Bra doubles as a golf putting mat (Video)

275x250.jpgAn underwear firm has revealed a bizarre new bra which can also be used as a golf putting mat -- after it has been taken off.

The 'Nice Cup in Bra' from lingerie firm Triumph can be rolled out onto the floor to offer practice a 1.5-metre green putting mat.

Players then hit the ball into the breast cups to score, when the ball goes in a voice from in the bra says "Nice in!" The bra has a matching pink skirt and briefs, which when opened, turns into a flag reading 'Be quiet'.

Makers claim the bra - which is not due to go on sale - is their response to the increased number of Japanese women who are taking up golf.

Exactly what they wear while practicing her putting has not been explained.
A spokesperson for Triumph said: "In recent years more and more people have begun playing golf purely for love of the game and an increasing number of young women especially are now spending their weekends on the green.

"The main feature of Triumph’s “Make-the-Putt Bra” is that it can be transformed into a putting mat by turning it inside-out and spreading it out on any surface.

"The two bra cups become the holes in the1.5-meter mat, allowing the putter to make two holes in a row.

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