Noisy snorers create music as a Snore-Chestra

275x250.jpgThe sounds of some of the UKs worst snorers has been put together to make one of the oddest sounding Christmas songs of the year.

Musicians got snorers from around the UK to record the sounds of their night time rumbling and submit them for use in the 'song'.

They then edited the sounds together in the studio - creating a bizarre rendition of Silent Night which can be heard here.

While the snorers on the track are undoubtedly proud, we suggest they don't insist on playing it to their long-suffering partners too often - they want a genuinely silent night.
A spokesperson for Helps Stop Snoring, said: "The snore-chestra is a fun way to communicate a serious message, with snoring affecting 15 million across the UK.

"There is hope out there for snorers and their long-suffering partners - our natural anti-snoring remedies are offering relief to thousands of people already."

Helps Stop Snoring     

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