Harry Potter style wand controls your TV

275x250.jpgInspired by the boy wizarding of Harry Potter, British inventors have created a magic wand for controlling your TV.

They say that with a simple flick of the wrist the 14 inch Kymera Wand can control a TV, DVD player and stereo.

Different gestures - such as flicking the wand upwards or rotating it - each trigger a different function like changing the channel or volume.

And while we all know the infra-red device works thanks to technology and not magic you will not be able to stop yourself saying a spell everytime you turn over.
275x250.jpgThe £49.95 gizmo can 'learn' up to 13 different gestures from any normal remote control and more than 10,000 wands have already been sold since launch a few weeks ago.

Un-magically the wand runs on two AAA batteries and sends out infra-red codes just like a normal remote control.

Kymera Wand  
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