mayfair, compared to £400.

Keeping track of the millions changing hands is now done on an electronic unit that serves as banker, die and music player. Makers say this better reflects our cashless society.

Obvious this introduce one significant drawback with the new game… it's now a lot harder to cheat.

An Australian weatherman was attacked by a pelican as he broadcast live from Sydney's Taronga Zoo.

Steve Jacobs was doing the morning weather bulletin on Nine Network at about 7am when the attack took place.

Jacobs had been watching Marnie, a large male pelican, being fed by a zookeeper shortly before the cameras cut to him.

But when they did the the marine bird also suddenly became more interested in him than the fish he was eating, and lunged towards the presenter.

He then proceeded to peck repeatedly at Steve's backside as the weather man cowered in a corner protecting his warm front screaming "Let me go".

Drinker abandoned tank outside pub

275x250.jpgOwners of a pub in Manchester say they are trying to trace a drinker who abandoned a tank on their car park just before Christmas.

Bosses at 'Four In Hand' say that in December a drinker asked them if he could leave his tank with them briefly.

But that was six weeks ago, and they haven't seen him since. And the giant green army tank is still sitting in their car park.

The landlord of the pub says he doesn't know the identity of the man, they have no contact details for him and he hasn't seen him since.

We guess you have to be pretty drunk to forget where you parked your tank.

275x250.jpgA nice smile is the first thing women look for in a man… while all blokes want is a woman with a good figure, it has been found.

The study of 4,000 adults revealed most women found a flirtatious grin irresistible, along with lingering eye contact and a man's strong arms.
However, blokes who answered the survey were slightly less cultured in their views, a 'great body' was their number one --  followed by a stunning cleavage.
Women also said generosity, intelligence and an affectionate side were important as was a good body, passion between the sheets and being good with kids. The men added: "No, nothing else, just the good body and big boobs."

A website showing videos of a woman crying uncontrollably after watching a range of movies, has become an online hit.

CryingWife.com was set up by Parker Stech, from California, after he noticed his wife Hollie cried her eyes out after almost every movie they watched.

Parker decided to start filming Hollie's over-the-top reaction to various movies - from Star War to Back to the Future - and post them online.

Now the videos have been watched by over 400,000 people and visitors are even asked to suggest other movies which Hollie might cry at.

Let's just hope she has never seen Bambi… poor Parker might need a snorkel to cope with that amount of tears.

275x250.jpgZoo bosses in Beijing are looking to recruit a Chinese language tutor -- for a panda which was born in America.

Three-year-old panda Mei Lan has lived at a zoo in Atlanta since she was born in 2006, but is due to return to China this week.

As such, keepers are worried that Mei Lan will not respond correctly to Chinese caretakers and are employing a language tutor to help her adapt.

A spokesperson for the Beijing panda research centre said Mei Lan will be taught basic phrases in the Sichuan dialect.

Examples include instructions to move in and out of her cave… once she has learnt those they will move on to teaching her how to eat bamboo with chopsticks.

275x250.jpgA German man who got lost after walking out onto the frozen sea was rescued after a woman spotted him on a tourism website.

The man had walked out onto the frozen North Sea at St Peter-Ording in Northern Germany to take some photographs of the sunset.

But because everywhere was covered with snow he got lost and could not find his way back to the coast as it began to go dark.

However, he was saved from an icy death when a woman hundreds of miles away saw the flashes from his camera on a tourist website and contacted rescue services.

Officers located him and then lectured him on the dangers of trekking on the ice -- they weren't won over when he offered to show them his snaps.

275x250.jpgUniversity researchers say they have discovered the secret of the Wild West's fastest gunslingers - being the good guy.

Boffins claim that in a gun duel it's the person who responds and draw their gun second that does it fastest.

Experiments at the University of Birmingham - using a series of button presses and not weapons - found reflex is always faster than conscious action.

Dr Andrew Welchman said this means in a gun fight it would consistently be the shooter who reached for his gun who fired fastest.

However, he said that countless Clint Eastwood have lied to us - while respondents shoot 21 milliseconds faster, it takes 200 milliseconds to see what their opponent is doing. Meaning they would still get shot.

275x250.jpgDesigns for 265 metre tall airship hotels which contain apartments, bars and restaurants have been revealed in London.

