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275x250.jpg A cat which became horrendously overweight after learning to open the fridge has been named top pet slimmer of the year after going on a diet.

In September Amber, a 12-year-old cat from Edinburgh, was 62 percent overweight and regularly raided the fridge for cheese and smoked salmon.

But after going on a PDSA approved diet, the hungry puss has slimmed down by 2.6lbs - that's a weight-loss of 17 percent.

Key to the weight-loss seems to have been the owner saying "No" to the question, "I can has cheezburger?"

275x250.jpgAn artist will spend the next six week throwing away artworks from the likes of Damien Hirst and Tracey Emin.

Michael Landy opened his 'Art Bin' exhibition in London by hurling a Damien Hirst skull painting - worth thousands of pounds - into a giant perspex bin.

It was quickly followed by a Tracy Emin sculpture which would have also been prized possession for many art collectors.

His idea is that professional artists and members of the public can donate works they perceive as failures to be thrown into the bin. Hundreds have already signed up.

At the end of the six weeks the contents of the bin, a "monument to creative failure," will be taken to a landfill… cue traditionalists saying that's where it belongs.

275x250.jpgManchester United defender Gary Neville has revealed plans for a seemingly Teletubby inspired eco-home.

The flower-shaped eco-bunker - which would have four bedroom set into the a hillside in Bradshaw - has been presented to planning officials in Bolton.

Make Architects say it would be the first zero carbon house in North West England with a wind turbine, solar panels and ground source heating.

The 8,000sq ft home would also feature an underground swimming pool, gym and a concealed garage. But costing £8million some people think Neville has gone Laa-laa.

275x250.jpgFor the past 50 years a couple have unwittingly used a rare £500,000 Chinese vase as an umbrella stand.

The pair from Dorset had no idea the vase was rare, let alone worth so much, until it was spotted in their spare bedroom by an antiques expert.

He instantly recognised the 18.5 inch "lantern" vase as something special and examined it despite noticing it had a crack and splashes of emulsion paint.

It's design suggested it could have been made during they golden era of Chinese porcelain production possibly for Emperor Qianlong in about 1740.

Amazingly a mark on the base confirmed his suspicions… and guaranteed the couple wold find somewhere else to put their wet brollies.

275x250.jpg Sir Richard Branson has revealed his latest Virgin vehicle -- an underwater plane capable of doing loop-the-loops.

The Necker Nymph is a three-person submarine which will use fighter jet technology to dive to depths of 35,000ft.

A £415,000 carbon-fibre winged prototype is already being produced, but plans are that the submersible will soon take tourists on deep sea tours to see ancient shipwrecks and 'fly' side-by-side with dolphins.

But it will come at a price, the Nymph will be rented out for £15,000 per week… but only available to those already hiring Sir Richard's luxury catamaran, the Necker Belle for £55,000.

275x250.jpgThe city of Copenhagen has become the world's first official bike city.

The award was issued by the UCI, the International Cycling Union because of the way cycling is promoted and adopted in the Danish capital.

Currently 36 percent of all Copenhageners cycle more than 1.2 million kilometres each day - thanks to the city having 300 kilometres of bicycle paths.

It is also predicted that by 2015, a massive 50 percent of the city's inhabitants will bike to work or school.

Before you come up with an excuse for not getting on your bike, remember the good folk of Copenhagen have continued to use pedal power over the winter despite snowy weather and temperatures consistently below zero.

Fishermen fight crocodile for their catch

After landing a shark these fishermen were in no mood to share their catch -- not even with a hungry crocodile.

The guys - who had been fishing of the coast of Australia's Northern Territory - had spent several minutes battling with the shark before reeling it in.

Once it was finally landed on the beach, the group wanted to pose for a victorious photo… but a hungry crocodile had other ideas.

The three metre long monster ran out of the water and launched itself at the flailing shark.

However, rather than admitting defeat to the croc and running away, one of the fishermen simply bashed it on the head sending it back to the water.

275x250.jpgA street identified as being the most accident prone in the UK, has been covered in bubble wrap to help protect residents from harming themselves.

Somerville Road in Worcester is said to have racked up an average of ten insurance claims per year for the last ten years.

As such an insurance company decided to wrap it in over 1,500sq metres of bubble wrap in a bid to raise safety awareness.

Everything from cars and house frontages to bikes, gnomes and shrubs were  wrapped up. One dog looked very confused to see his kennel had even been covered.

275x250.jpgScientists have, for the first time, been able to identify the colour of feathers on a dinosaur… and it was ginger.

Palaeontologists from the University of Bristol say the Sinosauropteryx - a fast running, dog-sized meat-eater which lived 125m years ago was a redhead.

Analysing microscopic structures found in fossilsed feathers, boffins say they are sure the 'ginger-saurous' was covered with 'russet and orange' feathers.

This is the first time melanosomes have been found in fossils and not only helps us know what dinos looked like, but also suggests birds evolved through a long line of theropod (flesh-eating) dinosaurs.

It also begs the question of whether people would be as quick to mock a redhead if they were a meat-eating dinosaur.

275x250.jpg Air New Zealand has launched lie-down beds in economy class -- and quickly warned passengers not to use them to join the mile high club.

Bosses from the airline say 25 percent of the economy seats in their new Boeing 777-300ER jets i will be able to convert into beds.

The Skycouch is formed by opening out the leg rests of a row of three seats along the window sides of the aircraft - giving a 1.75-metre bed.

A spokesperson for the airline said they had no problem with couples cuddling in the beds - but urged them to keep their clothes on… something no doubt appreciated by the third person on your row of seats.

275x250.jpgA Daguerréotype camera - one of the first commercially produced cameras - is set to go on sale with an estimated price of £600,000.

That will make the wooden sliding-box 1839 camera, the oldest and most expensive in the world.

It was built by Alphonse Giroux, the brother-in-law of Louis-Jacques-Mandé Daguerre and is even signed by Daguerre himself, the inventor of the first practicable photographic process.

The rare camera has been in private ownership in northern Germany for generations and the present owner’s father gave it to him in the 1970s as a present when he became an optician.

It features a black velvet interior and ground-glass screen… no there is no autofocus or face recognition.

275x250.jpgA rare Bugatti which was found at the bottom of a Swiss lake has been sold at auction for £226,000.

The 1925 touring Bugatti was pushed into Lake Maggiore by an over zealous tax official in 1936 after the owner abandoned it having failed to pay the import tax.

Since then the Type 22 sat corroding 160ft below the surface of the water, only being visited by members of a local diving club, until it was recently recovered.

Yesterday it sold for €260,500 at a Paris auction with the winning bidder saying he will keep it in its present state rather than restoring it -- while he is at it he should keep it in a large glass tank.

275x250.jpg A football freestyler has set a new world record by keeping a football in the air for 13 hours while completing a 36 mile tour of London.

Dan Magness visited London's five Premier League grounds during his marathon 13 hour keepy-uppy which finished at White Hart Lane.

