A full moon does release your inner werewolf

275x250.jpgSome people really do exhibit 'werewolf tendencies' during a full moon and become more violent, it has been found.

An 11 month research project at an Australian hospital looked at the way in which patients behaviour changed with the lunar cycle.

Scientists discovered that patients were twice as likely to be admitted to the emergency department displaying 'violent and acute behavioural disturbance' during a full moon than any other lunar phase.

In this state they were much more likely to attack staff by biting, spitting and scratching them. It was concluded violence manifested more commonly during the full moon… but there was no growth of fangs or excessive hair.

Next up they will test the Teen Wolf hypothesis that a full moon makes people better basketball players.
A spokesperson for the study said: "The belief that the full moon and disturbed behaviour are closely linked is alive and well, despite studies to the contrary.

"We investigated the possibility that there is an association between only extreme behavioural disturbance and the full moon.

"Of 91 patients with violent and acute behavioural disturbance, 21 (23%) presented during the full moon — double the number for other lunar phases (P = 0.002).

"Sixty (66%) had either alcohol intoxication or psychostimulant toxicity, and five attacked staff (biting [2], spitting [1], kicking [1] and scratching [1]).

"In contrast, 512 hospital security calls for patients with less severe behaviour were evenly distributed throughout the lunar cycle."

It is thought the results of the study could help police and other emergency services plan for certain type of incident.

Australia Medical Journal          
Calvary Mater Newcastle Hospital   
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