Scientific formula for perfect hourglass figure

275x250.jpgBoffins have developed a formula which calculates the curves a woman needs to have the perfect hourglass figure.

Research found that 72% of men and 61% of women found the curves of women like Kelly Brook and Alesha Dixon more attractive than skinny alternatives.

As a result psychologist Dr David Holmes, of the University of Manchester, set out to find the perfect hourglass figure.

The academic say there is a set measurements which are guaranteed to trigger the male hormonal system because they represent the healthiest and most fertile form.

He claims the ideal breast size is a DD or E especially when combined with a specific hip-waist and thigh-height ratio… who are we to argue with science.

Perfect Curve Score Calculation = ((BBD+THR+HWR)xBCL)+BS

Which is defined as:
BBD - Bust Size
THR - Thigh-Height Ratio
HWR - Hip-Waist Ratio  
BCL - Body Curve Line
BS  - Body Symmetry

Working out how your curves measure up involves attributing a point score to each measurement (see below) and then doing the calculation - producing a number between 1 and 80.

The higher the number, the closer you are to having the perfect body… though only if you are a woman.

Speaking of the formula Prof Holmes, who worked with ASDA on the project, said: "Curves and the hourglass figure without fail triggers the male hormonal system, sets pulses racing and play a major factor in the desire stakes of attraction.

"Men cannot explain why the specific line of the female form is attractive to them. It’s not a juvenile ‘page 3’ fascination, but part of natural evolution.

"The human curve has come to represent the healthiest and most fertile form, highlighting the most suitable breeding partner and has evolved to be universally attractive to males for that reason."

Points for parts

Bust Size
DD-E = 5,
D or F = 4,
C or G = 3,
B or H = 2,
other = 1.

Thigh Ratio (thigh measurement divided by height)
0.28-0.3 = 5,
0.27 or 0.31 = 4,
0.32 to 0.35 = 3,
0.36 to 0.38 = 2,
other = 1.

Hip-Waist Ratio (circumference of your waist divided by hips)
0.7 = 5,
0.65 or 0.75 = 4,
0.6 or 0.8 = 3,
0.55 or 0.95 = 2,
other = 1

Body Curve Line
Smooth unbroken curves = 5
Trunk bust and thighs curve into each other = 4
Waist/hips or bust/waist lack concave curves = 3
Waist/hips and bust/waist lack any concave curves = 2
Straight lines and bulges = 1

Body Symmetry
Symmetrical = 5
Some facial distinctions = 4
Minor body and face distinctions = 3
Notable distinctions = 2
Very individual character and appearance = 1

University of Manchester     
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