Watched by adjudicators from Guinness World Records he was allowed to keep the ball off the ground using all parts of his body, except his hands.

He even kept the ball up while conducting several TV and radio interviews -- though by the look of this photo we think he may have used superglue.

275x250.jpgWomen are more turned on by finding out that a potential date is a fireman than any other occupation, it has been found.

A survey of women who had signed up to a online dating site quizzed them about their ideal partner.

It was found that more women said they would be turned-on by going on a date with a firefighter than someone of any other profession.

Other turn-on jobs included teachers, police officers and muscular fitness instructors (writers for odd news websites didn't make the cut).

Meanwhile, bankers are facing a new crisis, they were voted the major job turn-off -- we guess they will have to keep giving themselves bonuses.

275x250.jpgHeavy metal fans will try to get their love of rock recognised as an official religion in the UK - thanks to the 2011 census.

A campaign - baked by Metal Hammer magazine - is calling for rock fans to list their religion as 'Heavy Metal' in the official document.

Organisers claim that if enough people do this on the MArch 2011 Census questionnaire, Heavy Metal can become an official religion of the UK.

They say it deserves to be seen in the same light as Christianity, Judaism or Islam because it impacts every part of fans lives.

A similar stunt in 2001 saw 390,000 people claim to be followers of the Star Wars religion Jedi -- but they were able to use the force to get people to do that.

275x250.jpgAn individual Chinese banknote - with a face value of just 10p - has sold at auction for a record £80,000.

The extremley rare 1 yuan note dates back to 1909 and was the first of its type to be available for public purchase after being produced by the Kwangsi bank.

It features 2 black dragons signifying the prowess of the Emperor and Monarch and accordingly named as the "Ooi-Long note", in the middle "Xuan Tong Yuan Bao".

To date, only 3 examples of this rare note have been discovered and as the Kwangsi bank was reorganised in 1911 not many are likely to still exist.

The note, sold at an auction by Spink, was snapped up by a Taiwanese Collector -- who must remember not to take it to the bureau de change.

The BBC will this week show a film which was shot entirely by chimpanzees.

11 chimps at Edinburgh Zoo were given animal-proof cameras by scientists in a bid to see how they view the world around them.

For 18 months they used the 'Chimpcams' - which were housed in a study plastic box and had a viewfinder on the top - by carrying them around their enclosure.

The chimps then selected the clips they most liked to watch by using a touchscreen monitor on a wall in the research room.

In odd news it's thought that this is the same production method used when filming Hollyoaks.

275x250.jpgMany people have over 1,000 friends on Facebook -- but experts say our brains can't cope with more than 150.

Academics from Oxford University claim humans are only capable of managing an active network of 150 friends.

This, says evolutionary anthropologist Prof Robin Dunbar, is the result of having lived for centuries in small tribes and villages.

He argues that while you may have over 1,000 friends on Facebook, you will only be able to maintain a worthwhile relationship with 150.

Then again, he could just be saying this to feel better about his own measly friend count and secretly wants more Facebook friends.

275x250.jpgThe United States Airways plane which famously crashed into the Hudson River is to be auctioned off online.

The Airbus A320 made the spectacular crash landing last year after after smashing into a flock of geese.

Images of the 155 passengers exiting onto the wings were beamed around the world and pilot Chesley "Sully" Sullenberger instantly gained hero status.

Now the remains of the plane have been listed on the website of Chartis - the insurance company involved.

Proving that insurance companies are the masters of understatement, the ad warns that the plane has "severe water damage throughout airframe" - that's one way of putting it.

275x250.jpgThe 'Yeah, but no, but yeah' of Little Britain's Vicky Pollard has been named as the best TV comedy catchphrase, ever.

Matt Lucas's fast-talking teenager took top slot in a survey of over 3,000 TV fans ahead of Homer Simpson's "D'oh!"

"Am I bovvered?" from Catherine Tate's stroppy schoolgirl character Lauren was third with Victor Meldrew's classic "I don't belieeeve it" from One Foot in the Grave fourth.

Only Fools and Horses Del Boy Trotter's "lovely jubbly" completed the top five.

We would like to tell you what Catherine Tate said about coming in second… but we think you could guess.

Japanese scientists have created an engine-driven "free kick" machine which can kick a ball faster and more accurately than Cristiano Ronaldo.

The contraption can kick a regulation ball at speeds of 200km per hour - compared to around 130km by the most powerful players.

It is the the result of work by BP Castrol - one of the sponsors of the World Cup in South Africa - and will be taken on tour to promote the tournament.

However if this clip is anything to go by players won't want to see the the tech brought into the game, during the demonstration it knocked a defenders foot off.

In addition to kicking the ball better than Cristiano Ronaldo -- it's also less likely to get in a bad mood and elbow a fellow player in the face.

275x250.jpgBritish workers are putting in a massive 900m unpaid hours work per year… while at home, it has been claimed.

A study of 3,000 office workers found 45 percent take files home with them at a weekend to keep on top of their job.

One-in-five do additional hours to impress the boss and 12 percent even said they were individually clocking up a minimum of five hours unpaid work per week - that's 260 hours per year or 34.6 days.

This means the hard-working staff are putting in a combined total of over 900 million unpaid hours outside of work per year.

I guess this goes some way towards balancing the amount of time we spend at the office updating Facebook and chatting about Celebrity Big Brother.

275x250.jpgA mountain peak in China which is said to have inspired scenes in the hit 3D movie Avatar has been renamed by tourism bosses.

The "Southern Sky Column" in southern Hunan province has been officially renamed "Avatar Hallelujah Mountain" in a bid to boost tourism.

This morning hundreds of locals in Tujia costumes held an official renaming ceremony at the site where Hollywood photographers had spent four days shooting in 2008.

Standing 1,074 meters above the sea level the stunning peak is said to have inspired James Cameron to create the floating "Hallelujah Mountains" on the fictional planet of Pandora.  No, it doesn't float.

275x250.jpgSome of the world's most respected scientists are currently meeting in London to discuss possibility of alien life.

The two-day conference at The Royal Society will see experts discussing the detection of extra-terrestrial life and the consequences for science and society.

Topics will include what will alien life look like, and how do you break news of alien discoveries to the world without creating wide-spread pandemonium?

Lord Rees, the president of the Royal Society and Astronomer Royal says that the chance of discovering life on other worlds is greater now than ever before.

However, top US physicist Paul Davies believes we should be looking for alien life here on Earth first… after watching Britain's got Talent, we think that is a safe bet.

275x250.jpgA visitor at a New York museum tripped over and accidentally ripped a six inch hole in a painting by Picasso.

The balance-challenged woman was attending a class at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, when she fell over.

As she tumbled she fell onto Picasso's 'The Actor' - a large 6ft by 4ft Rose-period painting created in 1904-5.

This caused a irregular vertical tear of about six inches in length in the lower right-hand corner of the masterpiece.

Bosses say the paining will be repaired by conservational staff -- but it's modern art, it might be worth more now, anyway.