The Aircruise concept airship would carry up to 100 passengers using solar power, a hydrogen drive and 330,000 cubic metres of hydrogen gas.

But with a top speed of 90mph designers Seymourpowell ane banking on 'slow being the new fast' -- it would take 38 hours to travel from London to New York.

And in addition to having plenty of time, passengers could do with a head for heights… they could spend much of that time staring at the glass floors.

275x250.jpgHundreds of athletes from around the world have competed in the annual race to the top of the Empire State Building -- running up 86 flights of stairs.

The 'Empire State Building Run-Up' race, sees runners compete to see how quickly they can get from the ground floor lobby to the observation deck… without taking a lift.

Over 300 people took part in the event yesterday, which was won by German Thomas Dold in a time of 10 minutes and 16 seconds, scooping his fifth consecutive title.

There are a total of 1,576 steps and because the stairwells are only wide enough for two people there can be quite a bit of pushing and shoving.

But if you think this looks tough, imagine what skyscrapper running would be like in Dubai, the Burj Khalifa building has almost twice as many floors.

275x250.jpgA Picasso masterpiece which has not been on public display for 43 years has sold at auction for £8.1m.

Tete de Femme was painted in 1963 and is a portrait of the artist’s second wife - who became the most important of all his Muses and models.

But she didn't have the long neck portrayed - she actually had a short neck which Picasso would often "humorously" exaggerate in portraits.

After being in the same collection since 1981 the painting was put up for sale at Christie’s London with an expected price of £4m.

But there was obviously a fan of long necks out there -- a phone bidder snapped up the painting for £8,105,250.

275x250.jpgA chicken has been on the run in California for more than two months -- and seems to like nothing more than playing chicken and dodging speeding cars.

Officials say the bird was first reported to them in November but despite their best efforts animal control officers have been unable to catch it.

Each morning the the daredevil chicken is said to start dodging traffic outside Glendale Community College for several hours and has somehow managed not to be hit.

But whenever officials try to capture it, the bird either runs onto the street or flies into a nearby tree… which the officials are finding clucking annoying.

275x250.jpgScientists in Japan have created a smoke detector for deaf people which warns them with the smell of wasabi.

Boffins from Shiga University of Medical Science say they needed to come up with a way of waking deaf people if they were asleep.

The problem was that 50 percent of fire victims in Japan are elderly and often have poor hearing - meaning ringing alarms don't wake them.

Professor Makoto Imai's design uses a synthesised version of wasabi which is sprayed into the air created the pungent odour.

This is said to wake most sleeping people within two and a half minutes… and give them a uncontrollable craving for sushi.

275x250.jpg A wacky artist has recreated some of the world’s most famous faces with her favourite fromage for a bizarre London exhibition.

Prudence Staite has carved out a niche for herself by creating intricate sculptures using cheese - her latest works include Cheryl Cole, Barack Obama and Dita von Teese.

Asked why she opted for cheese over a more traditional medium Prudence said: "I have always thought that aspects of celebrity culture are incredibly cheesy."

Her works are currently on show at Kings Road Gallery exhibition in London… just remember to take your own crackers.

275x250.jpgIt starred Megan Fox and was a massive box office hit - but Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen has been nominated for seven Razzie Awards.

Nominations for the awards - which celebrate the worst movies of the year - include Worst Director and Worst Picture.

Megan Fox picked up two nominations for Worst Actress, for her roles in the Transformers sequel and Jennifer's Body.

But Transformers has a rival for the dubious honour of scooping so many Razzies - Will Ferrell's Land of the Lost is also up for seven awards.

Now please spare a thought for all the hard-working Golden Raspberry judges who will now have to sit down and watch these movies.

275x250.jpgAn online petition demanding John Terry be sacked as England captain secured more than 10,000 signatures in just 24 hours.
The site - SackJohnTerry.com - urges supporters to join the campaign to persuade the FA to strip the disgraced skipper of the coveted title.
Since being set up by businessman and Manchester United John Tilley it has been bombarded by angry fans.

Speaking about why he set up the site, Tilley said: "The Football Association cannot stick their heads in the sand this time. They have to take action and take action now."

Note to editor - Can we double check that Mr Tilley isn't actually a Mr Wayne Bridge.

275x250.jpgA rare parrot, which tried to mate with the head of a wildlife presenter on a Stephen Fry TV show, has been given a government job in New Zealand.

