Hotel offers human bed warmers on cold nights

275x250.jpg A hotel chain has started offering a weird new service where they pay people to lie in beds -- to warm them up for guests.

Holiday Inn say the move will help people get off to sleep faster and is more environmentally friendly than using electric blankets.

The scheme starts this month in Manchester and visitor will be able to request one of the human bed warmers in for five minutes before they go to bed.

The walking electric blankets will be dressed in all in one sleeper suits and get the bed to an ideal temperature of 20-24 degrees Celsius... though they may also steal the mint from your pillow. 
275x250.jpgA spokesperson for Holiday Inn said: "People want to leave the cold outside and climb into a warm bed.  

"The bed warmers service is a bit like having a giant hot water bottle in your bed, warming it up before guests climb in to give them a great night's sleep away from the cold -- of course they jump out before you jump in/"

Holiday Inn       
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