275x250.jpgTwo in three women with big boobs are let down by stores which sell them the wrong size bras, it has been found.

A study by Which? found that women with DD breasts or bigger, regularly suffer at the hands of poor fitting services (so to speak).

The consumer group sent a sample of women aged 25-75 into high street stores for a bra fitting to test the services.

Only 29 percent were measured correctly and one woman was told she was a size 34FF in one store and 40D in another.

And in odd news, staff at one store even suggested to a 75-year-old woman she should wear a Wonderbra-style bra… not that her 82-year-old husband minded.

275x250.jpgA daredevil skydiver has announced plans to leap to earth from the edge of space - setting four world records in the process.

Felix Baumgartner will jump from a record 120,000 feet and will even set an altitude record for the highest manned balloon flight just getting there.

On his way down the Austrian will set a distance record for longest free-fall and is expected to become the first person to break the speed of sound with his own body.

It is thought that the fall - due to happen this spring/summer - will last more than five minutes.

Maybe Baumgartner should think of another record to break on the way down… like seeing how many crackers he can eat.

275x250.jpgA man who suffered triskaidekaphobia had to undergo hypnotherapy treatment when bosses at the themepark where he works announced the introduction of a ride called Th13teen.

For years Paul McNicol, 44, has suffered a debilitating phobia of the number 13. He wouldn't go into a house numbered 13 or visit the 13th floor of any building.

Paul couldn't even bring himself to read the 13th page of a book - which meant he wasn't exactly thrilled when Alton Towers Resort revealed their new rollercoaster would be called Th13teen.

The site manager says his fear was so bad that he couldn't even go to work after hearing the news, so he signed up for an intensive hypnotherapy treatment.

Paul is now cured… and has no excuse for turning up to work late.

A bizarre triangular formation of lights has been filmed flying over Dublin at night.

Witnesses say the lights moves at an "incredible speed" as they sped  over the River Liffey.

In the footage - which seems to have been taken via a night scoop - five lights can be seen in a triangular pattern, zipping through the sky at high speeds.

Experts think that at the least this is footage of a secret prototype aircraft - but could even be an alien craft.

Come on, who hasn't seen strange lights seen in the night sky outside a bar in Dublin?

275x250.jpgSecurity experts have issued a warning after discovering the number of people who use common passwords to protect themselves online.

A recent study of 32 million passwords found 20 percent of people use common words or phrases such as abc123, iloveyou and Password.

Experts from Imperva claim this makes some users particularly susceptible to hackers and identity theft - even by just guessing at random passwords.

As 20 percent of people use one of the 5000 most common passwords, it's claimed that it would take only one attempt to guess 0.9% of the users passwords. This is a rate of one success per 111 attempts.

They have even compiled a worrying list of the top 5 most common passwords, topped by 123456. D'oh I guess I'd better change that then.

275x250.jpgA group of eight German teenagers needed hospital treatment after drinking and extra spicy chilli sauce.

It is thought the boys - all aged 13 or 14 - dared each other to down some of the chilli sauce which is 200 times stronger then normal.

But soon after, they started feeling ill and an ambulance was called to their Augsburg school. The lads were then taken to hospital where they were kept overnight for observation.

It's said that on the Scoville scale - the standard measurement of sauce spiciness -  the hot sauce measured 535,000 — a normal Tabasco sauce is only 2,500.

The teenagers will be able to attest to the hottest of the sauce (again) in a couple of days… while listening to ring of fire.

275x250.jpgA 21-year-old woman has officially been recognised as the biggest collector of Pokémon memorabilia in the world, having accumulated 12,113 items.

Lisa Courtney from says her giant collection - amassed over 13 years - is so big it fills her family's entire house.

She is so obsessed with the Pokémon that she even spent her 21st birthday in Japan, the birthplace of the successful Nintendo video-game series.

The Pokémon collection earns Lisa a place in the newly released Guinness World Records 2010 Gamer’s Edition -- and the hearts of geeks everywhere.

Having too much sex can cause wrist pain

275x250.jpgThousands of people suffer repetitive strain injury in their wrists - because they are having too much sex.

RSI is normally associated with excessive computer use, but now experts think it could be due to too much nookie.

Boffins claim carpal tunnel syndrome can develop because of the weight people put on their wrists when having intercourse in the missionary position.

Dr John Zenian suggests that the condition - already one of the most prevalent forms of RSI - is only going to get worse.

He says that because people are getting heavier they are putting more stress on their joints… clearly Dr Zenian needs a copy of the Kama Sutra.

275x250.jpg More than three million motorists were involved in accidents during the UK Big Freeze, it has emerged.

This means one-in-ten motorists pranged, scraped or crashed their cars during as the UK was hit by the the coldest temperatures in 30 years.
While the average bill for the damage was £320, researchers found one-in-three people failed to leave their details after hitting another motor.
However, some of these drivers were traced by the footprints they left in the snow as they ran away from the scene.

A horny goat smashes its way into a strip club -- no, not the start to a joke, a description of this odd CCTV footage.

Bosses at a strip club in California say they were shocked when they checked the footage from a security camera after finding their glass door smashed.

Instead of seeing a robber break into Lynx Gentlemen's Club, the video showed a 150-pound goat breaking the quarter-inch thick glass.

The goat can be seen gettin on its hind legs and ramming the glass, before calmly trotting inside.

Once there, it stared at itself in a mirror for 30 minutes, before being chased out by a neighbour - so much like the dancers then.

275x250.jpgA former Royal Green Jacket has set a new world record by running 517 miles on a treadmill in just seven days.

Mike Buss, 35 smashed the previous 468 mile record as he raised money for Help for Heroes in the endurance event at Brunel Shopping Centre, Swindon.

He now aims to break 20 world records every year until he raises £1m for  the charity.

During the feat, Mike - who had his hearing badly affected in an IRA car-bomb explosion in 1997 - spent 20 hours of each day on the treadmill and only got about 28 hours sleep overall.

He ran for nearly 140hrs and lost 9.5 lbs weight by burning a total of 77,000 kcals… imagine running towards a Starbucks for that long and never getting there.

275x250.jpgDisruptive students are being forced to listen to classical music like Elgar, Mozart and Verdi in detentions.

Staff at West Park School in Derby claim the fear of being 'subjected' to two-hour stints of the classical music is improving behaviour.

Head teacher Brian Walker says pupils are given two warnings before having to attend the Friday afternoon sessions.

Since introducing the musical aspect to the detention teachers say numbers of disruptive pupils have fallen by more than 60 percent.

Imagine how well the students would be behaving if they were threatened with Cliff Richard.

275x250.jpgThink your snooping partner is checking up on you by reading the text messages on your iPhone… there's an app for that.

Developers have created an iPhone app which can be used to see if anyone is covertly looking at your text messages and emails.

The 59p iTrust app works by displaying a locked dummy screen - so no-own can load programs on the phone and recording times where people have tried to use it.

