Go racing on a 87mph sofa - well why not?

275x250.jpgFancy racing ridiculously fast vehicles, but can't be bothered to drag yourself up from the sofa? This could be just what you need.

A company is offering the chance to drive some of the world's most bizarre vehicles - such as an sofa, a motorised desk with office chair and the world's fastest street-legal bed.

The bonkers experience - even weirder than a Top Gear challenge - starts with you being given a shirt and tie. Why? So that you can wear them while you race a motorised office desk around a Northampton race course, of course.

Should that not be quite crazy enough, next up is a 87mph leopard print sofa which will require driving goggles… and a healthy respect for the surreal.
275x250.jpgOther vehicles include a double-decker car, a harebrained contraption in which the top driver steers and some mug down below controls the pedals and the world's fastest street-legal bed, which while tucked snugly under a duvet, you’ll be chauffeur-driven around the scenic British countryside.

A spokesperson for Firebox.com who are selling the chance to try out the odd cars for £99 said: "A great gift for surrealist speed freaks, it's guaranteed to amuse, confound and terrify in equal measure.

"In terms of surreal experiences this is right up there with orbiting Saturn in a brass sausage before going ice skating in a flannel volcano with a meringue cat."

Wacky Racers Experience @ Firebox.com  
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