Vatican astronomer: Aliens could exist

275x250.jpgThe Vatican's top astronomer has claimed aliens could exist and that this does not conflict with religious beliefs.

Speaking at a Vatican conference on extraterrestrial life Rev. Jose Funes said astrobiology was a valid area of research for the church.

The five-day event had been attended by 30 high-level scientists including astronomers, geologists, biologists and physicists.

Fune concluded the event saying that just because there was no hard evidence of ET didn't mean that aliens don't exist and that people shouldn't believe.

It is a good job he doesn't think "hard evidence" is a prerequisite for belief … otherwise he could be in the wrong job.
Speaking at the event Funes said: "Although astrobiology is an emerging field and still a developing subject, the questions of life’s origins and of whether life exists elsewhere in the universe are very interesting and deserve serious consideration.

"These questions offer many philosophical and theological implications."

Pontifical Academy of Sciences    
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