Facebook spy warning for employers

275x250.jpgCompanies have been warned that vetting potential job candidates on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter could land them in hot water.

The Law Society has warned the online spying could leave employers vulnerable to discrimination claims.

John Morris, Chair of the Law Society’s Employment Law Committee said: "Using these sites to canvass more information about an employee or an interview candidate is potentially risky for an employer.
"For example, it is possible to obtain information about a person’s sexual orientation or religious beliefs that can impact or is perceived to impact on the decision made to recruit or not recruit that person- this can lead to discrimination claims."
There is also the risk employers could see an update which says "Got an interview and that shit company, boring as, but at least they pay well."
The advice comes as part of the Law Society’s nationwide information campaign advising consumers to go to a solicitor for much needed legal advice.
The Employment Practices Data Protection Code states that an employer should only use vetting where there are particular and significant risks involved to the employer, clients, customers or others, such as working with children or vulnerable people.

However employers should not place reliance on information collected from social networking sites as it is potentially unreliable.
The Law Society  
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