It even logs what apps someone tried to load and stores a keystroke record of all attempted use.

Will you be installing the app… or will you just be more careful now when spying on your partner? Let us know in the comments.

A female bobsleigh rider put on more of a show then she expected when her all-in-one suit spilt exposing her rear at the World Championships.

Brit Gillian Cooke was stretching ahead of a run in Switzerland when the gaffe happened leaving her red-faced and cold-cheeked.

As she bent over - just before jumping into the bobsleigh with her team-mate Nicola Minichiello - her all-in-one jumpsuit ripped along her bottom.

Officials were suddenly facing her black G-string wearing rear -- and struggling to stifle their laughter.

Despite the blunder the pair still took seventh place at the event in St Moritz -- a cracking performance you could say.

Using text-speak helps kids learn to spell

275x250.jpgDespite using text-speak like LOL, plz and l8ter, children who are heavy mobile phone users are unlikely to be problem spellers and readers.

Research carried out on a sample of 8-12 year olds found that texting can even help pupils to spell betr better.

Experts from the University of Coventry claim text language word-play, such as cutting the end off a word, contractions and initialism - all show an understanding of English.

This means texting children are well equipped to learn correct spelling, contradicting previous thoughts.

One of the boffins involved int the study said: "omg Txt Spk Make Kidz Gr8 @ Spelling LOL"… or something like that.

A defendant tried to flee a US court by jumping through a window - but it was bulletproof glass and he just bounced off.

19-year-old Travis Copeland had fled a courtroom at Lake County courthouse in Illinois - where he was being tried for violating a bond condition.

He ran down a corridor but CCTV footage show that he soon ran into sheriff's deputies and turned on his heels.

But seeing that he was also cornered by more sheriff's deputies coming in the opposite direction he decided to leap through a second floor window.

And his daring escape could have worked… if the closed window hadn't been made from bulletproof glass meaning that he bounced back onto the floor.

275x250.jpgWorkers called Andy and Sarah have been named and shamed as Britain's biggest skivers.

A study of 5,000 workers looked for the names of those who were most likely to ring in sick and fake their illness to get the day off work.

It was found that men named Andy and women called Sarah skived off the most, followed by Steve, Becky, Paul and Anne.

The survey also discovered that the average employee took three days off work last year due to illness, but were well enough to make it in for two of those.

Excuses like "the car won't start" or " my child is ill" were the most common, but you can check out some of the more odd ones after the link - like the woman who said her dog had swallowed her car key.

275x250.jpgA 14-year-old boy has set a new world record by pulling an eight-mile wheelie on his bicycle.

Aaron Stannage, from Barnsley, lifted his front wheel and cycled for over an hour at a track in Leeds over the weekend.

He covered eight miles (13km) conclusively beating the previous record of just 1.5 miles and the event was attended by Guinness World Records officials.

Aaron, who started his professional stunt career at the age of three, has already featured in a number of TV shows and has a range of skills including karate, scuba diving, trampoline, horse riding and motocross.

And to think, at that age we thought we were cool if we rode our bike without holding the handlebars… to be honest we still do.

275x250.jpg A hotel chain has started offering a weird new service where they pay people to lie in beds -- to warm them up for guests.

Holiday Inn say the move will help people get off to sleep faster and is more environmentally friendly than using electric blankets.

The scheme starts this month in Manchester and visitor will be able to request one of the human bed warmers in for five minutes before they go to bed.

The walking electric blankets will be dressed in all in one sleeper suits and get the bed to an ideal temperature of 20-24 degrees Celsius... though they may also steal the mint from your pillow. 

275x250.jpgThe world's most expensive leg of ham has gone on sale in London -- for a whopping £1,800.

The 7kg Albarragena Jamon Iberico de Bellota Ham is so posh that it even comes with its own DNA certificate as proof of authenticity.

It is sold by Selfridges encased in a hand crafted beech wood box and even comes wrapped in cloth which doubles as an apron and is made by Spain's oldest tailor.

Experts say you're paying for the taste - a result of the pigs acorn diet and a three year curing process. But for that price it would have to be one hell of a ham and cheese cob.

275x250.jpgThe most stressful time of the day for modern mums is exactly 8.25am, it has been revealed.

Getting kids out of bed and into their uniform, eating their breakfast and packing school bags was found to leave mums frazzled before they even leave the house.
But it is at exactly 8.25am - as they try to get to school on time - that stress levels reach their peak, the study of 2,000 moms found.

This is said to have caused 40 percent of moms to feel so stressed that they have snapped at their children even though they were not doing anything wrong, or suffer road rage.

Other times of the day which were found to be stressful for moms included getting the children dressed and eating breakfast… oddly getting home and watching This Morning wasn't on the list.

275x250.jpgA high street store has launched a divorce gift service for unhappy couples who are celebrating splitting.

Debenhams say they have introduced the service because when a couple splits they generally only have one of each necessary household item.

This contrasts the traditional wedding list which some argue are outdated because couples tend to live together prior to being wed - and have things they need.

Susgested items on the Divorce Gift List include cookware, cutlery, crockery, glasses and bedlinen.

Other things which are expected to be popular are non-iron shirts, large plasma screen TVs and computer games -- we can't imagine who those might be for.

275x250.jpg Designers claim future mobile phones could be powered by fizzy drinks - making recharging the battery as simple as pouring a glass of coke.

Daizi Zheng, from Central St Martins college, came up with the idea after reading about bio-batteries, which generate energy from glucose molecules.

She says the handset, would have a life-span three to four times longer than conventional lithium batteries and once used the battery dies, only water and oxygen are left behind.

The idea was pitched to Nokia but they said it was too futuristic… but maybe in the future all Coca-Cola cans could be disposable phones.

275x250.jpgThe world's longest burning light bulb - dubbed the Centennial bulb - has been working since 1901.

Amazingly, the 109-year-old bulb has been in near constant use since it was first installed at a US fire station.

Bosses at the Livermore station say they are constantly amazed by the longevity of the Shelby Electric bulb - which is said to have lasted so long because of the thick  carbon filament.

They have even started a website to let 'fans' of the bulb read all about it, download images and even watch a live video stream of the light.

And in odd news, the demand seems to be there --  one bright spark fan (sorry) has offered to buy the bulb for $5,000.

275x250.jpgA pair of Korean teenagers have been named as the world's fastest, and most accurate, texters.

Quick-thumbed Young-Ho Bae, 18, and Mok-Min Ha, 17 scooped the titles - and £60,000 prize money - at a contest in New York yesterday.

Typing out a series of words and phrases - with correct capitalisation and punctuation, on a variety of mobile phones - they reached speeds of four characters per second.

But it wasn't as simple as it sounds, they had to do it while completing obstacle courses and other people tried to distract them.

However, anyone who has tried to speak to a teenager while they are sending an SMS will know that distracting them isn't as easy as it sounds either.

275x250.jpgThe RSPCA had to teach a dog to understand English before he could be re-housed -- because he only 'spoke' Polish.

