Brits spend four days per year arguing

275x250.jpgThe average British family spends the equivalent of almost fours days each year arguing with each other.

Research found most households have three disagreements per day - each lasting around five minutes each.

That adds up to 1,095 arguments and a whopping 91 hours or three days and 19 hours spent shouting at each other.

The survey of 3,000 families also discovered that most arguments are started by an angry mother (so to speak) who feels she is hard done to.

The most common things to argue about are household chores, what to watch on TV, who does the washing up … and whether to believe research like this.
A spokesman for Uinvue, who commissioned the research, said: "The findings reflect common themes when it comes to arguments within the family which have remained unchanged over the past few decades, with the majority of arguments lasting a few minutes only.

"It was interesting to note that mum still seems to play the pivotal role within the family however the results do show that dads are getting far more involved in family issues than the generations previously.

"Although arguments are a common factor in all families our results show that they play a vital role in building and strengthening bonds within the family and act as a release valve for family members, so minor arguments do play a positive role in family life."


1.     Household chores

2.     Treating the house like a hotel

3.     Taking each other for granted

4.     Being unable to find something in the house

5.     What to watch on TV

6.     Whose turn it is to wash up

7.     Whose turn it is to go on the computer

8.     The cost of the telephone bill

9.     Loud music

10.    Homework

11.    Constantly being asked for money

12.    Bad driving

13.    Where the remote control is

14.    What to have for tea

15.    Putting an empty juice / milk carton back in the fridge

16.    What time the children should go to bed

17.    Never ending sport on TV

18.    People spending too long in the bathroom

19.    What time teenagers should be back

20.    Who should empty the dishwasher

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