Fans want heavy metal recognised as a religion

275x250.jpgHeavy metal fans will try to get their love of rock recognised as an official religion in the UK - thanks to the 2011 census.

A campaign - baked by Metal Hammer magazine - is calling for rock fans to list their religion as 'Heavy Metal' in the official document.

Organisers claim that if enough people do this on the MArch 2011 Census questionnaire, Heavy Metal can become an official religion of the UK.

They say it deserves to be seen in the same light as Christianity, Judaism or Islam because it impacts every part of fans lives.

A similar stunt in 2001 saw 390,000 people claim to be followers of the Star Wars religion Jedi -- but they were able to use the force to get people to do that.
A spokesperson for the 'Heavy Metal For the 2011 Census' campaign - which already has 10,000 people signed up on Facebook, said: "We want to give metal the recognition it deserves by getting it acknowledged as a religion in the UK!

Metal figurehead and Saxon frontman Biff Byford has pledged his backing to the bid saying: "People live and breathe heavy metal."

Heavy Metal For the 2011 Census @ Facebook

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