UK homes smell of toast and washing powder

275x250.jpgToast, perfume and washing powder are the smells most likely to hit you when you walk through the door of the average British home.
Researchers have pin-pointed the aromas which they claim make a house a home, with washing powder making up 34 per cent of the scent.
Freshly made toast accounts for another 22 per cent of the scent, while perfume makes up 17 per cent.
Other smells which will typically hit you as you step through front doors around Britain include 10 per cent last night's dinner, 12 per cent flowers, 5 per cent damp coffee and pets.
Interestingly the smell of toast even manages to permeate the homes of people who never eat toast.
Professor Tim Jacob, an expert in the psychology of smell, from Cardiff University said: "Smells make a house a home because of the positive associations being 'home' has.
"Your home is filled with the things you love - your children, partner, perfume, pets - so when you smell them, you instantly feel better and at ease.
"The smell of home makes the majority of people feel relaxed when shopping or on holiday as the odour of home is familiar and people respond well to familiar smells."
A spokesperson for Habitat, which carried out the study of 4,000 home-owners, added: "Even the small things can make a house a home and this includes certain fragrances.
"It's interesting to see the effect which smell can have on people's behaviour.
"With many people spending more time at home over the festive period, a warm and comforting smell can really help make a house a home at Christmas time."
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