Road kill calendar a surprise (and gruesome) hit

275x250.jpgA road kill calendar - which features a dead animal each month - has suprisingly become a huge success.

Kevin Beresford, the man behined the bizarre Road Kill Calendar 2010, says he came up with the idea while working as a courier and driving around the country.

He said he was 'inspired' by some of the road kill he came across and felt compelled to take photos of them.

He then set about creating the calendar and since putting it on sale online he says hundreds of copies have already been sold.

But despite boasting that it feature perished pigeons, deceased doves, mashed magpies and slaughtered sheep - he insists he is an animal lovers - we're not sure PETA would agree.
275x250.jpg A spokesperson for the £8 calendar added: "It’s the perfect surreptitious gift for a Secret Santa Party. Every one would wonder who on earth  would send such an outrageous present. Stand back and observe the Secret Santa Party come to life.

"Lets face it our eyes are all drawn to road kill, we just can’t help looking, even though we don‘t want to.

"Can I also add, no animal has been deliberately maimed or killed in the production of this calendar.

Road Kill Calendar 2010  
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