Bristol is the most unhygienic city in the UK

275x250.jpgPeople who live in Bristol have been named and shamed as the most unhygienic in Britain, thanks to a recent research.

A study of over 4,000 people found that those living in the south west city generally go the longest without washing their hands - with 38 hours between washes not uncommon.

They also only spend an average of nine seconds scrubbing their hands clean, normally before wiping dry them on their trousers.

Second worst was Edinburgh - where people avoid washing their hands for 37 hours and 12 minutes, followed by Norwich citizens with 33 and a half hours, in third.

Needless to say, the researchers were not too keen to shake hands with people before asking them questions.
A spokesperson for Wet Ones, which carried out the poll of 4,000 Brits, said: "We were very surprised by the results of the survey, which suggests that there's a huge amount of education required in the UK about the importance of hand hygiene.

"We shouldn't let our busy lifestyles compromise our health and hygiene - it only takes a few seconds to wash your hands, even when you're out and about.

The fourth worst city for soap dodgers was Wolverhampton, with Belfast completing the bottom five. Meanwhile, York was hailed as the clean-hand capital most frequently - within 19 hours, with nearly eight in 10 always using soap.

The majority of those living in the historic North Yorkshire city clean their mitts before dinner, after a cough or a sneeze, and are least likely to quickly rinse them even if they're in a rush.

Wet Ones  
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