iPod vacuum cleaner revealed by Electrolux

275x250.jpgResearchers claim that listening to music while you vacuum can help you do the job faster, better and even keep fit while cleaning.

That's why Electrolux have just unveiled The Silence Amplified vacuum - which has an iPod dock and built in speakers.

Makers claim the concept design - which runs at extra low volume allowing you to hear the music - could have huge advantages.

In tests earlier this year they found listening to different types of music has an impact on someones cleaning. For example people vacuum fastest to rock, but jazz makes them more thorough.

However, listening to Girls Aloud just made people wish they were using an old noisy vacuum so they couldn't hear the singing.

The UltraSilencer Silence Amplified vacuum is said to run at just 68 decibels - the volume of a normal conversation - thanks to an optimised air flow and suction system.

Apparently listening to music while vacuuming also make you move your hips more and therefore burn off additional calories.

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