Theme park offers hypnotherapy for parents

200x190.jpgParents who are too scared to go on a roller coaster with their children are being offered a session with a hypnotherapist by a UK theme park.

Bosses at Chessington World of Adventures say they have seen an increase in the number of parents who are too scared to go on rides, and who offer to hold the bags as they watch their family with sweaty palms and a knot in their stomach.

Now the attraction is offering scaredy cat parents who suffer roller coaster phobia, a session with a hypnotherapist to beat their fears and get on the rides.

While they are in there the hypnotherapist may also try to convince them it is perfectly acceptable to pay £6 for a hot dog if at a theme park cafe.
David Smith of Chessington World of Adventures said: "We understand that guests can find roller coasters frightening, however we pride ourselves on being a family attraction, so it’s just as important for adults to enjoy themselves as much as children.

"We hope that we can help parents overcome their coaster phobia and let their hair down on some our of family friendly coasters."

Stephen Rigby, a registered hypnotherapist who will be running the session for scaredy cat parents added: "Often parents force themselves to go on a ride so that they don’t disappoint their children, and they will try many things to overcome their fear, such as screaming or even closing their eyes for the whole ride.

"Whilst these methods may help them get through the ride, we want to help them sit back and enjoy it!"

Chessington World of Adventures   
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