23% will use web history to snoop for presents

275x250.jpgAlmost one in four people will look at the internet history of their partner, to see what Christmas present they might have been bought.

A study of 1,000 Brits found 23 percent would sneak-a-peak at their Christmas gifts online, rather than hunting the house and squeezing wrapped presents.

Nowadays they just load up the internet browser and look in the history folder to see what sites and products have been viewed or purchased.

A further 15 percent of people said they'd accidentally stumbled on what they had been bought by visiting a shopping website on a shared computer and seeing a message like "you recently bought…"

We only hope that not too many women out their think they're getting a porn related present after checking up on their boyfriend or husband's browsing history.
A spokesperson for Webtrends, which commissioned the study, said: "People have become more sophisticated in all of their online activities, shopping included.

"So when you have the expertise, casting an eye over a web history or 'recent purchases' page to find out what our loved ones have bought us for Christmas, and even how much they spent, can be difficult to resist."

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