Staff at the Oldham centre had initially thought Cent, a collie, was deaf when it failed to respond to basic commands like 'sit' and 'come here'.

But after looking into the animals history they found he had come from a Polish family and looked up words on the internet.

Sure enough Cent responded to 'siad' and 'do mnie'. But rather than try to find another Polish family to house him they decided to teach him English -- a process that took they four months.

Cent is now said to be fully bilingual… sure if humans only had to learn 100 words I could be bilingual too.

275x250.jpgThe average woman burns off 48,000 calories a year… just by going shopping, it has been revealed.

Experts found women make up to 132 shopping trips every 12 months - spending a total of 159 hours and 56 minutes walking at a fast pace.

Monthly shopping trips include two jaunts to the high street to buy clothes, five trips to get the weekly food shop and four trips to the  corner shop.

During this time they burn off approximately five calories-a-minute -  a total of 47,700 calories over a 12 month period.

That's the equivilant of 25 days worth of women's recommended intake of 1,940 calories a day… or in terms most women can appreciate that's 500 glasses of red wine.

275x250.jpgHolidaymakers are being offered a free trip to India... if they are willing to risk suffering 'Delhi Belly'.

Researchers want people to travel to India to take part in a study on 'Travellers' Diarrhoea' - an issue which affects 50% of travellers to the developing world.

In exchange for free travel and accommodation, participants will each wear a patch designed to reduce the symptoms of Travellers' Diarrhoea.

However they will be allowed to have a preventative vaccine jab before going.

As it's not currently known how effective the patches are - subjects should be prepared to see more of their hotel toilet than the Taj Mahal.

275x250.jpgSultan Kosen, the world's tallest man and He Pingping, the world's shortest man, have met face-to-face face-to-shin for the first time.

Measuring 8 ft 1 in (or 246.5 cm) Sultan Kosen, from Turkey became the tallest man last September. He Pingping from China, 2 ft 5.37 in (or 74.61 cm) has held his title a year longer.

But today was the first time the two had met and the 'momentous' occasion in Istanbul was held to celebrate the opening of the new Guinness World Records Live! Roadshow.

During the event members of the public will be able to learn about many of the odd and weird records and even attempt 50 themselves.

Speaking of his meeting with Pingping, Kosen said: "I've wanted to meet Pingping ever since I was awarded the title 'tallest man' and I'm really happy that he was willing to travel to Turkey so we could both take part.

"I can't wait to show him around our beautiful city." ...  Hmm, we wonder if that will be on his shoulders.

275x250.jpgLast year Otto - a dachshund cross terrier from Shropshire - became the world's oldest dog at 20-years-old (that's 124 in dog years).

But today his owners reluctantly had to have him put down after a battle with cancer, he was just 31 days sort of his 21st birthday (140 in dog years).

Devastated Lynn and Peter Jones say it was a horrible decision to have to make, and was taken on the recommendation of a vet.

Since taking the title last year Otto had appeared on several TV shows and become something of a local celebrity.

A spokesperson for Guinness World Records said they would like to extend our condolences to the owners… but are now looking for a new oldest dog. 

Cops have been warned to be on their best behaviour -- after they were filmed using riot shields to sledge down a snowy hill while on duty.

The group from Thames Valley Police had been on on Boars Hill, Oxford, earlier this week when they decided to have a bit of fun.

Much to the shock of other people who were playing in the snow, the officers arrived at the top of the hill carrying riot shields.

They then proceeded to put them on the floor and push each other down the hill - all the time in full uniform and high-vis jackets.

But after complaints bosses have told them their actions were "a bad ides" -- we agree, there weren't enough shields to go round.

4-in-10 women would like to date a toyboy

275x250.jpgForty percent of mature ladies would like to experiment with a toyboy lover, it has been found.

A survey of 2,000 women over the age of 40 found that four-in-ten would like to date a younger man - while one in four already are.

But they have limits on age difference, most say dating someone more than 13 years younger than them would just be wrong.

A cheeky 17 percent claim they would have an affair with a younger fella they thought they could getaway with it, and 14 percent admitted to fantasising about a younger man.

In odd news they will keep many teenage boys awake, one in five women even admitted finding one of their son's friends 'cute'.  

MoD pay £42,000 -- for scaring chickens

275x250.jpgThe Ministry of Defence was ordered to pay a farmer £42,000… because their low-flying jets scared his chickens.

It was claimed by a Staffordshire farmer that the noise of Hercules and Tornado jets flying over his farm left his chickens petrified.

This, he added, meant they were unable to lay eggs and therefore lost value to him. He was awarded the payout in civil court ruling.

Other recent payouts include someone who suffered PTSD because of low-flying jets on exercise (£52k) and the owner of a racehorse which fatally injured itself after being spooked by the jets (£117k).

On hearing the odd news about the chicken payout, one soldier said: "No Yolk, really?"

275x250.jpgA woman who blogs the nocturnal musings of her sleep-talking husband has seen his ramblings become an online sensation.

Karen, from New York, says she decided to start logging some of the things her English husband Adam says in his sleep because they are too good to miss.

A typical night can see Karen woken up by Adam saying things like "I'm making pillows. Burn them slowly, keeps them fluffy! Mmmmmm, pillows."

He often comes up with five or six odd sayings in a single night, which are the following day posted to the Sleep Talkin' Man blog, which is read by thousands of people.

Karen has now even started selling T-shirts with some of his funniest late-night mumblings on - check out some of the best after the link.

275x250.jpgThe MoD may have recently closed their UFO department, but 2009 saw the one of the highest number UFO sightings ever recorded.

Over 600 odd lights or strange objects were reported to the Ministry of Defence 'X Files' bureau last year - which was quietly axed in December.

That number made 2009 the busiest year since 1978 for the department, which investigated all claims - more than 12,000 since it was opened in 1950.

Among the recent sightings was someone from Essex who saw a flying orange light the size of a 20p coin and a man from Doncaster who saw one the size of 30 jumbo jets.

Indeed many of the reports involved an OBOL (Orange Ball of Light) - In completely unrelated news, has anyone noticed how popular those Chinese Lanterns are at the moment.

275x250.jpgX-Factor judge Cheryl Cole has been named as the world's most photogenic woman, ever.

The 26-year-old Girls Aloud star and face of L'Oreal beat off the likes of legendary Hollywood beauty Audrey Hepburn and Angelina Jolie to claim the title.
Other stars who did well in the survey of over 4,000 British women included Megan Fox, Scarlett Johansson and Marilyn Monroe.

But Cheryl was said to be the most photogenic, with people commenting that she even has perfect locks, flawless skin and faultless fashion sense in paparazzi shots.

We would have asked Cheryl what she thought about winning the title... but with that Geordie accent we can't understand a word she says.

275x250.jpgA US company has launched a new punctuation mark which is intended to express sarcasm in written form.

They claim the sarcasm mark, or SarcMark - an open circle with a dot in the centre - is needed for sarcasm to work on the web, or in print.