Sirocco, a fat, flightless Kakapo shot to fame last year when - during the BBC show Last Chance To See - it hopped onto the head of a zoologist.

As host Stephen Fry watched on, the bird then proceed to bonk the back of Mark Carwadine's head. Prompting Fry to say: "This is one of the funniest things I have ever seen."

But now New Zealand's Prime Minister John Key has named Sirocco - one of just 124 kakapo still alive - a national conservation ambassador.

His role will be to help draw attention to the wildlife of New Zealand… hopefully not by trying to shag it all. After all, he hasn't got the job as Russell Brand.

275x250.jpgAn Italian ice cream "university" says the recession has caused a surge in the number of students wanting to learn how to make gelato.

Bosses from 'Gelato University' claim there has been a 90 percent rise in the number of enrolments for their ice cream making courses.

And many of the new recruits are said to be former high-flying executives who have been laid off during the recession and want to go into the gelato business.

On the course, students learn all about the famous ice cream including how to mix the perfect flavours and source the best fruit and other ingredients.

Obviously the problem is that once their partners find out they can make great gelato they are never going to let them out of the kitchen for long enough to get another job.

275x250.jpgThe increasing number of men having a moob reduction has made it the fastest growing part of the cosmetic surgery industry.

2009 saw a 80 percent jump in the number of men having a breast reduction operation, say the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons.

It's claimed many of the 581 gynaecomastia ops carried out were prompted by men feeling pressure to live up to the the role-models in movies, TV shows and magazines.

In total the number of surgical procedures last year exceeded 36,400 - a slow but steady rise of 6.7 percent.

Interestingly that was also one of the most popular operations… a slow but steady rise of 6.7 percent.

275x250.jpgAn Aussie man has had a train company logo tattooed on his back -- so his parents can get free rail travel around Europe.

Grant Burton had wanted to get his parents something special for their 40th wedding anniversary, but being unemployed he hadn't got much spare cash.

Knowing his parents always wanted to go to Europe, Grant contacted train firm EuRail and asked them if they would give him two passes if he did something crazy to promote their brand.

He offered to have their logo and website permanently tattooed on his back and amazingly they said yes. Now Grant has to get used to telling this story every time he takes his shirt off.

Japanese boffins have created a machine which turns waste office paper in to toilet rolls.

Users feed waste office paper into the oddly titled White Goat machine which shreds it, mixes it with water and pulps it.

The £65,000 device then flattens the pulp and dries it before churning out rolls of toilet paper. It costs just 6p to create each roll.

Makers Oriental say the toilet paper machine is aimed at large companies which would produce a lot of waste paper.

It takes 40 sheets of A4 paper to create one roll of toilet paper -- and yes we said sheets.

275x250.jpgBotox treatment not only means people struggle to express emotion in their face - but they also have problems understanding it in other people.

A study from the University of Wisconsin suggests that people who've had Botox are slower and less able to 'read' emotions than others.

Experts think this could have something to do with them not being able to make 'angry' or 'sad' faces themselves.

Prof David Havas claims this means people like Amanda Holden would be less likely to recognise people around her who were sad or angry.

We were going to make some snide comment about people around Amanda Holden always being sad and angry… but it seemed too easy.

275x250.jpgThe average girlie night out takes three days, five hours and 22 minutes to organise, a study has found.

Female party animals will swap 16 texts, five phone calls, three Facebook postings and three emails planning their get-together.

And three phonecalls will be made on the night - because someone is late.

The study of 1,000 women also found they meet up twice a month and the average girly night will last four five hours and 32 minutes.

In contrast a blokes evening out takes considerably less time to plan… how long does it take to say "meet you at the Nags Head at eight"?

275x250.jpgA referendum is due to be held in Switzerland -- to decide whether domesticated creatures have the right to be represented in court by lawyers.

In March voters will choose whether pets and farmyard animals should have dedicated lawyers to protect them from abuse.

The move comes after a constitutional change in Switzerland to protect the "dignity" of plant life and could see each area of the country appoint an animal lawyer.

Some argue the move is needed to stand up for the rights of the creatures - from guinea pigs to chickens - which cannot protect themselves.

But can you imagine being the lawyer for a goldfish -- you would have to keep summing up your case every seven seconds.

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