Dog needed English lessons to be re-homed

275x250.jpgThe RSPCA had to teach a dog to understand English before he could be re-housed -- because he only 'spoke' Polish.

Staff at the Oldham centre had initially thought Cent, a collie, was deaf when it failed to respond to basic commands like 'sit' and 'come here'.

But after looking into the animals history they found he had come from a Polish family and looked up words on the internet.

Sure enough Cent responded to 'siad' and 'do mnie'. But rather than try to find another Polish family to house him they decided to teach him English -- a process that took they four months.

Cent is now said to be fully bilingual… sure if humans only had to learn 100 words I could be bilingual too.
A spokesperson for RSPCA Oldham said he was now ready to find a new home and that prospective owners don't need to have the same language skills as the pooch.

Polish dog commands

Heel – do nogi
Sit - siad
Come here - do mnie
Stay – zostan
Down – waruj
Fetch – aport
Good – dobry pies
Jump – przeszkoda
Go outside – Na dwor
Go inside – do srodka
No – nie wolno
Leave it – zostaw

RSPCA Oldham     
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