After being downloaded (for $1.99) it can be installed on computers and mobile phones - allowing people to use it in text messages or emails.

A spokesperson said that using the SarcMark means never again waste a good sarcastic line on someone who doesn't get it and could make some websites make a lot more sense.

We think it's a wonderful idea. <--See, we could have added one just there.

275x250.jpgBoffins have developed a formula which calculates the curves a woman needs to have the perfect hourglass figure.

Research found that 72% of men and 61% of women found the curves of women like Kelly Brook and Alesha Dixon more attractive than skinny alternatives.

As a result psychologist Dr David Holmes, of the University of Manchester, set out to find the perfect hourglass figure.

The academic say there is a set measurements which are guaranteed to trigger the male hormonal system because they represent the healthiest and most fertile form.

He claims the ideal breast size is a DD or E especially when combined with a specific hip-waist and thigh-height ratio… who are we to argue with science.

275x250.jpgA run-down beach hut which doesn't even have a door has gone on sale... for a whopping £40,000.

Estate agents are confident the Southwold hut will meet the asking price despite the peeling paint and wobbly roof.

It's hoped the prominent location in the popular seaside town will make up for the ramshackle appearance.

A spokesperson for sellers Durrants said: "Potential purchasers should be aware that the hut is in quite poor condition."

They added that some beach huts in Southwold have even sold for more than £100,000 -- though they did have front doors.

275x250.jpgNeanderthal man was the original metrosexual and was wearing make-up and jewellery 50,000 years ago, it has been found.

Researchers at Neanderthal-associated sites have found examples of sea shells which were worn as neck pendants and coloured pigments which were used as make-up.

They say the find in Murcia, south-east Spain, challenges the view Neanderthals were much less intelligent than modern man.

Analysis of lumps of red and yellow pigments found alongside suggest they were used in cosmetics while a Spondylus gaederopus shell looks like it was used to mix them.

If you want to know what the make-up wearing Neanderthals looked like, just imagine Wayne Rooney in a bit of eye-liner.

275x250.jpgPeople who play "long-shot" payoffs are genetically different to those who are more conservative, it has been found.

Boffins examined why some people tend to be risk-preferring when facing long-shot risks, while others are risk reducing.

They wanted to explain how some people are quite happy to bet on a horse-race or the spin of a roulette wheel, while others always buy insurance.

A team from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem found that people with a high-activity variation a monoamine oxidase A gene (MAOA) were more likely to be risk-takers.

In odd news they were also the ones who asked for the MAOA numerical classification so they could play those numbers on the lottery.

275x250.jpgA US man has spent the past month fighting off hordes of undead zombies - well not quite, but he is tweeting like he is.

Known only as Gus from Florida he announced in December that "Zombies are everywhere and this is my diary of the apocalypse."

Since then he has been updating his Twitter account @manvszombies to document his fight for survival against the army of the undead.

Typical updates include details of zombie sightings and his hunt for food and other survivors.

However, out favourite update so far has got to be "Can someone explain to me why I just saw a zombie on a jetski?" 

Busiest day of the year for UK job seekers

275x250.jpgThe surge of people looking for a new job is said to reach its annual peak today… at exactly 12.38pm.

Experts claim that more jobseekers - trying to make good on New Year resolutions to find a new job - will scour job listings today than any other day.

Analysing data from the last five years, they found that each January there's a huge peak in the number of people searching for a new job.

And it's due to hit at 12.38pm today as millions of workers are expected finish their lunch and do a quick search for a new career.

So knowing this will you still do that sneaky search… or will you just keep an eye out to see who else in your office is?

275x250.jpgA singer who suffered a three-year bout of hiccups has finally been cured after undergoing a brian operation.

Chris Sands had tried everything to get rid of his hiccups - which happened once every two seconds - from acupuncture to drinking vinegar.

They were so severe he was unable to sleep for more than a few minutes at a time, had trouble eating and could not go to work.

But the hiccups left NHS doctors baffled and it was only when filming a Japanese documentary that a tumour was found on his brain stem.

In September Chris was cured after undergoing a three-hour op to remove the tumour… something drinking a glass of water backwards could never achieve. 

275x250.jpgIt wasn't that everyone forgot to put their trousers on before heading out yesterday -- it was international 'No Pants Subway Ride 2010'.

Now in its ninth year 'No Pants Subway Ride Day' is just that, a day where people around the would are encouraged to take the train without their trousers.

The idea started in New York - where this year 3,000 people turned out - but it has spread across the US and around the world to over 43 cities.

As such, people from Washington to Adelaide and Zurich all boarded trains without their trousers, much to the bemusement of other travellers.

We can't imagine doing this on the  London Tube, as a matter of precaution we are inclined to wear a bio-hazard before sitting down there at the best of times, let alone doing it in just our pants.

275x250.jpgWhen makers of an 'unbreakable' mobile phone handed it to a BBC TV presenter, they told him it would survive whatever he could throw at it.

But within seconds, Dan Simmons of technology show Click had smashed the screen on the handset - much to the embarrassment of product bosses.

The Sonim phone is meant to be able to survive being dropped from 10 storeys or being held underwater for 30 minutes. It's even claimed you you use it to hammer a nail in.

However, it was left looking less solid at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, when the screen smashed after is was tapped on the corner of a fish tank.

This happened as CEO Bob Plaschke said: "It is basically unbreakable, if you find a way to break it we're going to give you a new phone." A new phone for Mr Simmons then. Check out the video here

275x250.jpgA rare Bugatti car which has spent the past 70 years at the bottom of a lake in Switzerland is set to sell for £80,000.

The 1925 touring Bugatti was pushed into Lake Maggiore by an over zealous tax official in 1936 after the owner abandoned it having failed to pay the import tax.

Since then the rare Type 22 Bugatti has sat corroding 160ft below the surface of the water, only being visited by members of a local diving club.

But they have now raised the Bugatti which will go under the hammer at Bonhams… though looking at the fragile body-work we hop the don't hit it too hard.

275x250.jpgDJ Chris Evans has hosted his debut Radio 2 breakfast show and the first song he played was The Beatles' All You Need Is Love.

There had been much speculation as to what would be the first song and some bookmakers were even taking bets on it.

After giving three cheers for Moira Stuart - who returned to the BBC to read the news on his show. Chris played two Beatles tracks, 'All You Need Is Love' and 'Got To Get You Into My Life'.

Wake Up by the Boo Radleys had been a bookies favourite to be played first at 4/1 - other popular bets were Wake Me Up Before You Go Go by Wham 5/1 and I Got A Feeling by Black Eye Peas 6/1.

The selection of The Beatles will no doubt be a blow to those who wanted to claim he was already alienating the TOGs (Terry's Old Geezers or Gals).

Just days after it was officially opened, base jumpers have plunged off the 828m tall Burj Khalifa tower.

Daredevils Nasr Al Niyadi and Omar Al Hegelan were given special permission to jump from the giant Dubai building.

The pair - members of the Emirates Aviation Society who have completed thousands of base jumps between them - reached speeds of 136mph as they hurtled towards the ground.

Setting the world record for the highest jump from a man-made structure, they free-fell for ten seconds before pulling their parachutes.

The entire descent took just one and half minutes… though we think we would rather take the lift.

275x250.jpgPerformers at a pantomime in Leeds were determined the show must go on - despite only NINE people turning up to see it.

The heavy snowfall meant that few people had been able to get to The Carriageworks Theatre, for the performance of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

In fact, because there were only four adult and five children, it meant that for some scenes the actors outnumbered the crowd.

But despite this, the actors carried on as though they were playing to the usual audience of around 350 people.

Are you impressed, we got through all of that without saying "There's no business like snow business." D'oh.

275x250.jpgCar alarms and the dreaded PC egg timer have been voted the most irritating pieces of technology ever invented.

The screeching sirens, which often start in the middle of the night, just beat the 'loading' egg timer which appears on computer screens, for the top position.
Computers in general came third in the poll of 5,000 people while speed cameras were fourth.
Unhelpful and illogical automated phone systems which leave Brits confused and send them round in circles, came fifth.
It was also found that bits of technology drive us mad an average of four times a day… we are guessing it was more if you're a Windows user.

275x250.jpgAnyone making an 'intrepid' and 'plucky' journey in snow covered Britain this week, could win a cash reward for their efforts.

The Royal Society of Chemistry has launched a £300 prize for the most dauntless traveller - to commemorate the centenary of Captain Scott's doomed trip to the Antarctic.

They're asking for people to send photos and tell them about how they have fought their way through to, or from work, undeterred by the snow and ice.

Entires will then be reviewed to find the person who has made the most intrepid journey - with extra points awarded for selflessness and stopping to aid others.

However we are not getting our hopes up, the most intrepid journey we have done was walking to the phone to tell the boss that we were snowed in.

275x250.jpgIt was launched as the world's cheapest car, but the Tata Nano could soon sell for prices normally associated with a Ferrari or Porsche.

Makers of the basic £1,400 car say they will produce bespoke versions of the 3.1-metre car which could sell for around £140,000.

While the basic shape of the car will remain the same, the engine will jump from 624cc to 1600cc and the Mumbai-based firm will be adding "a lot of tech wizardry" inside.

The rear seats will also be stripped out and larger wheels fitted. The top speed will double, to 124mph.

However, even with the increased muscle under the bonnet we don't think Jeremy Clarkson will be putting it at the top of the Top Gear Cool Wall any time soon.

275x250.jpgAn Italian doctor claims that he has been able to diagnose the illnesses suffered by some of the people in the world's most famous paintings.

Dr Vito Franco of the University of Palermo says the intriguing smile of the Mona Lisa was the result of very high levels of cholesterol.

He came to this conclusion by studying the details of the Leonardo da Vinci masterpiece, where he says he can see a build up of fatty acids around her left eye.

But he has not stopped there, he has analysed a host of renaissance works -- finding that most subjects suffered from one disease or another.

It sounds to us like someone has been watching too many episodes of House. 

275x250.jpgChihuahuas are being airlifted out of California after celebrities like Paris Hilton caused an overpopulation of the tiny dogs.

Animal shelters in California say many people wanted to emulate Chihuahua-toting celebs but have become bored of their pets, causing an overpopulation.

But while west coast kennels are overflowing with the dogs demand is said to be outstripping supply in places like New York.

As a result dozens of the unwanted Chihuahuas are being shipped out by San Francisco Animal Care and Control so they can be adopted into loving new homes.

Yesterday some made the journey in a style befitting the celebs which inspired their former owners, flying with Virgin America… though they hardly needed the extra leg room.

275x250.jpgAs bosses complain employees are using snow as an excuse not to go into work, it's been revealed Brits had 5.2m holiday days untaken in 2009.

It's estimated 18 percent of people had holidays still left to take before the end of the year - totalling 5.2 million days.

A survey found that 15 percent of workers had more than FIVE days of holiday not used, and that many will not be able to carry it forward or get paid for it.

Alison Couper, of Hotels.com, which carried out the poll, said "It's staggering to see how much holiday is left unclaimed.

"With over a third of people unable to carry their unused leave into the next calendar year, people should take the chance to use it."

A irate diner has trashed a McDonald's, causing thousands of pounds worth of damage… because she didn't like her burger.

The woman had ordered and eaten her burger at a Kansas City McDonald's, before storming up to the till and demanding her money back.

For several minutes she shouted at staff, claiming that the burger had not been made correctly, before walking off.

But five minutes later she returned carrying a large bucket of water which she threw over the counter.

She then hurled 'wet floor' signs at staff and pushed computerised tills off the countertop - it was clearly not a happy meal. 

275x250.jpg A computer scientist has used a humble desktop computer to calculate Pi to a record 2.7 trillion digits.

Fabrice Bellard says it took his computer 131 days to make the calculation which beats the previous record - set using a supercomputer - by 123 billion digits.

He used a custom program on his PC to work out the gargantuan number which takes over a terabyte of hard disk space to store.

Apparently the number is so long that if you were to recite it at a pace of one number a second, it would take more than 49,000 years… but it would still be more interesting that Celebrity Big Brother.

275x250.jpg A designer who wants to see wheelie bins double as public toilets has tested his creation on the streets of London.

Stephan Bischof thinks his 'Pee-lie Bin' could be the solution to the growing problem of public urination in city centre streets.

The Swiss designer has modified the traditional wheelie bin to include a funnel on one side which carries liquid to the base of the bin where it is converted into bio-fertiliser.

Tests in Lewisham, London, showed that (mostly drunk) people were more than happy to use the wheelie bin urinals… though convincing people to put one at the end of their garden might be  bit harder.

275x250.jpgHaving a baby increases the number of friends a woman has by eight, it has been found.

Researchers claim that before falling pregnant the average woman has just three friends they feel comfortable sharing secrets with and relying on.

But those with children say they have an average of 11 good mates - most of who they meet because of their kids.

Waiting at the school playground is said to be the place most moms make new friends, followed by mother and baby groups and the local nursery.

One in 10 have say they have met new pals whilst sweating it out at the gym… while trying to get away from the kids.

275x250.jpgA man tried to purchase a CD-ROM which was mis-priced on Amazon.com for $3billion (£1,800,979,540) -- just to see what would happen.

Brian Klug says he was browsing the online store when he came across a copy of the Discovery Channel's 'Cells' CD-ROM.

Nothing too exciting there you might think, but the CD was priced at a massive $2,904,980,000 (+ $3.99 postage) and it clearly intrigued Brian.

The brave/foolhardy man from the US, assumed there was some sort of error but wanted to see what happened if he clicked to buy it - so he entered his credit card details.

Luckily for Brain (and his bank account) he soon received an email stating that they were unable to complete his order,  meaning he doesn't have the sort of debt many countries would be jealous of. 

275x250.jpgAn NHS trust has been forced to install a reinforced steel toilet which can be used by obese patients weighing up to 70 stone.

The super-strong loo is part of a new £2.8m ward at Lincoln County Hospital - which also houses a special suite for obese patients.

It features extra-wide chairs and even beds with hoists and pulleys to get the increasing number of fatties on and off.

A spokesperson for Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust said: "The ward contains a special bariatric suite designed to care for grossly overweight patients."

It is not know how close the obese hospital suite is placed to the canteen.

275x250.jpgA trainee hypnotist accidentally put himself into a five hour trance -- by practising in front of a mirror.

Helmut Kichmeier - who had been practicing his skills after taking a hypnotism course - was found staring vacantly at his reflection.

His wife says that when she returned home from work the Circus of Horrors performer, who was sat in front of a mirror, did not respond to her voice and was not moving.

She then phoned the hypnotherapist who Helmut had trained with, and he told her to hold the handset to Helmut's head, he then talked the would-be hypnotist out of the trance.

It turned out he'd hypnotised himself at 10am and was not found until 3pm. Mrs Kichmeier now has a keyword to get him out of a trance should it happen again… and she wants to.

275x250.jpg Hackers have inserted a photo of Mr Bean onto Spain's official EU presidency website… because their Prime Minister looks like the slapstick character.

It has been a running joke for a number of years that Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero looks like the bumbling Rowan Atkinson creation.

But today users of Spain's official EU presidency website were confronted with an image of Mr Bean when they accessed a page which was meant to show Zapatero.

Between their laughs, Spanish officials confirmed the site had been hacked, but insisted that no information on the site had breached.

275x250.jpgGetting a good night's sleep has been named as life's 'greatest little pleasure'.

A survey of over 3,000 Brits found that waking up feeling completely refreshed was the 'little pleasure' which brought people most joy.

Finding a £10 note in your pocket came second, followed by cuddling up to a loved-one in bed. Laughing so hard you end up crying was at number four while having a lie-in was fifth.

Other popular little things included getting a bargain, catching up with an old friend and making someone else smile.

In odd news, being stopped by some in the street and asked to answer some inane survey questions did not make it into the top 10.

275x250.jpgStaff at London Zoo have started their annual stock take, where they have to count every animal individually... last year their were 15,107.

While bosses at the zoo say they have a good idea of what animals they have, they claim the stock take is the only way to know exactly what is where.

As a result staff have the unenviable job of counting and logging them all, but with over 5,000 fish it is harder than it sounds.

There are more than 750 different species at the zoo including gorillas, squirrel monkeys and tigers -- as well as many smaller (and harder to count) critters.

Hopefully not too many of the animals are currently buried under the snow.

275x250.jpgA UK hypnotist who planned to put users of Facebook and Twitter into a trance live online had to abandon his attempt because of legal worries.

Chris Hughes had planned to use a live web-stream to simultaneously hypnotise over 10,000 people who had signed up on social networks.

But just before the event - which promised to leave people stuck to their chairs and unable to open their eyes - was due to begin, Chris announced it had been called off.

He said legal warnings meant he couldn't go ahead with the web broadcast and offered a MP3 download instead, meaning he couldn't set a new world record.

However there is alway the chance he could still appear in the next world record book… if he managed to hypnotise adjudicators.

275x250.jpgA dating website only for attractive people says it has axed over 5,000 members -- because they put on too much weight over the holidays.

Bosses at BeautifulPeople.com claim they have kicked out many members seeking love, after they'd piled on the pounds during the holidays.

The newly chubby were apparently caught out after posting images of themselves celebrating Christmas and the New Year - revealing they have let themselves go.

Managing director Greg Hodge said as they no longer met the exacting standards of the community on the site, they had to reapply for membership, only a few hundred have so far been voted back in.

Interestingly Hodge didn't specify how exactly how many mince pies he had eaten this Christmas... or send us a photo of himself.

275x250.jpgA daredevil driver has set a new world record distance for jumping in a rally car, reaching a massive 269 feet.

Travis Pastrana drove flew his Subaru rally car from a ramp on a pier in Long Beach, California onto a a barge anchored in the harbour.

He had to reach exactly 91mph at the end of the ramp to make the jump which looked near perfect as he landed at the other side skidding his car sideways.

But completing the jump and missing the water didn't mean that Travis stayed dry… he celebrated by doing a backflip into the harbour.

275x250.jpgMore than a third of women who claim to currently be on a New Year's diet are secret scoffers, it has been found.

A massive 36 per cent of women who say they are watching their waistline, are actually hiding food or eating it in the dark.
Favourite places to stash food - revealed by a poll of 2,000 women - included handbags, under the bed and in clothes drawers.

And the women admitted to secretly eating it while in the car, walking down the street or even on a sun-bed - anywhere they think they won't get caught.

While it was also found the average diet lasts 15 weeks, 28 per cent of women admitted they have only stuck to a diet for 24 hours... some barely last between breakfast and lunch.

275x250.jpgA pair of robbers who killed themselves by overestimating the amount of dynamite they needed to break into a bank have received a posthumous award for their stupidity.

The dumb duo have been named as the winners of the Darwin Awards 2009 - an annual award which each year celebrates people who took themselves out of the gene pool by dying.

Our would-be robbers had been trying to blow their way into a Belgian ATM cashpoint in the city of Dinant, by using dynamite. But they wildly overestimated how much it would take.

The resulting blast was so large that it not only demolished the entire building where the ATM was housed, but also killed the pair instantly.

Police say their death was so quick no-one even got a chance to say to them, "You were only supposed to blow the bloody doors off!"

275x250.jpgAn Israeli man has spent 66 hours entombed in an eight-tonne frozen ice block… all to beat David Blaine's previous record.

Hezi Dayan had been sealed into a giant ice cube in Rabin Square in Tel Aviv in his bid to break the record of 63 hours set by Blaine in a similar stunt in 2000.

The 29-year-old then stood there for 66 hours - wearing only a T-shirt and jeans - before being cut out by a man with a chainsaw.

Though hundreds of fans had turned up to see him emerge from his frozen few days, he was said to be too weak to celebrate and was quickly escorted to a waiting ambulance.

While Dayan may have taken Blaine's ice record, he still has a long way to go before he also takes the title of the world's most annoying magician.

275x250.jpgUK Prime Minister Gordon Brown has finally won something… unfortunately for him it's the title of the world's worst dressed man.

Brown has the dubious honour of topping a recent poll by GQ magazine to find the most unstylish man on the planet.

He even beat jump-suit-wearing North Korean leader Kim Jong-il, Peter Stringfellow and the entire BBC Match Of The Day team, to the title.

Describing the PM - who has the ability of making any suit look crumpled and uncomfortable -  GQ said he was "anything but a prime example of British Style."

It will come as a even bigger blow to Brown with rival David Cameron named as the eighth BEST dressed man … though he was still four placed behind the fictional character Fantastic Mr Fox.

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